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Marion Co. MS Marriages

Groom Index M-N-O

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MACK, John SIMON, Mary Ann 1893 February,16 MAGANALEE, Ann WILLIAMS, M A 1887 December,27 MAGEE, Albert HARVEY, Elizabeth 1891 August,12 MAGEE, Andrew E MCCAIN, Florida 1870 November,17 MAGEE, Benjamin MCDONALD, Angeline 1866 February,27 MAGEE, C N FORD, Julia E 1897 April,08 MAGEE, C O PIGOTT, Leona Elizabeth 1879 December,17 MAGEE, Daniel ALLEN, Sarah 1815 June,27 MAGEE, Darren WALKER, Lucinda 1899 January,30 MAGEE, E L STOGNER, Rosa 1894 September,12 MAGEE, Ed E E MAGEE, Laura L 1868 June,13 MAGEE, Elisha POPE, Mary 1845 February,20 MAGEE, Frank ANTHONY, Evaline 1888 September,26 MAGEE, G E SIMMONS, Jesse W 1883 January,03 MAGEE, G W SIMMONS, Viola M 1899 December,24 MAGEE, George BEAUCHAMP, Nancy 1814 May,02 MAGEE, George FORNEA, Corine 1884 October,23 MAGEE, George W FORTENBERRY, C E 1886 February,04 MAGEE, Hillary FORTENBERRY, Clarissa 1895 December,04 MAGEE, J W C POUNDS, S J 1895 April,06 MAGEE, Jeremiah DAVIS, Liney 1828 February,07 MAGEE, Jim BALLOU, Louisa Mary 1835 January,15 MAGEE, Joe MIKELL, Amy 1893 October,27 MAGEE, John FAULK, Adaline 1855 May,31 MAGEE, John HARVEY, Etha 1899 January,01 MAGEE, John MAGEE, Sarah 1817 December,15 MAGEE, John D I GEORGE, Sarah Elizabeth 1885 February,05 MAGEE, Joshua GINN, Martha 1887 November,03 MAGEE, Leon MCGOWEN, Victoria 1896 January,08 MAGEE, Louis BELL, Mary Ann 1890 October,29 MAGEE, Luckey FUTCH, Anna 1840 February,09 MAGEE, Luter POPE, Emily Jane 1895 December,30 MAGEE, Luther YOUNGBLOOD, Gabe 1899 March,16 MAGEE, Nehemiah SMITH, Martha 1815 September,15 MAGEE, Oscar FORTENBERRY, Ceilia 1897 January,06 MAGEE, Otho MAGEE, Emma 1899 March,16 MAGEE, R E PATTON, Flavor 1894 January,03 MAGEE, Robert GRAVES, Margaret 1813 November,11 MAGEE, S V SIMMONS, H H 1885 May,20 MAGEE, Solomon WEATHERSBY, Elizabeth 1814 November,24 MAGEE, W L PIGOTT, A E 1890 December,29 MAGEE, Wade BRIDGES, Lear 1871 December,26 MAGEE, Walter MILLER, Larcenia 1899 March,07 MAGEE, Wesley POPE, Lula 1898 February,10 MAGEE, Willie THOMAS, Ophelia 1895 January,06 MAGEE, Willis DIAZ, Ester E 1849 December,06 MAGEE, Willis FORTENBERRY, Sarah B 1841 October,21 MAGEE, Willis TERRELL, Mary 1838 March,08 MAGEE, Wm G WOODRUFF, Sarah 1845 October,30 MANNING, Charles MALLARD, Minda 1881 December,15 MANNING, John HARVEY, Elizabeth 1839 September,11 MANNING, John M RATLIFF, Nancy E 1881 November,27 MARCH, William TONEY, Margaret 1887 February,19 MARK, Albert MEASLES, Sarah 1886 January,14 MARK, Harry ROBERT, Lizzie 1887 September,21 MARKS, Silas OWENS, Sarah 1893 March,24 MARKS, Simon BROWN, Nancy 1899 January,02 MARSH, John H MCGREW, Channy 1815 January,24 MARTIN, Joseph CARMON, Hester 1855 May,15 MARTIN, Berry BRYANT, Mary 1893 December,23 MARTIN, J C BRYANT, Margaret 1896 October,26 MARTIN, J C MARTIN, Elizabeth 1888 November,03 MARTIN, John MCKINSEY, Jennie 1888 September,26 