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Marriages Perry Co MS

Groom Index S-T-U-V-W-Y-Z

SALES, Miles DICKEY, Jane 1906 September,15 SALTER, Albert CONNER, Francis 1905 April,01 SAMUEL, John FAIRLEY, Amanda 1882 November,18 SAMUELS, John FAIRLEY, Martha 1893 October,18 SAND, Gray HUGGER, Martha 1903 August,24 SANDERS, Joseph M HINTON, Rosadell 1906 August,12 SANDERS, Ollie DEAN, Emma 1891 March,07 SANDERS, Will HUNTER, Mary Ella 1909 November,16 SANDERS, William HINTON, Mary 1906 July,15 SANDERS, Willie BARTON, Lilly 1906 August,19 SANDERS, Willie BURNS, Wilvie 1906 January,07 SANTEE, Anderson McLEOD, Zella 1890 November,13 SANTEE, Anderson STRONG, Bell 1900 March,10 SANTEE, Hamp HOLLIMAN, Tener 1882 May,25 SANTEE, Jacob HARTFIELD, Sallie 1887 December,22 SAPP, J A WHITE, Ella 1888 January,25 SALISBURY, Jim PIER, Lillie 1910 August,11 SCANLAN, W J BRADLEY, Isabella A 1886 December,12 SCARBROUGH, Andrew J EDWARDS, Letha 1906 December,12 SCARBROUGH, J F LAPER, Kattie 1910 March,14 SCARBROUGH, Silas NEWELL, Candace 1908 June,03 SCHILLING, Y M McSWAIN, M J 1892 December,28 SCOTT, J W ALEXANDER, Nancy 1890 April,20 SCOTT, James MYERS, Mary Ann 1887 March,24 SCOTT, James URSHERY, M L 1909 May,18 SCOTT, John BARNES, Ardell 1910 November,20 SCOTT, Johnny STATES, Deanna 1910 July,28 SCOTT, Mike HINTON, Sarah 1890 July,24 SCOTT, R L GRIFFIN, Pearlie 1911 October,17 SCOTT, William SMITH, Maggie 1902 July,01 SEAL, M L SLADE, Thomas L 1885 January,08 SEALY, W J CRAFT, Pearl 1908 September,13 SELLERS, Oliver MITCHELL, Lula 1886 February,12 SEWELL, C M A BROWN, J P 1890 December,04 SHAFFER, H A ALLEN, Julia 1896 May,10 SHAIFER, Young P McDONALD, Margaret A 1883 December,30 SHANNON,E GILLIAM, Mattie V 1909 January,08 SHARP, Mastin A MOFFETT, Mary L 1887 December,14 SHARP, R L EDMONDSON, Amy 1884 February,28 SHAW, A E RAYBURN, Viola 1909 June,23 SHAW, Neal COLE, Marcella 1910 January,18 SHEPPARD, A M COCHRAN, M J 1897 October,05 SHIPMAN, Will JOHNSON, Clara 1910 January,29 SHOEMAKE, B A McDONALD, Irene 1911 December,10 SHOEMAKE, H C ODOMS, Emma 1904 December,04 SHORES, J W DRAUGHN, Mary 1895 August,21 SHATTLES, J W PEARCE, Ida 1885 September,03 SHOWELL, Huddle HILLMAN, J 1910 August,03 SHUMAKE, E L McARDLE, Joana 1898 October,30 SIMMONS, Early HATHORN, Gussie 1911 August,05 SIMMONS, Ellis LEE, Mary 1887 September,29 SIMMS, M C JOHNSON, Ellis 1893 September,09 SIMPSON, A L NEWELL, Hannah P 1898 December,22 SIMPSON, Albert WADE, Ella 1889 July,25 SIMS, W D LAMBERT, C E 1887 January,06 SINGLETON, Aaron PERKINS, Ada 1910 September,01 SKINNER, James TURNER, Nellie 1911 November,19 SKINNER, M C CARY, Mary 1909 October,18 