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PACE, A C WEEMS, Mary E 1900 July,15 PACE, Thomas F ARICKSON, Lillie 1902 March,12 PACE, William RUSSELL, Nannie M 1902 January,01 PANKEY, H MYERS, Lelia 1916 April,11 PARKER, C S BROOKS, Jessie 1919 February,10 PARKER, J E SMITH, Cora 1896 December,08 PARKER, J F Jr DRANE, Henrietta 1911 October,17 PARKER, T W ESTES, Maggie 1896 December,18 PARKER, Thomas THORNTON, Alice 1900 June,10 PARKINSON, Arra STOUT, S L 1899 January,25 PARKINSON, J F BROWN, Lee 1904 December,03 PARKINSON, John T BROWN, Mary 1903 February,25 PARKINSON, Norris FROST, Ada May 1914 August,12 PARKINSON, P A FROST, Lela 1904 August,03 PARRISH, Buck DIGGS, Corine 1919 August,27 PARRISH, J D HARVEY, Irene 1914 November,25 PARRISH, J T SPROLES, Ninnie 1910 February,16 PARRISH, R K HARVEY, Kate 1918 June,26 PARRISH, T C ROBERTS, M A Miss 1894 January,11 PARRISH, William SPROLES, Georgia 1907 February,20 PATTERSEE, J W KEMP, Alice 1912 November,10 PATTERSON, Glenn FLOYD, Ella 1913 January,28 PAUL, Percy MARTIN, Ethel 1920 August,15 PAUL, W J HOLLOWAY, Lela M 1898 August,07 PAXTON, James T KENNEY, Alice 1913 March,27 PAYNE, A G TRIGBETH, Loula 1897 June,27 PEACOCK, W B LEE, Annie Loyd 1909 December,31 PEARSON, R E CORY, Katie 1897 May,02 PEASTER, G S HADDICK, Connie 1909 August,21 PEASTER, John CUNNINGHAM, N V Mrs 1905 December,06 PEASTER, Robert L CUNNINGHAM, Mabel 1901 June,25 PEASTER, Walter CATO, Elizabeth 1913 July,23 PEEPLES, Willie LANGFORD, T C 1900 April,30 PEIRCE, Henry F NOEL, Annie 1899 September,06 PEOPLES, John MCCLUSKEY, Willie Miss 1914 July,05 PEPPER, Daniel Jr GIBSON, Hallie 1912 June,12 PEPPER, Elisha D DITTMAN, Magdaline 1918 June,12 PERCE, Henry H PARKIN, Mayme 1905 January,31 PERRY, Claude LEE, Wina May 1908 December,23 PERRY, Jim WATSON, Hallie 1919 August,04 PERRY, Joseph MOONEY, Mary Ethel 1913 January,19 PERRY, R C WILLIAMS, Lois 1910 May,26 PERRY, W H EVERETT, Edna 1910 August,14 PETERS, M J PACE, Lillie 1903 August,26 PETERSON, A C BRUCE, Mattie 1909 October,23 PETERSON, Joel Jr HOCUT, Lillie 1899 December,27 PETTERS, W E PAYNE, Loula 1900 December,19 PETTS, T C GWIN, S D Mrs 1895 June,05 PETTUS, B T FISHER, Ida V 1908 May,11 PETTUS, C LONG, Tennie Lee 1903 November,29 PETTUS, Edgar HOLMES, Ida 1908 September,25 PETTUS, John D MCLEAN, Evie 1907 November,02 PETTY, Gayden FITZGERALD, Martha 1919 July,28 PHILLIPS, James ANDERSON, Mary 1914 April,16 PICKENS, W I DURDEN, Marie M 1894 May,30 PICKETTS, E M WARMACK, Estelle 1895 March,27 PIERCE, G W EDWARDS, Susie 1897 December,11 PIERCE, J T HORN, Mamie 