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Earliest Known Ancestors


This page is for your earliest known ancestor! Below each ancestor's name is the name and email address of the individual who is researching that ancestor.
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Alexander McLendon 1798 NC died about 1865 MS
Julie O'Neil Perkins

Andrew Jackson McLendon born 19 January, 1832 GA., and died 25 May, 1896 Gordon Henry, AL.
Russell McLendon

Benjamin McClendon born 1768 NC? died in Henderson Co. KY 1808
Robert W. Wallace

Ezekiel McLendon born 1742 NC. died 1802 Anson Co. NC. married 1764 to Mary Dunn.
Jan Pritchett Litvin

James Eugene McLendon born 1876 and died 1940 GA. He lived in Macon City and Bibbo Co. GA.
Suzanne Williams

James Jackson McClendon born about 1814 and thought to be born in AL? He died about 1862. Wife was Martha.
Ron McClendon

Harriet Elizabeth McLendon born 15 November, 1832 in Randolph Co. GA and died 18 November 1895 Pike Co. AL.
Sue Harden De Shazo
Jesse McClendon born about 1830-31 in GA. He died 1893 in Atlanta, GA.
Marianne Parsons
John Sumpter McLendon born 1793 NC to Perry Co. AL. in 1820 died 1865 Leon TX.
Jan Roach

Joseph Parker McClendon born 1857 Washington Parish, LA. He married Julia Lott and Laura Perry.
Pat McClendon

Mark Allen McClendon born about 1821 Perry Co. AL and died ? Scott Co. AR.
William F. "Bill" Hicks

Needham McLendon born before 1795, died 1874. He married Margaret Dill 1800-1834

Sarah McLendon born 1804 believed Anson Co. She married Wm Taylor. Father may be Edmond?
John Field Pankow
Simon McClendon born 1738 NC; died April 1809 Davidson Co. TN. First wife was a Ms. Sanford.
Brant Boner

Synthia McLendon born 1809 SC married John Wm Elmore and a Mr. Scott. Died after 1888, no dates. See more on Not Placed Families
Coach Cal E Campbel

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