SLACK, Ellis DILLARD, Allie 1912 May,28 SLADE, Joseph DAVIS, Eliza 1885 January,08 SLADE, Joseph LADNIER, Lena 1880 January,08 SLADE, Thomas L SEAL, M L 1885 January,08 SLADE, William DAVIS, Sarah C 1881 March,03 SLAUGHTER, George KIMBROUGH, Virginia 1908 April,14 SMITH, Benjamin CAMMEL, Lilly 1906 September,29 SMITH, C H WALLEY, Mary 1893 July,28 SMITH, C T DEAKLE, Laura 1890 December,04 SMITH, Charlie HARSLEY, Olivia 1908 July,27 SMITH, D P HARVILL, Annie 1912 November,23 SMITH, George ANDERSON, Sarah 1885 December,26 SMITH, Henry BOLTON, Anna 1905 February,09 SMITH, J B FARMER, George Ann 1903 December,30 SMITH, J P BYRD, M 1891 January,25 SMITH, J T HINTON, Christine 1898 February,10 SMITH, Jim GRIFFIN, Francis 1911 October,26 SMITH, Joseph R E STAFFORD, Eleanor E 1883 January,25 SMITH, Kenneth MILLS, Ethel 1910 April,17 SMITH, Lee SCOTT, Margaret 1893 February,02 SMITH, Plummer MARTIN, Margaret 1879 December,21 SMITH, R E TODD, Nala 1910 April,30 SMITH,C BRELAND, R A 1886 June,13 SMITH, Thomas ROBINSON, Sallie 1911 September,13 SMITH, W C COCHRAN, Mary 1910 June,27 SMITH, W G McCARDLE, Victoria 1894 December,19 SMITH, W H BOUTWELL, Laura 1887 April,11 SMITH, William MOODY, Addie 1907 January,28 SNELL, Berney MURRY, Will 1908 June,22 SNIDER, B F MORREN, J E 1899 December,29 SOLEY, Isaac ROBERTS, Bettie 1889 April,07 SOLOMAN, Andrew GANIS, Julia 1910 September,27 SOWELL, M E BYRD, Edward W 1890 June,19 SPARKMAN, Charley CHITTOM, Cary 1909 December,30 SPENSER, Simon STEVENS, Ella 1912 April,08 SPOFFORD, R B BRODIE, Catherin 1909 July,08 STACKS, Horace ROEBUCK, Mary 1908 November,19 STAFFORD, Alexander BEARDSLY, Sabra 1889 March,30 STAFFORD, Austin MOORE, Amy 1900 November,09 STAFFORD, N J CARPENTER, G J 1898 April,17 STAFFORD, Sam McDONALD, Susan Mrs 1912 October,03 STALLWORTH, John W MYERS, Deanne 1902 March,08 STALWORTH, George SANTEE, Harriet 1887 July,21 STAMPER, J RYLE, Millie L 1907 July,06 STANBERRY, G W PAGE, Katie 1909 December,18 STEAN, Milton J DRAUGHN, Mary 1883 December,21 STEPHEN, Burke WATTS, Willie 1905 April,23 STEPHENS, Paschal PERKINS, Minnie 1901 June,08 STEVENS, A J BARKSDALE, B J 1892 April,25 STEVENS, B ALBRITTON, M T 1886 February,23 STEVENS, B STEVENS, C T M Mrs 1910 April,14 STEVENS, Zack T GILBERT, Dona 1891 May,19 STEVESON, Ed CLARK, Dolphine 1909 February,04 STEWARD, Author GEORGE, Rachel 1908 June,10 STEWART, J M JONES, L A 1885 February,01 STEWART, Joe CAMPBELL, Fannie 1890 July,19 STEWART, W A BOGGIN, M F Mrs 1890 September,07 STEWART, William HARTFIELD, Nancy 1890 January,02 STONE, J B REID, Margarett 1903 September,16 STORY, Eugene L JONES, Dosie B 1912 September,26 STRICKLAND, E