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Cemeteries, Death, Burials

Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery Inscriptions Wilkes County, GA.

McLendon, Emma R. 24-April,1843------- 07-Apr-1904 wife of Jona Bell

McLendon, Bessie E. (Adams) 17 November,1872 died 27 July, 1911. Wife of Samuel H. McLendon

McLendon, Elizabeth (Ittner) 13 April, 1925 died 21 November,1992 wife of Samuel Cheney McLendon

McLendon, Isaac A. born 17 November, 1818 died 16 March,1893 husband of Mary Ann Stribling

McLendon, Louise Cheney born 15 August, 1896 died 10 February, 1985 Wife of Ralph Almond McLendon

McLendon, Mary Ann born 06 December,1825 died 08 May, 1902. Wife of Isaac A. McLendon

McLendon, Mary (Moss) born 23 October,1794 died 27 December,1871. wife Simpson McLendon

McLendon, Ralph Almand born 25 March,1894 died 08 July, 1977. Husband of Louise Cheney.

McLendon, Samuel Cheney born 17-Nov-1922

McLendon, Samuel H. born 25 October, 1867 died 20 December, 1921. Husband of Bessie E. Adams McLendon.

McLendon, America F. born 14 May, 1853 died 19 May, 1889. Wife of G. W. Walton

McLendon, Janie born 10 December,1849 died 23 February,1913. Wife of A. M. Walton

McLendon, Hassie born 02 June, 1857 died 29 January,1920 2nd wife of G. W. Walton

McLENDON, Mary Ann (Gullum) born 29 June, 1847 and died 20 March, 1917

MCLENDON, Louis (Dr.) born 10 January,1848 died 8 September, 1912. Both are buried in Hall Cemetery in Escambia Co. AL.

Buried Furr Cemetery in Calhoun Co. AR. McClendon, Ada Mae born 25 December, 1870 died 24 April, 1960

McClendon, Charlie E. born 31 Janury, 1857 died 13 October 1933.

McClendon, Joseph E. born 31 January, 1857 died 13 Oct 1883.

McClendon, Mary E. born 25 July 1855 died 17 January, 1873.


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