William Sheffield of North Carolina and Georgia
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William Sheffield
Revolutionary Soldier

William Sheffield was born about 1754 and believed to have been born in North Carolina. One William is named in the will of John Sheffield' will, probated January, 1791 and received 200 acres of land. It is not this William who went to Bulloch Co. Georgia.

There were two William Sheffield who were Rev. Soldiers both from NC. and both died in GA. The other William Sheffield died about 1840 but after the 1840 Census in Pulaski County GA., was taken.

William married Mary Abbott born in North Carolina, 1756.

William Sheffield served in the 10th North Carolina Regiment, N.C. Line, in Captain Hall's company, 1782-1783. He was first in service in South Carolina and Georgia and was granted 575 acres of bounty land in Washington Co. by the State of Georgia in March, 1784.

William moved from North Carolina to Burke Co. shortly after the Revolution. In 1788 he sold the bounty land to Robert Forsyth. At this time he was a resident of Burke County.

He then moved to Effingham Co. where 7 April, 1794 he was granted 400 acres from the State of Georgia. In 1796 when Bulloch Co. was formed from Effingham, he fell into Bulloch Co. He remained in Bulloch until his death in 1826.

William is listed on the 1820 Census of Bulloch Co.

Bulloch County Deed Book A records reveals the following "Deeds Of Gift" by William Sheffield:

William Sheffield Jr., 125 acres 9 January, 1808 page 298
Mary Sheffield, his daughter 125 acres 9 January, 1808 page 299
William Sheffield Jr., his son 100 acres, 17 December, 1821, page 472
Mary Hoover, his daughter, 100 acres, 17 December, 1821 page 472
John Hoover, his son in law, Cattle, 24 November, 1819 page 473

Deed Book AAA page 443-444
Austin Sheffield, son of William died prior to 1816. William Sheffield gave gifts to the children of Austins and his widow.

Gift of slaves, dated the 17th of December, 1821. To my grandchildren, William, Simeon, and Mary Sheffield and Louisa Thornton, children of my late son Austin.

Gift of slave and household goods, to Sarah Geiger, the widow of his son Austin, being the mother of said grandchildren, and having married John Geiger in 1816. Recorded in Book AAA page 444.

Children of William Sheffield and Mary Abbott are:

1. Delilah Sheffield, born 1770 in Bulloch Co., GA. and died 1803 in Bryan Co. She married Rev. Soldier John Burnside.

2. John Sheffield, born 1772 in North Carolina, died about 1850.
3. Amos Austin Sheffield, born 1775 in North Carolina; died 1813 in Bulloch County, GA. married Sarah

4. Martha Sheffield, born 1777 in North Carolina, died June 10, 1853 in Bulloch Co. She married David Groover

5. Isham Sheffield, born 1782 in North Carolina, died August 05, 1826 in Bulloch Co.

6. Margaret Sheffield, born about 1785 in Effingham Co., GA., died 1850 in Appling Co., GA. She married Henry Bennett.

7. William Sheffield, born 1787 in Burke, GA., died 01 October, 1810 in Bulloch Co., GA. He married Sarah Wilcher October 01, 1810.

8. Mary Sheffield, born 1789 in Burke, GA., married John Hoover.

Isham Sheffield

Son of William and Mary Sheffield

Isham was the son of William and Mary Abbott Sheffield. He was born 1782 in North Carolina and died 5 August, 1826 in Bulloch Co. GA.

Isham came with his parents to GA., as a young boy. He married 18 October, 1806 in Bulloch Co. to Lucinda Harrell, born 1788 and died 1832 only six years after that of her husband, Isham.

The Sheffield's who appear in the Central GA., Counties after 1817 are probably from the Bulloch County line. Isham is listed on the 1820 Census in Bulloch Co.

Children of Isham Sheffield and Lucinda Harrell are:

1. Polly M. Sheffield, born 1807; died KY. She married October 03, 1830 in Bullock County, GA., to Wilson White, born in Thomas County, GA., and died in KY.

2. Barbara Sheffield, born 1822 in Bullock County, and died in Thomas County, GA.

3. Lucinda Sheffield, born 30 December, 1825 in Bullock County, died 21 February, 1906 in Homerville GA. She married 1848 in Columbia Co. GL., to John Homer Maddox>

4. Simeon Sheffield, born 30 March, 1826 in Bullock County, GA

Simeon Sheffield
Son of Isham Sheffield

Simeon Sheffield, son of Isham Sheffield and Lucinda Harrell was born 30 March, 1826 in Bullock County, died 17 September, 1902 in Judson, Levi County, FL. Married 1845 in Columbia Co. FL., to Elizabeth Yawn, born 08 January, 1823 in GA., and died 26 March, 1897 in Levi County.

Children of Simeon Sheffield and Lucinda Harrell are:

1. James Knox Sheffield, born 02 October, 1846 FL.
2. Lucinda Sheffield, born 1848 Columbia Co. FL
3. Joseph Sealey Sheffield, born 20 July, 1850 FL.
4. Mary Elizabeth Sheffield, born 1852 Levi Co. FL. Married Edmund E. Moore
5. Martha W. Sheffield, born 1854 Levi Co. FL.
6. Julia Clifford Sheffield, born 10 February, 1856 FL. Married Alexander Boneparte Sanchez
7. John W. Sheffield, born 1859 Levi Co. FL.
8. Sidney Ward Sheffield, born 28 August, 1862 FL.
9. Lydia Sheffield, born 1860 Levi Co. FL.
10 Isaac Smith Coon Sheffield, born 1866 Levi Co. FL.
11 Thomas Jefferson Sheffield, born 28 April, 1868 FL.