THOMSON,M A 1892 April,19 STRONG, Anthony STEVENS, Emma 1909 October,12 STRONG, Ezekiel EDWARDS, Clarrissa 1879 March,30 STRONG, John CROOKS, Callie 1906 May,31 STRONG, Ruben McDONALD, Estula 1908 June,28 STRONG, Sam HOLLIDAY, Cinthia 1896 September,24 STUTTS, James WHEELER, Mary 1896 November,09 SULLIVAN, Ben COOLEY, Rachel 1910 December,18 SULLIVAN, Dan MYERS, Clara 1885 February,26 SULLIVAN, Jacob E JOHNSON, Ida 1910 July,06 SUMERALL, P A V SUIST, Effie 1912 December,08 SUMMERAL, Miles HINTON, Harriet 1885 November,09 SUMMERS, Francis MEADOWS, A J 1904 August,28 SUMRALL, Alfred HINTON, Hannah 1904 May,06 SUMRALL, Isaac PIERCE, Anna 1880 September,21 SUMRALL, J R RAWLS, E G 1890 February,26 SUMRALL, John H HENSARLING, Catherine E E 1883 December,24 SUMRALL, William F ANDERSON, Frances L 1879 October,09 SUTHERLAND, Walter WARD, Ora 1908 January,03 SWEENEY, Ed McVAY, Lizzie 1910 May,12 SYLVESTER, J W NEWELL, M E 1895 January,17 SYLVESTER, Richard BAZAR, Etta 1904 April,06 SYLVESTER, Sam BYRD, Lizzie 1904 October,31 SYLVESTER, Earlie BYRD, Lou 1895 March,25 TANNER, Horace BOLTON, Cammie 1907 January,21 TANNER, Walter DICKEY, Josephine 1897 November,25 TARSEN, Oliff COMBIE, Sarah 1909 February,09 TARTE, Louis ESTER, 1909 April,04 TATUM, Austin GRIFFIN, Emma 1910 February,28 TATUM, Dan BOND, Phyllis 1899 February,27 TATUM, John COLLINS, Millie 1901 August,09 TATUM, Mack EPHRAM, Ella 1907 December,25 TATUM, Ransom JACKSON, Sabra 1896 July,09 TATUM, Wyatt MYERS, Anner 1911 December,30 TAYLOR, Frank CRAIG, Sallie 1905 June,18 TAYLOR, Homer McVAY, Eran 1905 September,20 TAYLOR, I J HOWARD, Ella 1909 September,05 TAYLOR, Marshall RAYBURN, Calona 1912 March,22 TAYLOR, W E LANDRUM, Lula 1911 June,01 TERRELL, Joe MAY,Darcus 1905 November,12 THIGPEN, Elijah BRAIM, Annie 1909 February,13 THOMAS, Aaron BRYDEN, Lizzie 1908 December,27 THOMAS, Charlie FAIRLEY, Mary 1907 April,01 THOMAS, Charlie T BOLTON, Ada O 1911 July,20 THOMAS, Henry GRAVE, Mary 1912 May,23 THOMAS, Luther AGE, Mamie 1908 November,24 THOMAS, M J McLEOD, W 1889 December,04 THOMAS, Nathan ANDERSON, Martha 1883 November,02 THOMAS, Sam CHERRY, Mittie 1886 May,08 THOMASON, T R RILEY, A L 1890 July,06 THOMPSON, Cisero HARTFIELD, Elizabeth 1889 November,14 THOMPSON, W W WARD, Mary 1891 April,15 THOMSON,M A STRICKLAND, E 1892 April,19 THORNTON, Poco CLOWER, J C 1888 May,04 TINGLE, B F Jr HOWARD, Mary 1905 January,05 TINGLE, B F Jr NIXON, M A 1897 October,14 TINGLE, N W HOWARD, Sallie 1910 January,08 TISDALE, March BONNER, Mollie 1878 April,09 TISON, Well BROOKS, Mamie 1908 November,18 TODD, Nala SMITH, R E 1910 April,30 TOMPKINS, Hubert JAMES, Missie 1911 January,12 