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Perry Co MS Marriages

Groom Index N-O-P-Q-R

NALL,A MENASCO, Mary 1902 May,22 NAPP, Nelson THAMES, Lila 1905 October,16 NARMAN, A C HASLEY, Lucy 1908 December,08 NEIL, Green TINGLE, Annie 1899 March,26 NELSON, William FULLINGHAM, Josephine 1890 August,13 NELSON, Willie KELLY, Jack 1912 February,26 NEWELL, James T EDWARDS, Eliza E 1884 August,09 NEWELL, J W EDWARDS, F L 1902 September,01 NEWELL, Jesse R HARDY, Fannie 1910 August,27 NEWELL, John EDWARDS, Ella 1908 July,30 NEWELL, M E SYLVESTER, J W 1895 January,17 NEWELL, T H MALONE, Ree 1908 July,09 NEWELL, W N HENRY, Hettie Mae 1912 July,12 NEWELL, William EDWARDS, F L 1898 November,02 NEWMAN, Isaac MALONE, Mahulda 1893 May,21 NEY, Jeff GILLIAN, Ellen 1884 June,20 NICHOLDS, Miller HOLLIMAN, Eady 1885 January,22 NICHOLS, David E CHAPPELE, Clementine 1881 February,24 NICHOLS, Jemmie HOLT, G A 1908 October,08 NICKS, Aaron BLAKE, Blake 1883 February,15 NIGHT, R L BRELAND, Mary 1908 April,21 NIXON, M A TINGLE, B F 1897 October,14 NOBLE, C T ADAMS, Camilla 1909 April,11 NOBLES, J M APLIN, M J 1894 May,24 NOBLES, John RUNNELS, Rebecca E 1895 October,17 NORRIS, W E NICHOLS, Sue C 1909 November,14 NORRIS, W T EASTERLING, Bernita 1886 February,11 NORWOOD, B F CARTER, Laura E 1886 December,30 NORWOOD, Luke McINNIS, Sylva 1902 February,20 OBRIEN, Jim FAIRLEY, Liza 1912 November,15 ODOM, Charley PITTS, Marcella 1910 January,05 ODOM, D R HENRY, Clara 1912 August,31 ODOM, Darling EDWARDS, Almeda 1881 December,21 ODOM, E C McLEMORE, Sarah 1881 March,10 ODOM, Elander HINTON, C C 1899 December,19 ODOM, Hiram D RIVETTE, Lizzie 1903 May,11 ODOM, J P NEWELL, Ellen 1909 May,06 ODOM, James Ellis BREWER, Liza 1905 June,03 ODOM, John RUNNELS, Martha 1908 August,10 ODOM, M A McRAY, Elizabeth 1879 April,20 ODOM, Matte A DAVIS, Sarah Ann 1884 April,17 ODOM, Prentiss RICH, Nancy Ann 1884 August,20 ODOM, Sidney A SAPP, Eran 1878 July,04 ODOM, Vince PRESTON, Minnie 1898 November,23 OLIVER, Will FAIRLEY, Pinkie 1904 October,07 ONEAL, Alexander FAIRLEY, F A 1884 January,10 ONEAL, J A BRELAND, Mill 1898 June,10 ONEAL, J D CARTER, B J 1891 April,09 OREE, Wesley BOLTON, Pearlie 1909 May,20 OTTES, Willis REED, Annie 1908 June,11 OWEN, Delmer HOWELL, Maggie L 1908 December,07 OWENS, James MYERS, Susan 1879 February,09 PACE, John COLTER, Caroline 1888 November,09 PAINES, Arbie McDOWELL, Edna 1910 June,29 PALMER, A J MILSTEAD, Cornelia 1911 May,15 PALMER, Benjamin MANNING, Lora 1902 December,19 PALMER, C C FARLOW, W W 1899 June,11 PALMER, E BURNETT, J E 1896 October,14 PALMER, Ed PALMER, Josephine 1886 January,24 PALMER, Murdock DENNIS, Pearlie 1910 November,16 PALMER, Robert A HINSON, Anna 1911 September,11 PALMER,L JOHNSON, Nicy Millian 1901 January,27 PALMER, Thomas HINTON, Eran M 1878 August,10 PALMER, W J LAUREDINE, Agnes 1900 October,10 PANELL, J STOKES, Nora 1908 February,29 PARDUE, B C YOUNG, Frances E 1881 December,31 PARKER, Archie HERRING, Daisy 1912 June,17 PARKER, J E DOSSETT, Laura 1904 October,29 PARKER, J M DRAUGHN, Mary 1894 December,31 PARKER, W M SYLVESTER, Eliza 1903 December,30 PARTER, Graves