MARTIN, John J LOTT, Elizabeth 1868 August,01 MARTIN, W F MARTIN, Clodelia 1896 April,30 MARTIN, William BARKSDALE, Harriet 1815 December,17 MARTIN, William BLACKBURN, Francis 1830 March,08 MATTHEWS, Hiram CREEL, Martha T 1866 November,06 MATTHEWS, William PERVIS, Abergail 1866 November,27 MAY, Albert SMITH, Cynthia 1872 September,20 MAY, Ambros FAIRLY, Mollie 1888 September,19 MAY, H D BOURN, M K 1886 December,15 MAY, W W POPE, Mary 1892 October,29 MASON, Hamilton PITTMAN, Mary 1858 December,29 McALPIN, Patrick W R LEWIS, Sarah 1846 December,03 McARTHUR, J J RANKIN, L L 1881 January,14 McARTHUR, Lee BANKSTON, Pearl 1899 December,31 McCAIN, Nichols TURNAGE, Zanie 1885-Jul-05 McCAIN, S B HODGES, Mary Ann 1883 November,22 McCAIN, William L WATER, Sarah 1825 March,12 McCAIN, Wm J GRIMSLEY, Esther J T 1883 January,18 McCANN, Roland Z BYRD, Martha 1889 July,19 McCLELLAND, BASS, Nancy E 1855 February,22 McCLENDON, HOLMES, James 1898 May,13 McCLENDON, Henry HAMPTON, Phyllis 1898 February,08 McCLOSKI, Neil NICHOLS, Beady 1829 December,28 McCRAW, Daniel SANDERS, Mattie J 1896 June,11 McDANIEL, Alex FORTENBERRY, Caroline 1890 December,03 McDANIEL, J A LOWE, Mary L 1889 January,17 McDANIEL, M M SIMMONS, J C 1883 November,29 McDANIEL, W L FORTENBERRY, Sophia 1896 September,12 McDONALD, George WILLIAMS, Allie 1840 December,27 McDONALD, James P FORD, Catherine 1837 December,20 McDONALD, John MCELVEEN, Margaret 1814 June,14 McDONALD, William SPEARS, Ann 1829 September,13 McDONALD, William M SUMRALL, Sarah E 1853 June,16 McELVEEN, Moses HALL, Eliza 1813 February,17 McFARLAND, John C MCCALL, Mary 1827 January,02 McGEE, Willis TYNES, Jane 1839 December,23 McGOWAN, Dave PETERS, Ellen 1897 March,02 McGOWAN, Elijah A MELFORD, Sarah Jane 1841 September,28 McGOWAN, Hugh BRACY, Gabriella 1829 May,19 McGOWAN, Jeff LENOIR, Margaret 1893 March,30 McGOWEN, Charles PETERS, Stella 1899 April,08 McGOWEN, Harris M TONEY, Matilda 1881 February,03 McGOWEN, J W HARVEY, A F 1897 February,17 McGOWEN, Ransom PITTMAN, Alice 1888 June,02 McGOWEN, Richard PETERS, Minnie 1899 May,24 McGREW, James F COOK, Sarah F 1872 September,19 McGUFFERY, John WATSON, Nancy 1813 January,07 McINNIS, Angus MCCLARIN, Catherine 1828 November,26 McINNIS, Emanuel JOHNSON, Sarah 1887 December,23 McINNIS, Hugh BAYLIS, Alice 1867 November,20 McKENZIE, A Q PITTMAN, Alice E 1882 November,16 McKENZIE, A Z BALL, Minnie 1897 December,21 McKENZIE, E D THOMAS, Belle 1892 December,07 McKENZIE, Daniel R PITTMAN, Susan A 1867 November,12 MCKINZIE, Elbert J LOTT, P L 1867 December,31 McKENZIE, Ely JACOB, Nancy 1890 February,28 McKENZIE, J D CALHOUN, Lucinda 1893 May,13 McKENZIE, L W BALL, Laura 1889 February,04 McKENZIE, Nathan MAGEE, Pamelia 1849 October,04 McKENZIE, Nathan RYALS, Sarah Ophelia 1887 December,20 MCKENIZE, N M BERRY, Mary Jane 1884 January,31 McKENZIE, Oscar GUY, Lulu 1894 January,22 MCKINZIE, Thomas I PASSMAN, Mary Ann P 1882 January,24 McKENZIE, W Q REGAN, Mary 1893 January,05 