1899 March,22 PIERCE, R S RAY, Sarah L 1920 March,14 PIERCE, Valley EDWARDS, T J 1898 December,05 PIERCE, W H BATES, E J Mrs 1895 November,21 PIERCE, William WATSON, Alice 1905 December,28 PIGG, Johnnie WALKER, Rena 1920 December,30 PILLOW, Walter DURDEN, Helen 1910 November,30 PINKE, Burley LUNSFORD, Bessie 1916 May,17 PITCHFORD, Sam T NIXON, Pauline 1899 November,23 PITTS, John BLANKENSHIP, Katie 1899 May,13 POE, John M HARRISON, Clandia 1898 January,20 POLLARD, Harmon MOORE, Mary 1913 April,30 POLLARD, James RANDALL, Jessie 1914 December,08 POLLARD, M L Dr BEASTER, Burdette 1917 November,12 POPE, J E BEARD, Stella 1895 October,23 PORTER, A A DOTY, Emma 1900 December,12 PORTER, A A DOTY, Sallie 1907 April,15 PORTER, A A HAMBERLIN, Pearl 1894 April,15 PORTER, A E WILKES, Ruth 1912 December,28 PORTER, B A ERNEST, Louise 1902 September,02 PORTER, J S WEBSTER, Minnie 1900 November,25 PORTER, John ERWIN, Willie 1900 January,25 PORTER, Oren ABLES, Mary Jane 1914 September,25 PORTER, Robert DODD, Loula 1901 January,08 PORTER, T W JACOB, Lucy 1901 June,12 POSEY, L L SHANKS, Mollie 1917 April,05 POSEY, R M SALLEY, Mattie 1905 April,17 POVALL, R A OLTENBURG, Gretchen 1895 October,16 POVALL, Sidney RHYNE, Murray R 1920 October,21 POWELL, J MARKS, Lizzie 1906 February,05 POWERS, Herndon MELTON, Virginia 1918 September,17 POWERS, J M MOORE, Ladie 1910 January,11 PRICE, Charles VANCE, Loula 1911 April,02 PRICE, M C GURRILL, Bettie 1894 February,12 PRITCHARD, B L KILLEBREW, Mollie 1901 February,23 PRITCHARD, J E YEAGER, L A Miss 1902 January,12 PRITCHARD, J V SIDDON, Loula 1898 December,14 PRITCHARD, Robert WIGLEY, Frances 1913 December,21 PRITCHARD, Thomas SIDDON, Lizzie 1902 March,01 PRITCHARD, W A ABLEES, Purity 1898 February,03 PRITCHARD, William HOWINKLE, Sallie 1901 December,08 PUGH, A B CAGLE, A M Miss 1903 October,21 PUGH, E A GUESS, Marie 1894 April,22 PURVIS, Calvin CUNNINGHAM, Inez 1905 September,04 PUTMAN, J C JEFCOAT, Minnie 1907 November,29 PUTMAN, W D ABLES, Eula 1907 December,07 PUTNAM, James WALLS, Louella 1903 November,25 PUTNAM, Jessie HENDERSON, E W 1916 December,01 PUTTUCE, W L FRYER, Mary D 1894 December,28 QUEEN, Lillie B BOONE, W C 1904 June,26 RABB, Lawrence MCCALEB, Willie 1918 November,28 RACINE, John S COLLIER, Evlyn 1904 August,24 RAGLAND, W T MOORE, Jennie 1903 February,15 RAMSER, A F PERRY, Leda 1908 April,20 RANCH, William LUNDY, Ruby 1919 June,25 RANDALL, Jessie POLLARD, James 1914 December,08 RANDLE, John NETTLES, Marion 1905 May,23 RANDOLPH, V J EGGLESTON, Clara 1913 November,29 RASBERRY, J F WILLIAMSON, Mollie 1894 