TONEY, N W WORTHY, Candis 1890 October,19 TRAVIS, A A McGILRAY, M J 1886 May,27 TRAVIS, A B MORGAN, Rachel 1887 April,14 TRAVIS, Archie ODOM, Willie 1912 December,22 TRAVIS, B F RUNNELLS, Rebecca 1911 October,28 TRAVIS, B F Dr EATON, Fannie 1883 March,14 TRAVIS, E C McKENZIE, Mary 1881 December,14 TRAVIS, James McLEOD, Cecilia 1885 October,01 TRAVIS, John O HOLIDAY, Lorena 1896 December,28 TRAVIS, N C McKENZIE, Angus 1891 January,14 TRAVIS, Sal BRADFORD, L J 1883 November,26 TRAVIS, William McNAIR, Ellen 1888 January,16 TREST, Sam JOHNSON, Fannie 1907 December,21 TRULOVE, T G EVANS, Susan 1890 December,25 TUCKER, Arthur HOLLIMAN, Nancy 1882 December,08 TURK, Frank FAIRLEY, Callie 1910 May,07 TURK, Tom McSWAIN, Lizzie 1907 November,30 TURNER, Authur STRONG, Pearlie 1912 July,28 TURNER, Luther K BRELAND, Maggie E 1908 September,04 UPSHAW, Drury EDWARDS, Ellie 1906 February,04 URBAN, Michael John McSWAIN, Florence Viola 1912 April,28 URSHERY, M L SCOTT, James 1909 May,18 VEREEN, John HINTON, Geneva 1904 November,02 VEREEN, Willie P CARPENTER, Bettie 1907 September,04 WADE, Ben FAIRLEY, Fannie Jane 1900 August,06 WADE, Sam BERT, Emma 1911 January,02 WADE, Thompson GALE, Nancy 1890 July,31 WADE, Wesley HARTFIELD, Martha 1879 January,20 WADE, Wyatt KENNEDY, Irene 1909 July,15 WAITES, Jacob MORRIS, L V 1891 July,02 WALKER, Anderson RAMSEY, Lettie 1887 December,23 WALKER, Daniel PRICE, Julia 1892 February,11 WALKER, Joe HINTON, Cora 1911 May,10 WALKER, Lamp HINTON, Ann 1892 February,25 WALKER, Tom WILLIAMS, Maggie 1909 September,24 WALKER, Wesley VAUGHN, Julia 1888 July,25 WALL, L A RUSH, W W 1889 December,19 WALL, V L QUICK, W J 1890 May,21 WALLEY, A B MEADOWS, Josephine 1897 December,23 WALLEY, A B SMITH, Callie 1905 November,08 WALLEY, A J EDWARDS, Elizabeth 1881 March,06 WALLEY, A L MEADOWS, Laura 1900 December,05 WALLEY, D W Dr ALPERT, Rosa 1909 December,11 WALLEY, E E DIKES, George 1886 May,26 WALLEY, G P NEWELL, Mandy 1886 November,28 WALLEY, G P SWEARINGEN, Christine 1880 January,28 WALLEY, Ira MEADOWS, Jack 1912 September,22 WALLEY, J E EDWARDS, Almeda 1896 December,30 WALLEY, James HINTON, Elizabeth 1881 September,27 WALLEY, Jessie SMITH, Wanda 1902 August,07 WALLEY, Lawrence NEWELL, Samantha 1912 August,29 WALLEY, Otis JONES, Henry W 1907 January,17 WALLEY, V G KIRKLIN, Ardilla 1910 June,26 WALLEY, William LANDRUM, Sarah 1911 July,09 WALTER, D W FORD, Madaline 1899 June,15 WALTERS, D M McGILORAY, Ella 1896 November,01 WALTERS, Jesse PETERS, Lee 1912 September,02 WALTERS, Wm MILLER, Caroline 1906 April,14 WALTMAN, Arch JONES, Martha 1886 October,27 WALTMAN, Joseph HINTON, Roxsie 1902 January,05 WALTMAN, Willie G