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McClendon/McLendon at GenForum
McLendon-McClendon Early Ancestor
Abraham McClendon 1783 GA.
Amos McClendon 1765 NC-1800
Ann McClendon 1779 GA.
Barbary H McLendon b. 1863
Beniah McClendon 1781 GA.
Benjamin McLendon 1849 NC.
Bethaney McClendon 1773 NC-m. Wm Lowe
Burrell McLendon d. 1853 GA.
Capel McClendon 1803 GA.
Cemanthy McLendon born 1818 GA
Dennis McLendon Immigrant
Dennis McLendon 1680-1725 NC
Dennis McLendon 1718-1792 NC
Dennis McClendon 1760 NC-1814 GA
Edgar McLendon1848 GA-1878 AR.
Elizabeth McLendon b. 1813 GA.
Eliza McLendon AR
Joel McLendon 1779 NC.
Edmond Lilly McLendon 1814 NC.

Elizabeth McClendon 1785 GA.
Ephriam McLendon born 1815 GA
Eugene McLendon 1844 GA-died TX.
Ezekiel McClendon 1791 GA.
Francis McLendon 1679 Scotland
Francis Marion McClendon 1832 AL
Frances McClendon 1795 GA.
George W McClendon 1836 AL
Gordon Labon McClendon 1783 SC-1853 AR
H. Silvester 1895-1901 GA.
Helen Liles McLendon 1851 NC.
Henry McClendon 1793 GA.
Henry McLendon, Capt. CSA
Ida E Cooper McLendon 1872-1944
Ioma McLendon 1889 GA.
Isaac McClendon born Edinburg, Scotland
Isaac McClendon 1815 NC-1810/15 GA.
J. Morgan McLendon 1882-1902
Jacob McClendon 1725 NC-1793 GA
Jacob McClendon 1754 NC-1799 GA
James McClendon 1801 GA.
James McLendon 1812-1860
Jane McClendon 1790 GA.
Jesse McClendon 1823 AL
Joel McLendon 1779 NC.
Joel McLendon 1779 NC.
Joel McLendon 1744 NC. m. John Adcock
Joseph McClendon born LA.
Josie C.McLendon 1887-1902 GA.
Lewis McLendon 1810 NC.
Jemima McLendon 1718 NC
Jemima McLendon 13 October, 1752 NC
Joel McLendon 1722-1800 NC
John McLendon 1722-1784 NC
Joel McLendon 1779 NC
Joel McLendon born NC
Julius McLendon 1853 NC.
Leonidas McLendon 1846 GA-1928 AR.
Julius McLendon 1853 NC.
Lewis McLendon 1810 NC
Lucian McLendon 1862 AR-1938 TX.
Lucreasy McClendon 1800 GA.
Lucy McClendon 1797 GA.
Mack W. McLendon1819 GA-1868 AR.
Mark Allen McClendon AR
Mariah McLendon born 1811 GA.
Matthew J McLendon 1822 GA.
Mary Brooks McLendon died GA.
Mary Ann McClendon 1829 AL
Mary Catherine McLendon 1847 MS-1912 AL
Mason McLendon 1780-1841 GA.
Nancy McClendon 1764 NC-m. Wm Heard
Nancy McLendon wife of Dennis
Needham McLendon b. 1782 SC
Needham McLendon Death Record
Needham McLendon born 1817 GA
Not Placed McLendon's
Oscar McLendon 1850 GA-1852 GA.
Penelope McClendon 1769 NC
Peyton McLendon 1888-1929 GA.
Preston A. McLendon 1845 NC.
Robert McLendon 1843 GA.
Rosalind McLendon 1882 NC.
Samuel McClendon 1756 NC-1838 GA.
Samuel McClendon 1778 GA.
Sarah McClendon 1789 GA.
Sarah McLendon 1833 AR.
Sarah F. Raines McLendon 1824 GA.
Sarah Jane McLendon 1835 GA-1922 Pike Co. AL.
Samuel McLendon 1756 NC-1838
Simon McLendon born 1738
Simpson McLendon GA.
Synthia McLendon born 1809 SC.
Thomas McLendon 1728 NC
Thomas McLendon 1690 Scotland-1858 NC
Thomas McLendon 1730 Scotland-1824 GA.
Thomas McLendon 1859 AR-1935 TX.
Travis MCClendon 1758-1835 Pike Co. GA
Walter Jones McLendon 1847 NC.
William B McClendon born 1838 AL died in AR
William Burrell McLendon born 1861 GA.
William R McLendon born 1829 SC.

McLendon/McClendon Marriages in AR.
McLendon/McClendon Marriages in GA.
McLendon/McClendon Marriages in MS.
McLendon/McClendon Marriages in TN
McLendon/McClendon Marriages in TX.

Individuals not placed in McLendon Families
McLendon-McClendon Burials/Cemeteries
McLendon Cemetery, Lauren Co. GA"

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