December,12 RATHELL, W A SWINNEY, Jenit 1915 December,22 RAY, Bija PERRY, Lillie 1897 July,08 RAY, India CARTER, J C 1899 December,05 RAY, Thomas EVERETT, Gertude 1900 September,10 RAY, Wade KIZER, Ludie 1914 July,01 RAYMOND, Harold WENTWORTH, Louise 1917 September,29 RAYNER, Walter BANKHEAD, Minnie 1919 January,23 RAYNER, Walter ROSE, Maud 1920 October,10 REAGAN, Fletch GULLEDGE, Ruby 1917 April,07 REED, Morton MCMORROUGH, Virgie 1908 September,20 REEVES, A J WYNN, M W Mrs 1895 April,25 REEVES, Abner HILL, Nettie 1917 August,18 REEVES, Hollie MELTON, J H 1904 March,23 REID, Duress W PURCELL, Eunice 1920 May,01 REMAKER, George ODOM, Annie 1916 February,19 RENFRO, F N WALTON, Alice 1898 April,14 REYNOLDS, Anderson REYNOLDS, Anna E 1897 January,12 REYNOLDS, D E PEETS, Leda 1916 July,09 REYNOLDS, George WEST, Ora V 1920 September,05 REYNOLDS, W R WEEKS, Johnnie May 1901 December,17 REYNOLDS, W T KELLEBREW, Allie 1914 January,02 RHEA, E F HERBERT, Mary 1909 April,26 RHODES, J R ROSAMOND, Hattie 1918 July,03 RHYNE, Murray R POVALL, Sidney 1920 October,21 RHYNE, R W DANIEL, Mamie 1895 January,16 RHYNE, Robert PERRY, Kathrine 1912 January,06 RHYNE, Vernon T SWINNEY, Nackey 1898 April,10 RICE, L B WALLACE, Frankie 1895 April,04 RICHARDS, Robert CULLIFER, Minnie 1909 August,14 RICHARDS, Thomas GILMER, M M Miss 1897 December,28 RICHARDSON, George MCCORKLE, Hattie 1905 December,25 RIDDLE, Charles BAILEY, Bessie 1901 February,05 RIFE, Arthur J Capt JAMES, Hettie 1918 October,10 RILEY, S F GUNN, Alma G 1906 November,26 RINICKER, Willie TRUITT, Cora 1909 June,15 RIPLEY, H D LIPSEY, Theo Mrs 1918 June,23 RITCHARDS, S C HOLLOWAY, Rena 1898 August,07 RIVERS, G E JONES, Louella 1896 June,03 ROACH, John H SHUTTLEWORTH, Ethel 1902 March,22 ROBBINS, Nathaniel GWIN, Mary S 1910 January,12 ROBERTS, Edward LEOY, Annette 1907 December,30 ROBERTS, Frank SHEPHERD, A Emrs 1908 July,25 ROBERTS, George MEEKS, Lettie 1906 June,19 ROBERTS, J L MILLER, Eula 1914 July,21 ROBERTS, J L WILLIAM, Corinne 1920 March,27 ROBERTS, Jackson WILLIAMS, Lily 1904 June,22 ROBERTS, James HALE, Maude 1905 June,06 ROBERTS, Joe HARDING, Ethel 1911 March,31 ROBERTSON, E H NIXON, Anna 1915 February,07 ROBERTSON, George SHURLDS, Mammie 1912 June,12 ROBERTSON, John LEE, Minnie 1908 May,02 ROBERTSON, John G BUCK, Annie 1920 December,27 ROBERTSON, W D HERRING, Mollie 1903 January,14 ROBERTSON, William HERRING, Lenon 1910 January,11 ROBINSON, Douglas FRASIER, Mabelle 1906 May,17 ROBINSON, Willie TOWNSEND, Charles Jr 1911 January,26 RODGERS, C W JOHNSON, Ellen 1910 July,19 RODGERS, J L EDWARDS, Mary 1899 