MYRICK, Stella 1912 April,13 WALTON, Isaac McSWAIN, Sarah Jane 1903 December,12 WALTON, Willie STEADON, Bertha 1911 May,13 WARD, Emory DIXON, Annie 1912 June,24 WARD, Gary MITCHEL, Alice 1908 June,10 WARD, Henry K BRELAND, Amanda C 1885 December,16 WARD, M A DOHERTY, M O 1887 December,27 WARDEAU, G W BRELAND, Mary 1894 January,03 WARDEN, James JOHNSON, Rohany Mrs 1881 April,20 WARREN, J C STEVENS, Lettie 1908 March,28 WASHINGTON, Cleamon WATKINS, Deala 1912 December,22 WASHINGTON, Frank GUY, Savanah 1910 March,03 WASHINGTON, Isaiah LOVE, Lula 1905 June,22 WASHINGTON, Nathan SALTER, Lela 1909 December,01 WASHINGTON, Tip SCOTT, Alice 1908 November,04 WATKIN, Anderson DAVIS, Susie 1911 December,03 WATERS, Burr BRAGDON, Bertha 1912 December,22 WATKINS, Gus MATHEWS, Lethy 1892 April,15 WATSON, J E IVY, Annie 1909 November,20 WATSON, J T WALLEY, Mahala 1911 February,17 WATSON, Jake McCORMICK, Netta 1910 February,19 WATTS, Griffin McCALLUM, Orizell 1886 April,01 WATTS, J W POWELL, Martha 1882 February,02 WATTS, Theodore PRYOR, Lillie Leola 1910 May,07 WATTS, William STEEL, Lula 1890 February,24 WATTS, Willie STEPHEN, Burke 1905 April,23 WEARY, W E STALLWORTH, Emma 1908 September,28 WEBB, J B JENKINS, H V 1890 April,20 WEBB, J F BOUNDS, Hattie 1889 February,11 WEBSTER, Henry GREEN, Augusta 1905 August,13 WEDGWORTH, Ross BURKETT, Mary A 1887 November,15 WELDY, G B HARTWELL, Dicey 1909 April,08 WELDY, J L KENUTT, J B 1908 September,24 WELDY, R L KITTRELL, Effie 1906 August,27 WELLS, Jim HUSBAND, Nellie 1906 December,29 WERO, Henry WILLIAMS, Jane 1886 May,08 WEST, Caesar CARTER, Nellie 1886 August,08 WEST, Henry McCALLUM, Catherine 1888 November,01 WEST, Ned DAVIS, Mahala 1881 December,15 WEST, Sam Sr CARTER, Pauline 1894 January,28 WEST, Samuel J McSWAIN, Minnie 1892 September,06 WHATLEY,T LOTT, Ida 1912 December,22 WHEELER, Bethel TERRELL, Lizzie 1910 September,20 WHEELER, Calvin KELLY, Mary 1881 January,09 WHEELER, D J HENARLING, T P 1890 September,20 WHIDDON, E POWELL, M E 1890 February,05 WHITE, Ben ROBINSON, Louisa 1911 July,31 WHITE, C B WATERS, Dora Ann 1892 September,21 WHITE, Charlie BRELAND, Sarah 1909 May,29 WHITE, Frank RANKINS, Minnie Lee 1905 March,02 WHITE, Henry GARRETT, Lizzie 1911 July,09 WHITE, J MORGAN, Florence 1910 June,20 WHITE, Nathan BROWN, Jensie 1888 May,17 WHITE, Robert HINTON, Mildred A 1881 May,18 WHITE, Sydney DOUGLASS, Leata 1908 May,10 WHITE, W H BROWN, Beady 1889 April,11 WHITE, W H H STEVENS, Lucy 1881 March,19 WHITTINGTON, Wyat BROOKS, Ollie 1911 November,27 WHITTLE, J P ARINGTON, Eliza 1909 February,28 WHITTLE, J W JOYNER, Theodosia 1891 September,01 WHITTLE, Napoleon HINTON, Dora Ann 1894 