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Marriages Greene Co. MS

Index A-B

Marriages of Greene Co., Mississippi edited and revised by Bob Davis Errors, omissions, corrections, additions are well appreciated and should be forwarded to the link at bottom of page.

Legend used as follows:
( ) additional name information or spelling correction
[ ] Maiden name of woman indicates a previous marriage
 + following a groom's name indicates the next person with same name is same person.
 * indicates woman linked to another marriage within Greene Co.    NOTE: links to be established when all marriages posted.

Greene Co. was created in 1811 from Amite, Franklin and Wayne Co. MS. The County seat is Leaksville

NAME                                                                   DATE ABSTON, Abe                        WILLIAMS, Clara                     1900 June,09 ACKER, Fryerson                    EVANS, Gussie                       1908 December,03 ADAMS, L(ewis) H                   EUBANKS, Florence (L.)              1888 March,20 ADAMS, Magnus A                    HAVARD, Bertie E                    1909 April,11 ADDISON, R D                       HILL, Katy                          1900 May,19 ADKINSON, M D L                    PIERCE, Gertrude                    1907 January,09 ADKINSON, Willie                   DICKSON, Loula                      1906 March,20 ADVISS, Sidney                     WILLIAMS, Ida                       1897 November,08 AGEE, Carry                        HILL, R J                           1902 November,19 AINSWORTH, Beryl                   REEVES, Leslie                      1910 January,01 ALBRITTON, Claude                  DICKENS, Smith                      1899 October,04 ALDERMAN, Hubbard                  BRANNAN, Ella                       1906 June,08 ALDERMAN, James E                  THOMAS, Lottie                      1902 April,10 ALEXANDER, Judge                   WHITE, Lizzie                       1905 December,18 ALFORD, C T                        DURDEN, P B                         1901 September,25 ALFORD, E D                        REID, Frances                       1897 August,03 ALFORD, Everette                   HOLLAND, Mary                       1905 June,05 ALFORD, George+                    CURRY, Elizabeth                    1890 October,02 ALFORD, George                     HUGGINS-[WEBBER], Louvenia Mrs      1906 September,10 ALFORD, J(ohnnie) L                MILLER, Julia                       1908 May,17 ALFORD, John (Henry)               CHURCHWELL, Nancy (Jane)            1888 April,26 ALLEN, Charlie H(amilton)          MCLEOD, Winnie                      1907 April,24 ALLEN, Gene                        HUDSON, Maggie                      1895 June,27 ALLEN, George                      JACKSON, Fannie                     1895 September,17 ALLEN, George (E.)                 WILLIAMS-[HILLMAN], Erie            1888 October,02 ALLEN, R A                         LOWERY, Abbie                       1904 November,05 ALLMAN, Andrew                     MOODY, Belle                        1899 March,19 ALLMAN, Andrew                     REEVES, Daisy                       1907 August,08 ALLMAN, John                       REEVES, Christiana                  1906 May,21 ANDERSON, George                   MALONE, Ethel                       1907 April,12 ANDERSON, Jack                     HUGGER, Minna                       1880 March,10 ANDERSON, John                     ROBERTS, Claire                     1910 August,05 ANDERSON, Mack                     GHASTON, Almeda                     1910 October,03 ANDERSON, Moses                    BENBO, Lula                         1903 April,06 ANDERSON, Olive                    DUBOSE, F O                         1906 August,06 ANDERSON, R S (Vester)             KITTRELL, M(ary) E(ster)            1897 December,04 ANDERSON, Tony H                   JACKSON, Bessie                     1907 April,18 ANDERSON, W(illiam) F              GRIFFIN, Florence                   1894 September,06 ANDERSON, W(illiam) F              GRIFFIN, Florence                   1894 December,09 