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Perry Co MS Marriages

Groom Index E-F-G

EASTERLING, B A MURRY, T J 1880 December,09 EASTERLING, C B RICH, J L 1894 November,29 EASTERLING, J B WHITE, Georgia 1890 January,15 EASTERLING, James O WALLEY, Gertie 1906 April,15 EASTERLING, Luther EDWARDS, C M 1905 March,28 EASTERLING, R D BRYANT, A D 1886 July,18 EATON,C McNAIR, M C 1887 April,13 EATON, W MARTIN, W P 1892 February,11 EDWARDS, A L NEWELL, Laura 1891 September,12 EDWARDS, Ammon RYLES, Jersey 1909 March,10 EDWARDS, Burrel HARTMAN, Edwina 1903 May,21 EDWARDS, Colon M ODOM, Emma V 1906 April,12 EDWARDS, Cornelius EDWARDS, Nancy 1881 October,06 EDWARDS, F L NEWELL, J W 1902 September,01 EDWARDS, Floyd MALONE, Mary 1912 August,03 EDWARDS, George CLIFTON, Parnell 1907 August,03 EDWARDS, Henry M NEWELL, Mildred A 1905 July,27 EDWARDS, J B MYRICK, Ethel 1912 December,25 EDWARDS, J D PATRICK, Lucille 1911 June,04 EDWARDS, J G EDWARDS, Jerusha 1897 February,07 EDWARDS, James FINLEY, Ada 1908 September,10 EDWARDS, M O EASTERLING, Jennie Belle 1911 December,19 EDWARDS, Newt WHITE, Etta 1905 November,23 EDWARDS, Printiss HINTON, Jerusia 1884 November,02 EDWARDS, Sulis CLARK, Davis 1911 January,25 EDWARDS, Willis O EASTERLING, Sennie L 1906 July,08 ELLIS, Ephraim DEMAR, Ellen 1888 May,27 ENGLISH, Wm SMITH, Sarah 1882 September,12 ENLISH, Isam BOON, Mary 1884 November,13 ENNIS, Charles McRANEY, Lucy 1906 August,02 ENTREKIN, Sherrod JOHNSON, Mary Jane 1878 December,?? ERNEST, R F BAILEY, W J 1892 March,02 ESTRIDGE, J M WARD, A V Mrs 1889 April,21 ETHERIDGE, W J BRADFORD, Abby 1885 February,04 EVANS, James A HINTON, Lou Ella 1906 April,29 EVANS, Joe WOODS, Sabra 1909 December,23 EVANS, John JOHNSON, Arnetta 1911 August,29 EVANS, John SCOTT, Lydia 1894 July,05 EVANS, John SMITH, Ola 1896 January,08 EVANS, Thos McALLISTER, Elsie 1889 May,22 EVANS, Joe WOODS, Sabra 1909 December,23 FAIL, J W FOSTER, Lula B 1912 July,03 FAIRCHILD, R E FAIRLEY, Lizzie 1909 December,23 FAIRFIELD, G W HOOVER, Eugenia 1886 October,14 FAIRLEY, A H FAIRLEY, Jane 1897 December,25 FAIRLEY, Alex TILLMAN, Eliza Mrs 1910 January,29 FAIRLEY, Alex BRELAND, Angeline 1878 January,17 FAIRLEY, Ceasar CARTER, Rena 1898 December,28 FAIRLEY, Charley PERKINS, Lola 1903 December,29 FAIRLEY, E W CARTER, Nora 1909 August,12 FAIRLEY, Edgar FAIRLEY, Lenona 1908 October,03 FAIRLEY, Enoch BOLTON, Asberry 1895 October,15 FAIRLEY, Enoch SMITH, Martha 1891 July,25 FAIRLEY, Homer COLEMAN, Charity 1890 December,18 FAIRLEY, Henry KIMPPLES, Carrie 1909 July,04 FAIRLEY, Henry SELLERS, Beulah 1905 July,26 FAIRLEY, Jacob CARTER, Quennie 1890-Jul-31 FAIRLEY, J E STRONG, Ella 1899 December,27 FAIRLEY, J G RIPLEY, B E 1888 December,12 FAIRLEY, J P YAWN, Vennie 1901 June,10 FAIRLEY, J W FAIRLEY, Isabell 1896 June,24 FAIRLEY, Joe BRELAND, Eddie 1904 September,08 FAIRLEY, Joe DANTZLER, Ada 1902 April,26 FAIRLEY, Joe MOODY, Josephine 1904 June,02 FAIRLEY, John BENJAMIN, Mary Bell 1908 