McKENZIE, William ROBERTSON, Martha A 1840 September,22 McKEY, Felix P YARBROUGH, Mary 1852 September,18 McLAUGHLIN, Elijah DIXON, Bettie 1888 September,21 McLAUGHLIN, Eugene LOWE, Caroline H 1854 December,26 McLEAN, John J POLK, Ann Eliza 1838 February,08 McLELLAND, James SCIPIO, Eliza 1887 April,27 McLELLAND, James TYNER, Neomia 1840 November,29 McLELLAND, Richmond NICHOLS, Perma 1870 December,30 McLELLAND, William Q HERRIN, Susan 1881 March,21 McLENDON, Johnson THOMAS, Floretie 1887 March,07 McLEOD, George R DUNAWAY, Mary J 1882 October,04 McLEOD, H A SMITH, Celia 1885 February,24 McMILLIAN, Duncan BALL, Mirah M 1873 December,12 McMILLIAN, Isaac MICKLE, Rosa 1887 January,16 McMILLIAN, J B POPE, Laura Ophelia 1879 January,08 McNABB, Green Y RAWLS, Caroline J 1843 August,17 McNABB, James CONERLY, Sarah T 1847 January,17 McNABB, Walter BREELAND, Cordelia 1896 January,14 McNEASE, John W GREELY, Sarah Jane 1855 May,20 McNEASE, James LAKER, Elizabeth 1839 August,18 McNEASE, James POLK, Rebecca 1831 April,04 McNEESE, Henry JONES, Sealy 1825 July,01 McNEIL, John SLADE, Jane 1888 December,14 McNEIL, William PETERS, Mary 1883 May,28 McNEISSE, John MORRIS, Sally 1872 December,24 McNIECE, James YATES, Martha Jane 1897 May,29 McNIECE, John A STRINGER, Victoria Frances 1879 December,23 McNIECE, Sarah Jane WILLIAMS, James N 1874 December,22 McRANEY, J D SANFORD, Emma 1899 September,03 McRANEY, Jno M NORRIS, Frances 1895 January,18 McRAE, Wm HARRIS, Ella 1888 August,21 MEDIOUS, Tom HARVEY, Mollie 1898 December,22 MEGEE, Zechariah DAVIS, Elva 1827 January,01 MELFORD, Wm R GILL, Malinda 1845 July,06 MELLON, William STOVALL, Caroline 1825 January,20 MELVIN, Willis C JENKINS, Bernett J 1873 February,19 MERCER, D M FORTENBERRY, Nannie 1889 November,04 MERCHANT, James BAUGHE, Lucretia 1827 April,11 MERRITT, Caleb McNABB, Malissa 1897 January,07 MERRITT, Elijah McNABB, Emma Q 1896 June,18 MERRITT, James CALHOUN, Ophelia 1886 December,23 MERRITT, S A ATWOOD, Sarah Mrs 1894 September,12 MERRITT, Samuel WARD, Laura 1885 February,18 MIDDLETON, Robert MORRIS, Elizabeth 1813 May,23 MIKELL, B S WILKS, Rena 1890 December,31 MIKELL, J C FRANKLIN, Julia 1887 December,05 MIKELL, R F PITTMAN, Carrie 1889 March,28 MILES, Isaac CARMON, Pamela (Mrs) 1819 December,15 MILES, James W PIERCE, Dora Ann Mrs 1888 July,28 MILES, Samuel MIXON, Mary 1818 August,11 MILES, William SCARBROUGH, Elizabeth 1815 September,13 MILLARD, William BRACEY, Sarah 1841 December,02 MILLER, Claiborne SMITH, Frances M 1883 March,22 MILLER, E J BLOSS, C H 1886 April,26 MILLER, Felix MARTIN, Caroline 1893 November,01 MILLER, J H GALLOWAY, Eliza 1893 June,26 MILLER, J N GORE, Nancy Louisa 1896 November,19 MILLER, James POLLOCK, Mary 1854 November,20 MILLER, James J LOWE, Elizabeth J 1898 August,09 MILLER, S D BROOME, E S 1887 December,13 MILLER, William C MITCHELL, Sarah 1828 February,05 MILTON, Charley PRICE, Fannie 1897 November,08 MILTON, J E MERRITT, Ida 1897 March,25 MINGO, Abram HENRY, Mary 1889 