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Peter Parker SR. born 20 October, 1780 in North Carolina. He died 29 April, 1860 in Lanes Creek Township, Union County North Carolina. Peter Sr. was in Mississippi and knew it was time for him to reap his rewards. He ask his son Peter Jr. who was also living in MS., to carry him back to North Carolina. Jr. did as requested and in a carry all drawn by a mouse colored horse. This was in 1860 shortly before he died. This accounts for him being on the 1860 twice. His wife was Ann Tool. Peter was in Hancock Co. GA., in 1820, in Dallas Co. AL., in 1830, and in Clarke Co. MS., in 1840 and 1850. In the 1850 census he was listed both in Clark Co. MS., and in Union Co. N.C. and in Union Co. North Carolina in 1860. In a Record of Deed listed in the P&Q, page 151 in Anson County North Carolina is found the following. PETER PARKER'S GRANT 2379 State of North Carolina, know ye that we for and in consideration of the sum of fifty shillings for every hundred acres hereby granted paid into our treasury by Peter Parker have given and granted and by these etc. unto the said Peter Parker a tract of land containing two hundred acres lying and being in the County of Anson on the Wacksaw Branch adjoining Stephen Hasty and Thomas Marshes lands on a hickory in Parkers and Hasty's line and runs with Parkers line South Marshes line 17 chains and 25 links to a red oak thence No. 45 E. on Marshes line 17 chins to a stake his other corner then with his other no No 65 E 36 chains and 50 links to a pine then No W 40 chins to a pine by a post oak the south 56 W31 chains to Hasty's corner and then on his line So. 25 chains to his other corner and then on his other line S. 40 W. 37 Chains and 50 links to his other corner then on his other line to chains and 33 chains to the beginning. Entered the 13th April 1813. At Raleigh the 12th day of December in the 41st year of our Independence and the of our Lord 1816 Will Miller By command Wm Hill, SEC. Will written 22 September 1851, Probated 1860 Union Co. Court House Monroe, North Carolina. CHILDREN; 1 Samuel or Lemuel Parker 2 Matthew Parker 3 Wiley Parker 4 Peter Parker Jr. 5 Stephen H. Parker 6 Susannah Parker (Ashcraft) 7 Ann Parker (Anderson) Peter Parker was married to Jane BAKER December 20th 1826 Peter Parker was married to Eveline Griffin March 20th, 1833 Peter Parker was married to Nancy Gulledge April 30, 1838 Peter Parker was born January 18th 1805 Probably Hancock Co. GA. Nancy Parker was born February 18th, 1828 Leonidas Parker was born January 16th, 1830 Harriet Adeline Parker was born February 4th, 1835 John Wilson Parker was born February 14th, 1836 Mary Ann Parker was born September 1st, 1837 Joel Thomas Parker was born April 7th, 1839 Franklin D. Parker May 31st, 1840 David Henderson Parker was born June 19th, 1842 Zelphyas Geminny Parker was born May 13th, 1843 Peter Alexander Parker was born June 28th, 1844 Samuel L. Parker was born October 24th, 1845 Susan M. Parker was born October 24th, 1845 Levenia Jane Parker was born November 10th 1846 Benjamin Anderson Parker was born April 9th, 1849 Taken from a Parker Family Bible, owner unknown, found written on old faded notebook paper, in Mrs. Vann Parker's family history. One Peter Parker is listed in the Archives at Washington and states the following; October 1836 Peter Parker of Dale Co. AL., do apply for purchase of NW1/4 of SE1/4 Section 36, Township 5, Range 19 containing 461/2 acres. Act of 1832 April 5. His mark Peter Parker This same Peter Parker moved to Clarke Co. Mississippi and purchased land there. He signed deeds in Clarke County in the 1850's until 1870. Since Peter Sr. died about 1860 and it is known from family history that Peter Jr. went to Mississippi and carried Peter Sr. back to NC where he died. Then it was Peter Jr. who signed the deeds after 1860. One Peter Parker, son of David Parker died and was buried in Holmes County, MS. This Peter Parker is most likely the Peter Parker who was in the Rev. War and from Chowan Co. NC. The will of Peter Parker was settled in the 1850's in Holmes Co. MS., with the sons and daughters of Peter Sr. getting the property. In 1962 Mr. J. K. Rouse of Kannapolis, NC. wrote the following in a letter. Peter Parker left Rowan Co. NC in 1832. Peter Parker died July 29, 1881 Nancy Parker died September 2nd, 1907 Joel Parker died 1839 David Parker died ? Zelphia Parker died 1843 Samuel Parker died 1845 Jane Parker died 1861 Benjamin Parker died 1829 Mary Parker died 18-- Henry Parker died 1865 Mattias Parker died 1868

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