TOLSON, Bettie 1911 November,09 PARTIN, W L McSWAIN, Effie 1890 December,25 PATRICK,D BATES, Ford 1889 May,30 PATRON, William ONEAL, Nancy E 1883 March,08 PATTEN, Jeff FAIRLEY, Victoria 1893 December,17 PATTERSON, D B COURTNEY, Susan Ann 1897 September,14 PATTERSON, Samuel MYERS, Dollie 1892 April,07 PATTON, Jeff CARTER, Margaret 1882 March,02 PEARCE, Alfred RILEY, Anna R 1885 April,26 PEARCE, Andrew HOGAN, Emma 1892 December,11 PEARCE, Everett W BROWN, Genia 1910 April,03 PEARCE, Isaac HINTON, Mariah 1881 July,28 PEARCE, J E GATTIS, Fannie B 1905 February,23 PEARCE, K I McCALLUM, H M 1903 December,23 PEARCE, Leon LAMBERT, Elizabeth M 1879 February,15 PEARCE, Levi GAMMELL, Mary M 1891 November,05 PEARCE, Oscar MILES, Bell 1909 January,01 PEARCE, W RUNNELS, Jane 1888 February,09 PEARCE, Washington PALMER, Mary Ann 1882 January,10 PEARCE, William McCARDLE, Mattie 1885 October,01 PEARE, James PALMER, Margaret 1880 October,28 PEARSALL, J W CURRY, Annie 1896 September,04 PERKINS, Cornealius IVEY, Guss 1912 November,24 PERKINS, H M GILLIS, Flourdine 1912 August,03 PERKINS, John HOLDER, Emma 1888 December,31 PERKINS, King HINTON, Caraline 1912 December,15 PERKINS, King STRONG, Susan 1908 January,31 PERKINS, Mose CARTER, Catherine 1885 November,05 PERKINS, Samuel HINTON, Sarah 1904 February,23 PERKINS, T B STAFFORD, Alice 1888 January,19 PERKINS, W PEARCE, Ada 1892 March,02 PERKINS, W SIMMONS, Mary Jane 1884 November,12 PERKINS, Willie McDONALD, Missouri 1885 December,07 PERRY, Dan McKENZIE, Louisa 1889 May,29 PERRY, John RICE, Alice 1908 July,25 PERRY, Will WILSON, Lov 1905 December,19 PETERS, Lee WALTERS, Jesse 1912 September,02 PETERSON, Willie COLLINS, Sallie 1901 May,16 PHILYAW, Dave WILLIAMS, Laura 1909 December,06 PICKETT, Frank JOHNSON, Leona 1905 July,10 PIERCE, Budroe BEDONE, Florence 1911 June,27 PIERCE, Scott JOHNSON, Donna 1906 October,29 PIGFORD, O R WOOTEN, T F 1892 January,26 PIPKINS, C L BRADLEY, Jurutha 1910 March,23 PITTMAN, Floyd JONES, Roena 1906 September,03 PITTMAN, L F McLEMORE, Viney 1889 October,17 PITTMAN, P H JORDAN,E 1904 December,29 PITTS, Alex WHITE, Verda 1910 October,24 PITTS, Ammon CLARK, Florence 1908 October,13 PITTS, Charley SMITH, Viola 1911 December,27 PITTS, William PALMER, Nancy 1899 February,23 PITTS, William R SMITH, Julia 1906 December,25 PLOWDEN, Henry ROBINSON, Vinie 1905 July,17 POLK, B J MILLER, Rennie Bell 1909 October,18 POOL, James WILLIAMS, Mary 1909 December,25 PORTER, Samuel WARREN, Margaret 1884 December,04 POWELL, G G JONES, M E 1886 February,18 POWELL, M E WHIDDON, E 1890 February,05 POWELL, Z H JONES, Jane 1887 January,29 PRINE, J E MENASCO, Clara 1900 December,27 PRINE, T M CLINTON, Laura 1889 July,22 PRINE, W J SMITH, Mary 1899 January,12 PRINE, W J WHITE, Gertrude 1911 July,27 PRYOR, Green HOLLIMAN, Sennie 1889 November,07 PRYOR, Green MERRITT, Mary 1901 November,10 PRYOR, William BONNER, Evyonne 1892 September,28 PRYOR, William HINTON, Clarisa 1887 April,22 QUICK, A J CHAPPELL, Laura A 1884 September,04 QUICK,E TRAVIS, O A 1891 October,20 QUICK, W J WALL, V L 1890 May,21 RAEALL, Ed HINTON, Estella 1912 March,04 RAMSEY, E P FREEMAN, Viola 1912 March,03 RAMSEY, Green MYERS, Jane 1888 October,25 RAMSEY, Plummer McSWAIN, Maggie 1899 February,13 RAMSEY, W J WILLIAMSON, Libretine 1910 December,12 RAMSEY, Wesley K BYRD, Julia 1879 November,27 RAWLS, C E HUDSON, Abner 1887 February,13 RAWLS, E G SUMRALL, J R 1890 February,26 RAWLS, Felix L BENNETT, ? 