December,31 MINGO, Abram LEWIS, Betsy 1899 June,22 MINGO, Charles HUBBARD, Martha 1885 April,24 MINGO, George LEWIS, Lavisa 1873 January,28 MINGO, Hannah JEFFERSON, Nelson 1890 September,11 MINGO, Jeff ALLEN, Julia 1892 December,22 MINGO, Jeneva PETERS, Ima 1899 August,31 MINGO, Joseph MAGEE, Clarissa 1882 September,21 MINGO, Luke LEWIS, Mary Jane 1887 June,18 MINGO, M C ABRAM, Nancy 1897 January,14 MINGO, M. TONEY, Lucy 1874 October,27 MINGO, Robert PETERS, Emma 1888 January,28 MINGO, Ruf ABRAM, Luther 1896 March,06 MINGO, Thomas NELSON, Yanakee 1885 September,24 MINGO, Willis MAGEE, Sarah Ann 1894 September,20 MITCHEL, J Frank REGAN, Sarah E 1871 December,08 MITCHELL, S R SMITH, Emily 1887 August,27 MITCHELL, W H FORTENBERRY, O. 1892 January,13 MIXON, B BUCKLEY, Eudora D 1884 July,08 MIXON, John J CRANE, Isabella 1881 December,07 MONDAY, Lewis HART, Mourning 1875 January,25 MONROE, John CLAIRON, Jennet (Mrs) 1816 February,28 MOODY, George W DIAZ, Arvett 1859 December,29 MOODY, J. A STEWART, Emma C 1888 December,26 MOODY, J. S CRAIN, Cynthia 1889 March,15 MOODY, John NICHOLS, Rebecca 1866 October,16 MOODY, John M ? Clarinda 1835 December,19 MOORE, Alfred G MIKELL, Frances 1819 December,14 MOORE, C E BRANCH, Mary L 1895 December,23 MOORE, Harry C DEAR, Joe Willie 1886 March,01 MOORE, John DAVIS, Clara 1889 June,03 MOORE, Thomas C COLLINS, Elizabeth 1832 April,04 MOORE, Thomas R COLLINS, Sarah 1831 February,21 MOORE, W L HARRELL, C C 1894 June,20 MOREE, Joshua PACE, Candis 1874 July,23 MOREE, Nathaniel GATES, Mary 1869 January,06 MOREE, Willie PRICE, Louisa 1897 November,14 MORGAN, Ben DUNAWAY, Effie 1893 December,14 MORGAN, Lewis BEARD, Holly 1895 December,06 MORGAN, Willis GRAHAM, Clarissa 1868 March,22 MORRIS, Afred FAULK, Sarah Ann 1835 January,16 MORRIS, Arthur L HARTSFIELD, Hattie E 1886 November,17 MORRIS, Ches THOMES, Patsy 1830 November,22 MORRIS, Cullen E CARTER, Annie 1886 April,01 MORRIS, Edmond MCNEECE, Amanda 1894 September,10 MORRIS, Edward DIAZ, Candacey 1853 May,28 MORRIS, J O CONERLY, Corine 1899 February,05 MORRIS, John MOREE, Elizabeth 1848 February,12 MORRIS, John SINGLEY, Mary 1837 March,20 MORRIS, John E THOMPSON, Malinda 1842 December,06 MORRIS, Johnson CAMERON, Nancy E 1870 September,26 MORRIS, Nathan L MORRIS, Margaret 1869 December,02 MORRIS, Sampson BROOME, Amanda E 1890 January,29 MORRIS, W F PITTMAN, Emma 1887 December,31 MORRIS, W T LOTT, Mary P 1886 October,19 MORRIS, William L GUY, Rebecca 1825 February,08 MORRIS, Winston LOTT, Polly 1846 December,29 MORRISON, Daniel EVANS, Elizabeth 1831 January,19 MORRISON, P. BLAIR, Selena T 1853 August,04 MOSBEY, Charles PARTMAN, Bell 1873 August,11 MOSES, Henry MORRIS, Sarah 1842 December,15 MOSES, Nathaniel BURKHALTER, Lucy 1844 August,05 MOSS, Richard ASKEW, E C 1895 July,19 MULFORD, Francis R COLLINS, Mary D 1853 March,24 MULFORD, William COOPER, Mary L 1883 January,14 MEULLER, G N NAPIER, J O 1892 November,05 MULLINS, Elias GREEN, Mary 1856 June,18 MULLINS, Green