November,22 RODGERS, James NETHERLAND, Nina 1914 January,27 RODGERS, L C MONTGOMERY, Bettie 1898 April,21 RODGERS, Lee R TRUITT, Mary 1918 December,19 RODGERS, Longino EUBANKS, Zelmer 1919 September,27 RODGERS, R D MONDAY, Susie 1914 June,07 RODGERS, Robert A GRANTHAM, Nettie 1906 September,05 ROGERS, A M HOLT, Evie 1920 June,10 ROGERS, Albert S STARKS, Ella M 1919 November,09 ROGERS, Cleveland MEEK, Estella 1914 May,20 ROGERS, Frank WHITINGTON, Annie 1906 February,12 ROGERS, Homer O GREER, Evie 1909 May,25 ROGERS, J C KELLEY, Stella 1917 May,01 ROGERS, J H BAILEY, Luda 1916 July,18 ROGERS, James BUFORD, Irene 1901 November,12 ROGERS, James A WATSON, Ruth 1918 March,17 ROGERS, Jed T DITTMAN, Esther 1918 August,26 ROGERS, Joseph WALLACE, Ida M 1905 December,15 ROGERS, M L ELLISON, Lenie 1912 January,10 ROGERS, Marion S MOORE, Nellie 1910 April,09 ROGERS, Peter J TERRY, Anne E 1920 December,12 ROGERS, Robert O CHISHOLMS, Georgia 1909 December,18 ROSAMOND, John MCLELLAND, Mary 1903 January,04 ROSE, Carl M DYER, Anna M 1919 March,10 ROSE, W H HAGAN, Martha 1898 February,03 ROSS, D H RAINER, Bettie 1917 August,25 ROSS, Tom WARD, Arena 1916 January,26 ROWELL, O S MONGRAM, Pearl 1911 January,26 ROWLEN, H H GOBER, Ivy 1905 April,05 RUBY, J F CAUSEY, Mattie 1898 April,17 RUDEMAN, J H SMITH, Annie 1909 November,30 RUFF, David RAYNER, Ida 1917 November,08 RUSSELL, Ewing Ike MURHEAD, Maggie 1904 December,02 RUSSELL, George B SHIRLEY, Mary M 1907 March,12 RUSSELL, Henry ZEIGLER, Ethel 1912 July,25 RUSSELL, Hugh C MAYFIELD, Hilda 1907 December,21 RUSSELL, J M WALLACE, Annie 1896 December,11 RUSSELL, James BELL, Linnie 1898 November,24 RUSSELL, R T PUTNAM, Florence 1912 December,22 RUSSELL, W E BROWN, Annie 1900 July,25 RUSSELL, W W MAXWELL, Florence 1902 October,01 RUSSELL, William HARTHCOCK, Annie 1918 November,17 RUSSUM, J F BRADY, Rosa May 1919 September,27 RYAN, J L WILLOUGHBY, Ida 1914 December,03 RYAN, L M SMITH, Emma 1911 February,20 SAFIE, Frank BECKLEME, Philomena 1916 April,14 SALE, William OVERSTREET, Mildred 1917 June,20 SALLEY, John W ELLISON, Annie 1899 October,10 SAMPLE, A D IRBY, Rosa 1896 November,18 SAMPLE, Will S DALE, Kate 1915 January,18 SANDERS, H Grady KING, Emma J 1919 March,22 SANDERS, W A AMMONS, Bessie 1909 January,25 SANDERS, William SPROLES, Thelma 1915 March,12 SARRELS, John T GORDON, Anne 1895 August,07 SAULS, D W RAY, Hallie M 1901 December,22 SAXON, I W WHERRY, Evie 1903 January,06 SAXTON, Jesse MARTIS, Laura 1918 July,09 SCARBOROUGH, J L THOMAS, I C Miss 1901 January,05 SCHNELL, George ROBERTS, Finnie 1914 August,01 