1878 November,10 RAWLS,P WATTS, Azzie 1885 July,16 RAYBURN, Ab FAIRLEY, Sarah 1886 October,21 RAYBURN, Franklin LAW, Rose Ann 1878 June,09 RAYBURN, James WHEATLEY, Lucretia 1903 April,05 READ, Isaac SANTEE, Rachel 1883 March,08 READY, J F GARDNER, Loula 1909 December,26 READY, J L MERRITT, Bessie 1908 March,11 READY, Marcel MERRITT, Bettie 1907 June,10 READY, Q BUSBY, Minnie 1912 June,05 REDUS, B F BENNETT, Geneva A 1884 August,28 REED, Elijah JOHNSON, Mattie 1907 April,13 REED, Harrison McGILVRAY, Carolina 1912 November,06 REED, Will BROACH, Carry 1902 August,24 REID, Gabriel MYERS, Dicey 1905 February,27 RHODES, J O BUSSELL, Ella 1891 November,25 RICE, John STRONG, Sadie 1912 July,22 RICH, J L EASTERLING, C B 1894 November,29 RICH, Joe MOODY, Evaline 1896 April,26 RICH, John PALMER, Ida 1892 November,07 RICH, W D LOPER, Mollie 1888 June,06 RICHARDS, R B FAIRLEY, Ann 1878 December,23 RICHARDSON, Henry CLARK, Emily 1886 October,10 RIDGEWAY, Samuel F BOOKER, Ida G 1904 October,24 RIGGS, L E HINTON, B R 1893 February,07 RIGGS, L R CLUFF, W E 1890 February,13 RIGGS, P M HINTON, Nancy 1890 July,19 RILEY, A L THOMASSON, T R 1890 July,06 RILEY, A M COCHRAN, Elizabeth 1909 March,08 RILEY, A M FAIRLEY, Maranda 1894 October,18 RILEY, G W WILLIAMSON, Kalt 1901 June,10 RIPLEY, B E FAIRLEY, J G 1888 December,12 RISHER, Luther M McSWAIN, Emma R 1906 December,18 RIVERS, Ashley M LOGAN, Ruth E 1907 November,17 ROBBINS, C A GRAHAM, Nora 1912 August,29 ROBERSON, Will BOLTON, Allie 1910 February,06 ROBERTS, Dan HOUSE, Rosie 1908 January,27 ROBERTS, L D COCHRAN, Rebecca 1882 October,19 ROBERTS, M D HERRING, R Q 1895 April,18 ROBERTSON, J R RIGGS, Florence 1888 October,17 ROBINSON, B T Dr McSWAIN, B T 1908 November,18 ROBINSON, K C HOLLIMAN, Laura Verda 1911 June,29 ROBINSON, Henry FORD, Ethel 1910 June,18 RODGERS, Wiley J MIXON, Annie 1907 March,02 ROGERS, A J FREEMAN, E A 1901 December,25 ROGERS, Travis RAWLES, Alice 1880 October,12 ROSS, Arthur KENNEDY, Mary 1909 September,07 RUFFIN, John F STEVENS, Pearl B 1900 February,06 RUNELS, Hugh SMITH, Srah 1908 February,13 RUNNELLS, Joseph Lewis HINTON, Eliza Caroline 1878 November,28 RUNNELLS, Leroy COURTNEY, Madie 1907 July,14 RUNNELLS, Noel HINTON, Idell 1911 November,09 RUNNELLS, Pinckney HERRINGTON, Sarah 1880 February,26 RUNNELS, Asbury YOUNG, Margaret M 1887 February,23 RUNNELS, J P FURLOW, Martha J 1890 May,27 RUNNELS, James P GILLANDER, Pheby R 1887 December,25 RUNNELS, L M RUNNELS, Lizzie 1894 March,01 RUNNELS, M A DRAUGHN, J L 1887 December,29 RUSH, R T BRYANT, M E 1887 October,12 RUSH, W W WALL, L A 1889 December,19 RUSSELL, James Sam JONES, Lillie Annie 1908 June,10 RYALS, R M SHOEMAKE, Norah 1904 November,15 RYLES, Jersey EDWARDS, Ammon 1909 March,10

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