B ELLIOTT, Tolina 1852 July,22 MURPHY, William BILBO, Elizabeth 1844 December,13 MURRAY, T K CARTER, Mary Ann 1897 October,04 MUSGROVE, Austin WILLIAMS, Rose 1887 November,23 MYERS, Elias G LOWE, Sarah Ann 1828 September,15 NAPIER, J O MEULLER, G N 1892 November,05 NEAL, J F RUSH, C T 1895 April,27 NELSON, Guss PEYTON, Missouri 1897 July,12 NELSON, Isaac Jr LEWIS, Josephine 1886 June,12 NELSON, J C WEBB, A G 1882 February,13 NELSON, Levy JAMES, L E 1898 April,28 NELSON, Mike HART, Minerva 1892 October,15 NELSON, Mike PEYTON, Ada 1899 January,05 NELSON, Owen LEWIS, Nancy 1892 January,07 NELSON, William C JOHNSON, Amanda 1866 October,21 NEWMAN, Cornelius LEWIS, Susan 1825 October,31 NEWMAN, Daniel HARTSFIELD, Elizabeth 1887 August,15 NEWMAN, Josiah B SWAN, Evan 1850 June,06 NEWMAN, Solomon RYALS, Mary H 1854 November,07 NEWMAN, Thomas NORMAN, Susannah 1815 May,11 NEWSOME, C A WILLOUGHBY, J R 1896 September,16 NEWSOME, C L FORTENBERRY, Addie 1898 December,01 NEWSOME, F M CARLILSE, Mary 1872 October,23 NEWSOME, Isaac D WILLINGHAM, Lucy 1851 September,11 NEWSOME, Jerry GALLOWAY, Julia 1895 January,23 NEWSOME, John WILLIAMS, Martha 1890 January,06 NEWSOME, Josiah HARPER, Sarah 1826 January,24 NEWSOME, Scott CHARLES, Matilda 1889 December,28 NEWSOME, William ROSS, Sarah 1828 May,31 NEWSOME, Hezzie HAMMOND, Effie 1896 February,29 NEWTON, William STARNES, Nancy 1825 February,15 NICHOLS, James A PARISH, Sarah Ann 1857 October,14 NICHOLSON, James FATHEREE, Rachael 1826 August,28 NIXON, Theodore G HILL, Frances L 1832 October,15 NOBLES, D F POWELL, Sarah Virginia 1888 August,10 NOBLES, J E JOHNSON, Margaret Emily 1879 September,18 NOBLES, J R WILKS, Melvina 1897 December,09 NOBLES, J S FRY, Jane 1888 May,08 NOBLES, Jack GALLOWAY, Martha 1899 July,06 NORMAN, Hiram NEWMAN, Jenny 1815 May,11 NORMAN, James NEWMAN, Nancy 1815 October,03 NORWOOD, William TROTTER, Fannie 1888 May,11 O'NEAL, Harriet (Mrs) KEMP, Imla 1817 June,30 OBANION, William BYRD, Celina M 1842 August,07 OBRIAN, Kealey CRADDOCK, Amanda 1885 February,24 OBRYANT, Ervin A BASS, Nancy 1187 September,11 ODOM, Ira ABRAM, Emma 1890 February,12 ODOM, J D FRY, Rose Ann 1887 February,11 ODOM, William JOHNSON, Jane 1814 May,13 ODOM, Ira BARNES, Mary 1873 January,03 OGLESBY, Charles PEARCE, Hannah 1836 May,19 OGLESBY, James F MCLELLAN, Jane 1849 December,05 OQUINN, J W TURNAGE, Florence 1895 November,26 OSAN, Remus PITTMAN, Clarissa Mrs 1851 December,28 OTT, Allen D TULLOS, Malena 1843 August,10 OTT, John A McKENZIE, Sarah C 1841 December,16 OWEN, W L MIDDLETON, Belle Mrs 1888 July,19 OWENS, Abram ABRAM, Precilla 1891 October,13 OWENS, Alex ALLEN, Winnie 1890 December,13 OWENS, Elias BACHUS, Fanny 1870 December,22 OWENS, Isaac JERRY, Matilda 1898 February,02 OWENS, John PLATTO, Emily 1887 November,18 OWENS, Moses CATTS, Sarah 1880 January,08 OWENS, Solomon S RAWLS, Susan M 1873 December,26 OWENS, William McGOWEN, Ophelia 1891 September,19

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