SCHULTZE, Irving WIEDERRECHT, Alma 1911 March,13 SCHWALKA, L F HOWELL, Estelle 1916 February,28 SCHWARTZ, J L DOBROWSKI, Eva 1913 February,18 SCOTT, G H PETTUCE, Alice 1894 September,16 SEAY, C D WOODARD, M M Miss 1903 September,08 SEAY, W S GREEN, Emma 1916 October,16 SEAY, Willie PERRY, Minnie 1902 July,29 SEAY, Willie WARE, Amie 1901 February,10 SEEBINDER, Solomon MOORE, Ethel 1919 October,07 SEGGETT, Jasper Jr MARKS, Mamie 1905 June,04 SEITZLER, B M ELMORE, Ruth 1910 January,29 SELF, Ben SMITH, Myrtice 1911 May,20 SELF, Berry TATE, Lillie 1902 July,29 SELF, D GRANTHAM, Mattie 1895 February,13 SELF, Rufus MCBRIDE, Ola 1912 September,15 SENNARD, Ned DIAMOND, Ethel 1911 March,06 SETZLER, J W FLETCHER, Dorothy 1918 July,21 SHACKELFORD, Arthur SUTTON, Laura 1920 October,20 SHADDOCK, Edwards STIGLER, Maude 1901 October,16 SHANKS, Ford BYRD, Edna 1903 April,03 SHANKS, Ira E SIMPSON, Ethel 1917 March,04 SHANKS, J J ELMORE, Mary E 1903 December,29 SHANKS, William J SHOEMAKER, Hassie 1910 November,30 SHANNON, W J SONG, Mary 1906 March,05 SHARP, Thomas EAKIN, Lou 1902 September,18 SHARP, W H DELOACH, Emma 1902 September,21 SHARPE, Guy P BAINE, Erma 1920 June,06 SHARPE, Winnie TOWNSEND, James 1919 December,07 SHARPLIN, J E NEWSOM, Lucy 1902 December,12 SHELTON, L L GULLEDGE, Mecca 1899 December,27 SHELTON, R J COCHRAN, Hallie 1894 January,18 SHEPPARD, E U HONVILLE, Ora 1895 January,02 SHEPPARD, J K Dr MURFF, M A Miss 1904 August,29 SHERRARD, James E TRIGLETT, Monella 1919 October,26 SHERRON, G W WOOD, Bessie 1906 December,10 SHINE, J H ALDRIDGE, Lizzie 1903 December,24 SHIPP, J SHANNON, Rosa 1900 October,21 SHIPP, J E SELF, Dora 1902 January,02 SHIPP, John W TYNER, Margaret 1901 July,21 SHIPP, R T TUBBERVILLE, Dora 1899 January,04 SHIPP, V H SPELL, Gladys M 1913 January,21 SHIPP, W H MOONEY, Annie 1899 September,19 SHIPP, Walter SPELL, Artie 1919 December,24 SHOUDER, H V MOOREHEAD, Nannie 1900 November,27 SHURLDS, Henry PHILLIPS, A Alice 1918 December,24 SHURLEY, W R PETTIGREW, Emma 1902 February,02 SHUTTLEWORTH, Charles SMITH, Ellie 1904 December,07 SIDDON, George GRANTHAM, Lida 1900 December,02 SIDDON, S TRUITT, Lila B 1904 January,10 SIDDON, Samuel STREETMAN, Lou 1912 March,10 SIDDON, Thomas SIMMS, Annie 1906 August,30 SIDES, Cue SHARP, Mary R 1896 November,08 SIDES, W H WILKES, Willie 1900 September,07 SIDES, William BOATWRIGHT, Alma 1908 March,11 SIMMONS, D D TERRY, Daisy 1907 August,03 SIMMONS, J W WIGLEY, Lucy 1919 May,04 SIMMONS, James HOLLY, Ammie 1898 April,18 SIMMONS, W Lewis MORGAN, Jennie 1907 August,10 SIMMONS, W T DURR, Ida 1912 August,12 