December,06 WILCOX, Robert BROWN, Janie 1907 February,16 WILEY, Swep GRIFFIN, Emma 1910 May,06 WILLIAMS, A D JACKSON, Annie 1907 March,16 WILLIAMS, Burrel MELTON, Christian 1910 November,07 WILLIAMS, Charles GRAY, Lessie 1888 July,20 WILLIAMS, Charley WILLIAMS, Willie 1891 March,24 WILLIAMS, Charlie BROWN, Nellie 1908 January,01 WILLIAMS, Charlie KING, Maggie 1908 November,11 WILLIAMS, Charly JACKSON, Dora 1891 May,25 WILLIAMS, Cicero CLARK, Alliman 1909 September,05 WILLIAMS, E J BRELAND, Dicey 1883 September,26 WILLIAMS, General COLEMAN, Gussie 1908 August,15 WILLIAMS, George BARNETT, Emma 1911 January,29 WILLIAMS, Gus COLLINS, Lillie 1911 December,22 WILLIAMS, Jim NEWELL, Mary 1907 September,09 WILLIAMS, John BUZZELL, Mary Jane 1887 October,25 WILLIAMS, John PERRYMAN, Caldonia 1890 May,13 WILLIAMS, Moses HINTON, Martha 1904 May,30 WILLIAMS, Richard HARTFIELD, Beatris 1908 December,13 WILLIAMS, Sam HAYS, Corene 1909 May,10 WILLIAMS, Walter CAMERON, Annie 1889 August,14 WILLIAMS, Wesly WASHINGTON, Ella 1889 August,01 WILLIAMS, Wiley SMITH, Orcola 1909 November,17 WILLIAMS, Willie BEARDSLEY, Mary Scott 1905 June,06 WILLIAMS, Willie FAIRLIE, Pollie 1904 May,14 WILLIAMS, Willie HOWARD, Lela 1908 June,14 WILLIAMSON, C R SLAY, Fannie A 1905 September,10 WILLIAMSON, Kalt RILEY, G W 1901 June,10 WILLIAMSON, Libretine RAMSEY, W J 1910 December,12 WILLIAMSON, W E GOFF, M A 1898 May,01 WILSON, Ben FORD, Mary 1908 June,09 WILSON, Felix WATTS, Saly 1908 July,28 WILSON, Isaiah DEPORT, Hattie 1907 August,24 WILSON, Jim FAIRLEY, Cara 1912 January,10 WILSON, Mack THOMPSON, Loula 1908 June,08 WIMBERLY, T W HEMPHILL, Fannie 1907 March,02 WINBORN, E O BRELAND, M V 1907 April,07 WINDSON, R N HOLLIMAN, Lucy 1905 December,25 WINN, Sam FAIRLEY, Idella 1910 May,28 WOOD, Alexander HARTFIELD, Mary Jane 1890 December,25 WOODARD, B E STEVENS, Lottie 1909 September,08 WOODARD,W HOLLIMAN, Francis 1885 February,01 WOODS, Eddie JACKSON, T C 1910 August,03 WOODS, Louis HENDRIX, Louvenia 1909 October,25 WOODS, Rufus R HARTFIELD, Azeline 1902 November,16 WOODS, Wiley BOLTON, Effie 1890 January,30 WOODSON, Monroe McGILVRAY, Rena 1911 August,09 WOOTEN, T F PIGFORD, O R 1892 January,26 WORTHY, J W DEWITT, Ella 1890 October,19 WRENCHER, J R LYAS, Viola 1911 July,19 WRIGHT, Oreola DENNIS, W A 1898 October,12 YARBROUGH, Jimmy JAMES, N D 1912 May,19 YATES, Jesse DENHAM, Susie 1911 October,19 YATES, John BARBER, Lillie A 1912 January,14 YOUNG, C C WHITE, Corine 1902 January,25 YOUNG, C J CASTLE, Mandy 1910 April,11 YOUNG, Cornelius THAMES, Lila 1905 November,28 YOUNG, Harmon WALTERS, Louella 1905 May,03

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