December,10 FAIRLEY, John COURTNEY, Lena 1900 July,15 FAIRLEY, John Wesley McINNIS, Harriet 1880 August,05 FAIRLEY, London McSWAIN, Rachel 1893 March,06 FAIRLEY, Lorenza BRELAND, Catherine 1878 March,14 FAIRLEY, Lorenzo BLACKWELL, Cora 1906 December,31 FAIRLEY, Mack BOLTON, Susan 1890 October,31 FAIRLEY, Mackie BRELAND, Watson 1897 June,27 FAIRLEY, Neal BRUMFIELD, Malissia 1911 December,04 FAIRLEY, Peter McSWAIN, Lizie 1892 December,29 FAIRLEY, Robert Jr RAYBURN, Myra 1892 December,12 FAIRLEY, Rufus MYERS, Jennie 1887 December,08 FAIRLEY, Sol FAIRLEY, Emma 1897 November,12 FAIRLEY, W C DAVIS, Lucy A 1908 May,03 FAIRLEY, Warner BOLTON, Emaline 1887 September,09 FALKNER, G P ARRINGTON, Sophronia 1907 May,04 FALLON, James McGINN, Mary 1887 February,15 FARLOW, W W PALMER, C C 1899 June,11 FARMER, Gees PRINE, Sallie 1898 June,12 FARMER, Norman DOUGLAS, Hettie 1901 January,09 FASIN, Rufus MAMON, Mary 1909 March,21 FATUM, Edward BRADLEY, Sarah 1904 January,11 FAVRE, Thomas NICHOLS, Maggie 1895 November,11 FAYSON, Rufus BOLTON, Maranda 1894 March,14 FENN, William COURTNEY, Elizabeth 1904 July,02 FERGUSON, Randolph MIXON, Martha 1882 March,07 FERGUSON, Thomas SYLVESTER, Virgin C 1907 April,28 FIELDS, Willie BLACKWELL, George 1911 August,12 FIKES, Robert Pain Rev BRADFORD, Carter Wingate 1911 December,16 FILLINGAME, Austin A ARNOLD, Agnes 1883 February,05 FILLINGAME, B BALCOLM,H 1892 January,07 FILLINGIN, A L DRAUGHN, Martha 1905 January,01 FISHER, E C ANDERSON, Doris 1912 June,12 FISHER, Henry PERKINS, Mollie Mrs 1910 November,03 FITCH, Richard JONES, Lucy 1909 May,24 FLEMING, Ab MYERS, Celia 1884 October,23 FLOWERS, John FAULKNER, Sarah 1904 October,16 FOIL, Elijah EDWARDS, Ada 1907 December,15 FORD, Charles F BULLOCK, Shelly 1886 December,28 FORD, J W JONES, Pearl 1909 April,18 FORD, James SLADE, Ellen 1883 December,05 FOREMAN, J W BOLTON, Maggie 1897 March,04 FORTENBERRY, Gass BUTLER, Abbie 1910 December,18 FORTNER, Shack HINTON, Sealy 1910 February,03 FOSTER,G HOLLIMAN, Mattie 1910 February,10 FRANKLIN, Sidney HUBBARD, Carrie 1907 December,28 FRANKS, Luke HANDS, Malinda 1885 June,22 FREEMAN, C W SUMMERS, Linnie 1911 December,17 FREEMAN, E A ROGERS, A J 1901 December,25 FREEMAN, G P BRELAND, Susan 1884 February,20 FREEMAN, H J BOLTON, Sophronia 1888 July,04 FREEMAN, J H McCOY, Carrie 1884 August,31 FREEMAN, James McLENDON, Lucy 1910 December,24 FREEMAN, Joe LOTT, Bessie 1912 June,03 FREEMAN, Lewis E BREWER, Spicey 1905 December,20 FREEMAN, Lucus LOTT, Bertha 1912 December,22 FREEMAN, M E HAM, W J 1883 November,16 FREEMAN, Macon BREWER, Annie 1912 April,25 FREEMAN, Noel WALLEY, Elizabeth 1887 December,08 FREEMAN, Walter RODGERS, Isabella 1902 September,17 FROST, J L GRAY, Isabel Mrs 1889 September,11 FRYER, Hilliard HARTFIELD, Nellie 1883 February,01 FULLIN, W A LEE, D 1885 December,26 FUQUAY, W E CAIN, Mae Bell 1910 July,24 GAINES, Quincy FOWLER, Mary 1905 April,25 GALDEN, M LYNAM, Rosalind Olive 1909 December,15 GALLOWAY, J