SIMMS, J M CARPENTER, Carrie 1913 March,19 SIMS, David FOWLER, Loula H 1910 January,11 SIMS, Elgie SIMS, Maggie 1919 January,15 SKINN, William REYNOLDS, Alma 1918 November,18 SLATER, John PITCHFORD, Claude 1915 January,06 SLEDGE, J D PEASTER, Lillian 1908 December,20 SLOSS, E B Dr BRITTIAN, Willie Mrs 1913 November,28 SMALL, Liddell HOOKER, Beall 1903 October,21 SMITH, A R SCHWEIKIRT, Sophie 1905 December,06 SMITH, B D HOLOWAY, Willie 1915 May,22 SMITH, B W ZEIGLER, Orie L 1898 December,21 SMITH, Bill BOSWELL, Gladys 1919 March,19 SMITH, C E SMITH, Susie 1909 January,02 SMITH, Daniel SMITH, Ora 1899 December,24 SMITH, Dwight ALDRIDGE, Ida B 1908 June,29 SMITH, Edwin C SHUTTLESWORTH, Nora 1919 July,03 SMITH, Ernest WADDELL, Georgia 1898 August,14 SMITH, Forrest L COLLIHAM, Jean 1908 June,19 SMITH, G A SISSAN, Julia 1908 March,05 SMITH, G W CALLAHAN, Georgia 1900 November,18 SMITH, Homer DURHAM, Gertie 1913 November,19 SMITH, J M HARPER, Jessie C 1897 January,24 SMITH, J R REDMOND, Mazie 1902 November,12 SMITH, J W NEAL, Ida 1898 June,29 SMITH, James RIMSON, Virginia 1919 October,18 SMITH, John CHATMAN, Fannie 1916 April,16 SMITH, Johnnie LANGFORD, Annie 1918 December,04 SMITH, Joseph PHILLIPS, Cornelia 1904 October,19 SMITH, Oscar T WADLINGTON, Addie 1898 December,22 SMITH, Preston JOHNSON, Ruby 1913 December,22 SMITH, R F WOOD, Emma L 1913 November,08 SMITH, R M MCNEES, Annie 1899 November,28 SMITH, Ralph BROWN, Mary Alma 1913 December,24 SMITH, Roan EUBANKS, Gertrude 1918 December,23 SMITH, Robert YEAGER, Bettie 1913 January,26 SMITH, Robert H ASHLEY, Erid 1910 August,02 SMITH, T A MOONEY, Blanche 1910 December,31 SMITH, T M BURGE, Lida 1897 January,17 SMITH, Tillman B PITCHFORD, Annie 1907 December,12 SMITH, W P ZEIGLER, Ida M 1904 November,30 SMITH, W W WALKER, Nora 1914 May,06 SMITH, William BOATWRIGHT, Millie 1910 January,11 SMITH, William FOOSE, Theresa 1920 September,16 SMITH, Willie FARMER, Ina 1919 October,23 SMITHSON, W W Dr MOORE, Meta M 1900 September,26 SOLOMON, George L JOHNSON, Ada 1918 April,30 SOMMERS, L L WILKES, Willie 1900 August,05 SOMERVILLE, J H DUTHER, Jennie 1899 August,12 SONES, W A SHIPP, Cora 1902 February,20 SONG, Jonas ROBERTSON, Sue E 1907 April,27 SORRELS, Rex MCMASTER, Lelia 1918 March,24 SOWELL, Thomas COOK, Melissa 1900 September,11 SPEEL, Gordon HAYS, Mattie 1917 April,08 SPELL, Artie SHIPP, Walter 1919 December,24 SPELL, Clyde CARDWELL, Vivian 1915 February,28 SPELL, Curt CALLAHAN, Pauline 1917 May,14 SPELL, Leon O HARDING, Nettie 1910 October,26 SPELL, William MCCLUSKEY, Willie Miss 1918 October,20 