James Knox Sheffield
Son of Simeon Sheffield

James Knox Sheffield, son of Simeon Sheffield and Lucinda Harrell, was born 02 October, 1846 in Columbia County, Florida; died April 30, 1914 in Judson, Levi County, FL. He married 11 January, 1866 in Branford, Florida to Linia Ann Roberts. Their children are as follows:

1. John S. L. Sheffield, born July 10, 1868; died January 26, 1898. Married January 02, 1890 to Metzorah Sandlin
2. Sarah Ann Sheffield, born and died 1870 FL.
3. Paranthia Sheffield, married (1) 07 January, 1890 to John Beck; (2) 30 October 1898 to William (AB) Lock
4. Lisa Clifford Sheffield, born 06 June, 1873; died 30 January, 1946 . Married Charles Hampton Bagley
5. James Dudley Sheffield, born September 10, 1876; died July 11, 1952. Married (1) Lena Gertrude Williams, born 29 May, 1880, died February 23, 1921. James married (2) after 1921 to Lorena Cannon, born October 09, 1902, died October 1968. All three are buried in Pine Grove Cemetery, Old Judson, Levy County, FL.

6. Mary V. Sheffield, born October 08, 1880; died December 07, 1957. She married Sam Quincy
7. George Bryant Sheffield, born September 1882
8. Linnie Althea Sheffield, born December 08, 1885; died August 26, 1960 in Judson, Levi Co. She first married a (unknown) Scoffield, (2) William Curtis Townsend

Joseph S. Sheffield
Son of Isham Sheffield

Joseph Sealey Sheffield, born 20 July, 1850 in Columbia, County, Florida; died 20 January, 1924 in Bradenton, Manatee County, Florida. He married 18 September, 1869 to Mary Ann Parker Smith. Two children. Joseph married (2)08 September, 1873 to Delia Sanchez, born June 09, 1856 in Newansville, Alachua County, FL., and died May 30, 1930 in Bradenton, Manatee County, FL.

1. William Simeon Sheffield, born July 11, 1870 in Homerville, Georgia; died June 23, 1931 in Savannah, Georgia. Married Elizabeth Lee Poppell, born in Patterson, GA., died 1940 in Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia.

2. Ina F. R. Sheffield, born 1871; died Before 1905. Married Unknown Sessions
3. Alayda Sheffield, born November 01, 1874 in Blackshere, Pierce County, GA., died June 17, 1892 in Crescent, GA.
4. Rosa Belle Sheffield, born May 25, 1876 in Water Lou, GA., died July 21, 1877 in Glenmore, GA.
5. Hugh Perry Sheffield, born January 18, 1878 in Glennmore, GA., died February 10, 1960 in Sarasota, FL. Married Isabell Lloyd, died August 10, 1989 in Bradenton, Manatee County, FL.
6. Marion Amorett Sheffield, born March 19, 1880 in Appling County, GA., died May 10, 1978 in Bradenton,FL. Married Thomas Sentell Graham, born March 31, 1877 in Telfair County, GA., died January 19, 1969 in Bradenton, FL.
7. Delia Sheffield, born July 08, 1882 in Appling County, GA., died August 25, 1924 in Bradenton, FL. Married Leon Wingate
8. John McDonough Sheffield, born January 15, 1884 in Surrency, Appling County, GS., died March 1954 in Wimauma, Hillsboro County, FL. Married (1) 1908 in MCRae, Telfair Co. GA., to Cynthia Wadsworth. Married (2) to Betty Smith
9. Joseph Sealey Sheffield, Jr., born January 24, 1886 in Surrency, Appling County, GA., died April 14, 1901 in McRae, Telfair County, GA.

Martha W. Sheffield
Daughter of Isham Sheffield

Martha W. Sheffield, daughter of Isham Sheffield and Lucinda Harrell was born 1854 and died before 1885. She married 09 September, 1869 in Judson, FL., to R. Francis Polk. Their children follows:

1. Frances Lee Polk, born October 25, 1875, died May 06, 1901. Married John O'steen
2. Missouri Gurner Polk, born 1872; died July 08, 1984. Married Coritus Drummond. Married (2) in 1891 to Clemie Austin Beach
3. Elijak Polk, born November 18, 1870, died July 08, 1884
4. Elmer Eller Polk, born March 03, 1874, died May 06, 1874
5. Fannie Alice Polk, born September 12, 1882, died April 25, 1958
6. Andrew Jackson Polk, born August 19, 1884, died February 15, 1947

Sidney Ward Sheffield
Son of Isham Sheffield

Sidney Ward Sheffield, son of Isham Sheffield and Lucinda Harrell was born, 28 August, 1862 in Lake Butler, FL., and died 18 January, 1953 in Ocala, Marion County, FL. Married (1) Mary Frances Howell, born 11 May, 1889, died October 09, 1930. Married (2) 23 December, 1880 to Frankie Brown, born 23 December, 1860. Married (3)31 January, 1887 to Mamie Crook, born 31 January, 1867

1. Frankie Sheffield, born March 04, 1899, married Julius Avera
2. Alice Sheffield, born April 07, 1891, married Radison D. Westbrook
3. Forbes Sheffield, born 1899 in Deland, FL.
4. Ann Kathryn Sheffield, born October 27, 1895, died 1971, married C. C. Milligen
5. Marguerite Beverly Sheffield, born October 19, 1913, died March 1989. Married Horace G. McLeroy


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