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George F. Rester Jr.
Son of George Sr.

George Frederick Rester Jr. son of George Sr. and wife Maria Margaretha Mengersdorff was born 16 May, 1765 SC. He died 30 December, 1830 in Red Creek, Perry County, MS. George died by drowning in a rain swollen creek while returning home from selling sweet potatoes and corn.

George Jr. married Louisa Denmark born 17 October, 1768 Bulloch Co. GA. She died 5 August, 1851 MS. She was the daughter of William B. Denmark. Taken from the family Bible.

On November 22, 1807 in Bulloch Co. Frederick Rester executed a Power of Attorney to his son, Gideon Rester, to collect debts due him and to sell and deed any of his property. This action was in preparation to leave Georgia for Mississippi.

On Tuesday 13 October, 1807 Governor John Milledge of Georgia issued a passport to Frederick Rester to travel through the Creek Indian Nation. The three oldest children of this family were already married and had earlier preceded their parents west.

Frederick is listed on the 1820 Census for Hancock Co. MS.

It appears that George Jr. and Louisa Rester were the parents of ten children.

1. Gideon Rester, born about 1784 Bulloch Co.
2. David Rester, born 16 July, 1786 Bulloch Co. GA. married Barbary Ladiner.

3. Elizabeth Rester born 1788 Bulloch Co. GA., died after 1832 when Matthew Carter Jr. wrote a letter to his sister Susanna Mizelle in GA., stating Aunt Sarah was still alive. She married William Pool. William died before 1832. He received a passport from the governor of GA., to pass safely through Creek Nation in 1807. William Pool was in the Mississippi Territory before the Carter's or Goff's.

William and Elizabeth had four children. Sarah must have been Elizabeth's first name. Matthew would call Elizabeth Aunt, because Mary Rester, sister to Elizabeth married Matthew Carter.
That is one family connection.

4. William Hezekiah Rester, born 1789 Bulloch Co., married 13 March, 1828 in Hinds Co. MS. to Elizabeth Smith, daughter of David and Elizabeth Smith.

5. Mary Rester, born 1792 Bulloch Co. and died in Jackson Co. MS., about 1813. She married 11 May, 1807 in Bulloch Co. to Matthew Carter Jr., son of Matthew Sr. Matthew and Mary had three children.

6. Anna Rester, born 1798 Bulloch Co. married Carlos Ladner.

7. John Rester, born 1800 Bulloch Co., married 1 June, 1829 in Marion Co. MS., Elisa Robertson. Eleven children.

8. Margaret Rester, born 1802 Bulloch Co. married Thomas Hunt.
9. George Frederick Rester 111, born 1807/8
10. There was one daughter, Louisa Rester whom I have no information.

George Frederick Rester 111
Son of George F. Rester 11

George Frederick Rester 111 was born about 1807/08 in Bulloch Co. Georgia before the family left for MS. Territory. He died between 1870 and 1880 in Lawrence Co. MS.

George married Mary Ann Dale who was born 1817 probably GA., and died 11 November, 1861 in Lawrence Co. She was the daughter of John Dale and Agnes Culpepper.

George was listed on the 1830 census for Perry Co. MS. In his household was a white male and female over 60 years of age and thought to be his parents. At this time it appears George had not married as no female is listed in his age bracket. George probably married shortly after this time or in the mid 1830's. He may have married twice.

By 1850 George has moved south and listed on the 1850 Harrison Co. Census.

Children of George F. Rester 111

1. Edward Ripley Rester, born about 1836 MS
2. Elizabeth Rester, born 1839 MS.
3. Melvina Rester, born about 1841 MS.
4. Mariah Rester, born 7 March, 1842 MS., married Wm J. Armstrong
5. Martha Ann Rester, born about 1844 MS., died in TX.
6. John Jefferson Rester, born about 1846 MS., married Anna Rutland.
7. Albert Hezekiah Rester, born about 1848 MS., died in LA.
8. Missouri Aseline Rester, born about 1850 MS., married George W. Burge.
9. Rankin Frederick Rester, born 25 August, 1852
10 Gennette Rester, born about 1854 MS.

Rankin Frederick Rester
Son of George F. Rester 111

Rankin F. Rester was born 25 August, 1852 Perry Co. MS., and died 2 January, 1893 Lawrence Co. MS.

Rankin F. Rester married 8 May, 1872 in Lawrence Co. to Cynthia Ann Armstrong, daughter of Isaac Armstrong and Mary Sanders.

Children of Rankin and Cynthia Rester are:

1. Fredonia Rester, born 8 March, 1874 MS.
2. Bessie Rester, born 21 January, 1876 MS.
3. William Oscar Rester, born 30 April, 1879 Lawrence Co., and died 26 November, 1943. He is buried in Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery in Simpson Co. MS. He married Ally Stringer, 19 August, 1897 in Lawrence Co.
4. Clara Rester (twin) born 23 January, 1880 Lawrence Co.
5. Carra Rester (twin) born 23 January, 1880 Lawrence Co.
6. Ripley Edward Rester, born 24 june, 1882 Lawrence Co., died 7 April, 1951 in Copiah Co. MS. He married Susanna Stringer
7. Mariah Rester, born 5 January, 1885 Lawrence Co.
8. Daisy Rester, born 25 August, 1886 Lawrence Co.
9. Albert J. Rester, born 15 August, 1889 Lawrence Co.
10 Jefferson Rester, born 29 October, 1891 Lawrence Co.
11 Rankin Frederick Rester, born 30 April, 1893 Lawrence Co., and died 2 October, 1969 in Pearl, Rankin Co. MS.

Researcher for this family is Frances Shearer of Pasco, WA.

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