SPELLS, T R EVERS, Edna 1903 February,15 SPROLES, Elijah WATSON, Minnie 1906 December,24 SPROLES, G R PARKINSON, Lucy 1894 January,31 SPROLES, J G MCMILLON, Willie 1911 October,25 SPROLES, L L BORDEN, Fannie E 1898 March,23 SPROLES, William EVANS, Annie 1920 March,24 STAINBACK, Charles SPROLES, Mary 1899 December,26 STAKELEY, George TIGLER, Katie 1908 February,26 STAKLE, Robert ANDERSON, Retta 1916 May,04 STALEY, O C FOSTER, O F Mrs 1903 June,17 STANLEY, Marvin MILES, Loula V 1904 November,23 STEED, J C THOMPSON, Hattie 1901 December,23 STEELE, John W LIGHTFOOT, Era 1906 January,24 STEELE, Thomas HERBERT, Lillie 1903 October,11 STIGLER, George L FINCHER, Annie 1918 June,18 STEIN, Paul HERRING, Elinor 1899 November,23 STEPHERSON, R L WYNN, Alma 1897 August,21 STERLING, Finley FERRELL, Lucy 1906 August,22 STERLING, Tisley FERRELL, Orna 1910 March,14 STEVENS, A J MELTON, Helen 1907 July,30 STEVENS, A L CLARK, A S Miss 1903 February,17 STEVENS, David WILLIAMS, Juanita 1910 September,15 STEVENS, Henry DURHAM, Edna 1901 May,26 STEVENS, J J MANKEART, Gertrude 1915 December,12 STEVENS, William BALDRIDGE, Ledas 1907 June,24 STEWART, C J ROGERS, Susie E 1918 July,28 STEWART, Clyde ZEIGLER, Julie 1904 December,13 STEWART, J. NEATHERLAND, Senie 1908 January,25 STEWART, Leonard SHANNON, Minnie 1910 March,25 STIGLER, Edward S LYON, Ella 1909 October,20 STOKES, Joe H HOWARD, Earlee E 1914 April,12 STORALL, R J HENDERSON, Stella 1910 November,27 STOUT, S L PARKINSON, Arra 1899 January,25 STRAND, Pink HURCHERN, Pat 1906 December,14 STRONG, John R JACKSON, Bettie 1906 February,13 STROWD, George SMITH, Katie 1912 March,30 STROWD, J B WILKES, Johnnie 1903 October,01 STROWD, S H MCLELLAN, Alma 1900 February,04 STROWD, T J BROOKS, Nebraska 1896 December,22 STROWD, W M HOLMES, Beatrice 1916 May,23 STUART, N T OTT, Minnie 1916 January,26 STUBBLEFIELD, Joseph WEEMS, Lucy 1905 September,07 SULLIVAN, J M HEARN, Mary 1896 December,09 SUMMERLIN, Joseph MCBRIDE, Myrtle 1907 September,13 SUMMERLIN, Vollie SUMMERLIN, Dannie Mrs 1909 October,08 SUMMERLIN, W J B MCBRIDE, Minnie 1902 February,16 SWAYZE, O H Dr JONES, S B Mrs 1903 November,18 SWEANY, Jessie CARGILL, Lucille 1906 January,03 SWINNEY, Alexander STANSBURG, Mary 1907 December,31 SWINNEY, Armstead NEVIL, Eunice 1918 September,03 SWINNEY, Charles JOHNSON, Carrie 1898 October,27 SWINNEY, Mathew GRANTHAM, Blanche 1905 March,03 SWINNEY, S P COCKRELL, Josephine 1904 August,25 SWINNEY, Sharkey SHEPHERD, Dora 1918 February,02 SWITTENBURG, Robert MOORE, Effie M 1908 April,14

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