B BUSH, Margaret M 1891 February,19 GALLOWAY, Oscar T HOWELL, Adele 1907 January,05 GAMBLE, Jerry McGILVRAY, Rosa 1886 September,30 GANDY, Jack STALLSWORTH, Dora 1912 July,14 GANT, Dave WADE, Charity 1890 June,25 GARDEN, Jessie CROSBY, Beatrice 1910 November,24 GARRAWAY, Benjamin RILEY, Viney 1881 November,16 GARRAWAY, J P MYERS, L R 1888 May,26 GARRAWAY, Jim FOSTER, Dashia A 1908 December,26 GARRAWAY, M BATSON, L C 1881 November,17 GARRAWAY,T Jr STEVENS, Emma J 1881 November,24 GARROWAY, J P McSWAIN, E R 1890 November,25 GARROWAY, M E HERRIN,J 1888 January,05 GATLIN, Ben G HODGES, Carrie 1907 April,06 GENSLEE, Joe PIPER, Maggie 1910 March,20 GIBSON, Brazie LOPER, Julia 1896 May,10 GIBSON, John MILLSAP, Lydia 1909 February,20 GIBSON, Joe HUMPHREY, Leona 1904 November,24 GIBSON, Mark McCOMB, Alice 1886 April,04 GIBSON, O C MARTIN, W I 1902 December,25 GIDDENS, Jack SMITH, Lillie 1904 May,15 GILBERT, A D MIXON,E 1890 September,16 GILL, R HAMSOME, Millie 1910 March,17 GILLANDER, Green BONNER, Elizabeth 1887 March,31 GILLIS, J M DRAUGHN, Lizzie 1885 February,05 GIPSON, Brazie LOPER, Julia 1896 May,10 GIPSON, John MILLSAP, Liddie 1909 February,20 GLASCOE, William I LUCAS, Melvina E 1907 June,20 GLOVER, Ed WILLIAMS, Lottie 1904 April,10 GOFF, M A WILLIAMSON, W E 1898 May,01 GOFF, R H FAIRLEY, Silverine 1888 April,25 GOLDSBY, John JOHNSON, Hattie 1907 August,29 GOODCHILD, Monroe ARRINGTON, Ethel 1912 June,27 GOODWIN, L A FURTICK, Annie 1908 May,21 GRAHAM, J A PRINE, Frances L 1883 February,20 GRAHAM, Gene LEWIS, Laura 1889 October,09 GRANTHAM, C W CARTER, E R 1891 April,09 GRANTHAM, J A BULLOCK, M D 1886 September,14 GRAY, Gene KILPATRICK, Pearle 1912 June,09 GRAY, George HUSTON, Nettie 1910 October,03 GRAY, Truman WATKINS, Elizabeth 1890 November,19 GRAY, Will DANTZLER, Caroline 1910 June,10 GREEN, C W FAIRLEY, Clara E 1878 December,08 GREEN, James F GUICE, Minnie Ola 1911 April,25 GREEN, Joseph M McDONALD, Candace 1887 February,09 GREEN, Sam TODD, Ida 1910 July,09 GREEN, W W HINTON, R L 1899 May,04 GRIFFIN, D B NICHOLS, Inez 1894 January,17 GRIFFIN, Dandy HARTFIELD, Eliza 1897 July,15 GRIFFIN, Isaac HOLLIMAN, Cora 1892 April,26 GRIFFIN, Nollie BENJAMIN, Pearlie 1912 February,17 GRIFFIN, Sam DANTZLER, Julia 1894 January,07 GRIFFIN, Soloman McLEOD, Maggie 1888 April,26 GRIFFIN, Solomon HOLLIMAN, Frances 1891 July,16 GRIFFIN, William HOLLIMAN, Nardis 1882 December,28 GRIGGS, Aaron POLK, Cora 1904 April,24 GRIMSLEY, William BULLOCK, Mary 1891 January,08 GRIST, R L WINTER, Pearl 1884 December,06 GROUT, J L COUCH, J A E 1884 March,20 GROVE, Dave WALKER, Mary 1907 April,13 GROVES, Ed BRADFORD, Hannah 1909 April,15 GULLY, J H PALMER, Nettie G 1907 December,25 GURLEY, Louis ELKINS, Malissie 1909 October,21 GUTHRIE, J W WALLEY, Rosa Bell 1902 January,16 GUY, John CARTER, Lillie Belle 1890 September,16 GUY, John FAIRLEY, Tilda 1899 March,01 GWIN, J A HINTON, Katie 1903 December,31

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