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James Moore

Of TN., and LaFayette Co. MS.

James Moore

James Moore, son of John and Susannah Murry Moore, married Elizabeth Whitwell in Hickman Co. TN., in 1836. Elizabeth, daughter of William and Rebecca Curry Whitwell.

James moved his family to Lafayette Co. MS. about 1839. He died in that County in 1874-75. Elizabeth moved to MO., about 1896 with some of her children.

1. William Carroll Moore, born 1837 Hickman Co. TN.
2. Robert Whitwell Moore, born 1838 Hickman Co. TN.
3. Pleasant L. Moore, born 1840 LaFayette Co. MS.
4. James Egbert Moore, born 1842 LaFayette Co. MS.
5. John Daniel Moore, born 1844 LaFayette Co. MS.
6. M E Moore, born 1848 LaFayette Co. MS.
7. Sue Caroline Moore, born 1850 LaFayette Co. MS.
8. Willis A. Moore, born 1852 LaFayette Co. MS.
9. Mary Jane Moore, born 1856 LaFayette Co. MS.
10. Thomas Dudley Moore, born 1858 LaFayette Co. MS.

Robert Whitwell Moore

Robert Whitwell Moore, born 31 October, 1838 in Hickman Co. TN, He married Rebecca Susan Murry, daughter of John T Murry and Sarah Whitwell in Perry Co. TN. They lived in LaFayette Co. MS where their most of their children were born: He moved to Mo. about 1896.

1. John William Moore born 1875 LaFayette Co. MS.
2. Egbert Meadows Moore, born 1878 MS.
3. Sarah Ethel Moore, born 1880 TN.
4. Morris D. Moore born, 1884 MS.
5. Mary Elizabeth Moore, born 1893 MS.

John Daniel Moore

John Daniel Moore son of James was born 11 November, 1844 MS. Married (1) Hannah Susan Pitts 1869, Lafayette Co. and (2) Mary Gandy in 1886.

1. James Jackson Moore, born 1873 MS.
2. Walter E Moore, born 1876 MS.
3. Thomas Luther Moore, born 1878 MS.

John Daniel maried (2) Mary Gandy in Lafayette Co. in 1886. The family moved to Ripley Co MO.

Thomas Dudley Moore

Thomas Dudley Moore was born 17 January, 1858 in Lafayette Co MS., son of James Moore. He married Mary Ann Dickey 1882 in Lafayette Co.

1. Viola Victorine Moore, born 1883 MS.
2. Myrtle Estelle Moore, born 1887 MS.
3. Beulah Clyde Moore, born 1890 MS.
4. Mittie Arlene Moore, born 1892 MS.
5. James Thomas Clifton Moore, born 1895 Ripley Co. MO.
6. Agnes Gertrude Moore, born 1898 Ripley Co. MO.

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