ANDERSON, W F                      NIEL, W J                           1891 May,03 ANDREWS, Henry                     NICHOLSON, Julia                    1899 July,26 ARMSTRONG, S G                     FARMER, Annie                       1891 February,10 ARMSTRONG, William                 BESS, Emma                          1900 January,25 ARNSLER(AMSLER), Fred              MCLEOD, Flora (M.)                  1891 January,01 ARRINGTON, Greene                  JEFFERSON, Dosea                    1898 January,22 ASKEW, Thomas                      MCKAY, Ethel                        1897 June,02 ATKINSON, W D                      HOLTON, Gertrude                    1906 December,04 AUSTIN, R C                        MURRAH, Lilly L                     1907 March,17 AUTREY, O W                        JACKSON, Corine                     1908 October,10 AVARA, Celia (Rachel)              DAWSON, W(illiam) J(ames) Rev       1895 January,17 AVERA, Belle                       WEST, H L                           1907 August,14 AVERA, Elizabeth (Nancy)           COONS, James                        1887 December,21 AVERA, James M(urdock)             DUNMAN, Hattie N(olan)              1908 April,08 AVERA, John P(owell)               CAMPBELL, Emma                      1892 September,18 AVERA, Lizzie (Mary Elizabeth)     KITTRELL, Jonathan                  1901 August,28 AVERA, Marion E(lsworth)           MCLEOD, P(eter) J(oseph)            1909 September,26 AVERA, S(amuel) W(orth)+           MCCLEAN, Ella Gertrude              1876 November,27 AVERA, S(amuel) W(orth)            TAYLOR, Laura                       1907 April,15 AVERA, Thomas                      ROBERTSON, Alice (Rebecca)          1899 December,07 AVERA, W(illiam) W(ashington)+     BULLOCK, Lizzie G                   1889 November,07 AVERA, W(illiam) W(ashington)      FRENCH, Isa(belle)                  1895 September,11 AVERD(AVERA), Alex(ander Ebenezer) BALL, Nora (Lenora Aseline)         1909 December,29 BACKSTROM, Charles O(scar)         ROBERTS, Miranda A(rizona)          1875 December,20 BACKSTROM, J(ohn) F(rank)          SOWELL, Francis                     1878 December,30 BACKSTROM, K(im)o                  COCHRAM(COCHRAN),(Martha) Elizabeth 1895 December,05 BACKSTROM, Rufus J (I.)            ROBERTS, Viola (Elsy)               1881 November,01 BACKSTRON, E(lizabeth)A(my)        SMITH, L(awrence) W(ilson)          1899 November,22 BACKSTRON, W(illiam) H(enry)       WEST, Lima (Luna) E                 1903 January,21 BACKSTRONE,C(harles) O(scar)       DUNNAM, Elizabeth                   1901 April,19  Above two BACKSTRON and BACKSTONE are BACKSTORM BAGGETT, Icadora                   WHATLEY, E(ugene) A(rthur)          1901 April,15 BAGGETT, Margie (Margaret)         WILLIAMS, R(ichmond) H(ines)        1910 June,19 BAGLEY(BAGBY), Larkin (M.)         WALLEY, Matilda                     1897 October,14 BAILEY, M W                        FINUFF, J J                         1909 January,31 BAILEY, Pearce P(ercible)          SMITH, Cansas (Kansas)              1906 July,19 BAILEY, Thomas H                   LITTLEFIELD, Ella                   1903 December,21 BAILEY, W L                        WILLIAMS, Lona                      1903 January,05 BAILEY, W W                        JOHNSON, Mary R                     1906 October,10 BAIRD, O(sma) E                    BRELAND, Lizzie (Elizabeth)         1907 September,15 BALCKWELL, Fereby                  WHATLEY, S G                        1902 May,20 BALDWIN, F M+                      HASEE, Maggie Mrs                   1905 April,06 BALDWIN, F M                       WILLIAMS, Sarah A(nn)               1896 November,02 BALDWIN, Robert                    FOSTER, Frances                     1907 August,05 BALL, A(lexander) M(onroe)         BOYD(BYRD), Leona (Virginia)        1900 January,17 BALL, B C                          BRELAND, D F                        1904 December,20 BALL, C(olumbus) A(ndrew Abner)    BALL, Victoria (Evelyn)             1901 June,19 BALL, C(harles) C                  YOUNG, Nonie                        1906 May,03 BALL, (William) Daniel             NELSON, Cynthia (Jane)              1883 September,02 BALL, E(dward) F(limons)           EDGAR, (Mary) Ida                   1898 July,15 BALL, E(dward) G(aines)            COOLEY, (Marilla) Rilla             1900 May,10 BALL, E(dward) Rufus               HILLMAN, Julia                      1881 January,24 BALL, Edwina                       FRANK, A C                          1899 October,12 BALL, G(riffin) C(lanton)          WALLEY, Ollie (Olivia C.)           1899 June,30 BALL, H(enry) E(dward)             HILLMAN, Mamie (Normie)             1903 April,14 BALL, Ira                          MCLEOD, Mary A                      1896 August,10 BALL, J(ohn) C(ephas)              HILLMAN, Sarah V(iola)              1905 August,01 BALL, James (M.)                   BRELAND, Mary Ann                   1906 May,04 BALL, James M(onroe)               PIPKINS, Ellen                      1884 May,22 BALL, John L(ee)+                  LANKFORD, (Isabelle) Belle (Amazon) 1892 February,17 BALL, John L(ee)                   NEIL, Sarah E(lizabeth)             1889 November,07 BALL, M(ansfield) W(arren)+        PIPKINS, Bertha (A.)                1901 June,16 BALL, M(ansfield) W(arren)         TURNER, Winnie A                    1896 September,02 BALL, S(arah) E(lla)               BRELAND, G(aines) E(ugene)          1905 October,21 BALL, S(amuel) W(ashington)        TURNER, Elizabeth                   1889 June,13 BALL, Solomon A(ugustus)           WILLIAMS, Lizzie (Corine)           1902 December,24 BALL, W(illiam) C(harles)          SMITH, Julia A(rizona)              1893 November,23 BANKS, Erasmus                     MCINNIS, Frances                    1910 January,27 BANKS, Frank                       WHITE, Adline                       1876 April,26 BANKS, Thomas                      GARRETT, Amelia                     1900 August,30 BARBER, John                       WEST, Caroline                      1888 October,24 BARBER, Sarah                      WILLIAMS, James E                   1905 March,09 BARNES, George                     GATES, Willie May                   1909 November,03 BARRON, J R                        ODAM, Minnie Mrs                    1909 June,23 BATSON, M(elvin) L                 GREENE, Mamie (Mary Alice Gertrude) 1902 January,04 BATTLES, Tom                       MCWESLEY, Zoo                       1906 January,23 BAXTER, A R                        SULLIVAN, Mary E                    1893 March,01 BAXTER, Alabama                    DUNNAM, W M                         1901 September,03 BAXTER, B E                        BROWN, Susanna                      1879 July,31 BAXTER, J H                        MOSS, Flora A                       1890 March,11 BAXTER, J W                        SMITH, S A                          1901 December,23 BAXTER, John B(erry)               WALLEY, Olie                        1903 March,18 BAXTER, Vince                      HAYES, Maggie                       1901 June,11 BAZONE, Edna Mrs                   JAMES, Lloyd W(esley)               1908 February,06 BEACH, Henry T                     ELLIOTT, Argess                     1893 April,20 BEARD, J(ohn) P(reston)            BALL, (Mary) Alice                  1878 January,13 BEARD, James L                     BRANNAN, Georgia B                  1906 August,21 BEARD, James W                     BALL, Susan R(ebecca)               1884 March,27 BEARD, John                        SMITH, Rebecca                      1893 January,01 BEARD, Thomas W(illiam)            TURNER, (Sarah) Agnes               1895 December,26 BEARD, W(illiam) S(amuel)          TURNER, S(arah) E(llen)             1891 October,29 BEARDSLEE, Retha Bell Mrs          SALTER, Albert                      1906 December,21 BEARRY, W(illiam) E(dward)         EUBANKS, Bettie (Elizabeth)         1906 June,30 BEASLEY, A J                       STEEPLES, Etta                      1901 June,27 BEAVERS, A D                       CHILDRESS, Hattie                   1897 July,30 BECK, C M                          OVERSTREET, L M                     1888 August,14 BEECH, Joseph                      HUGGINS, Della                      1899 May,01 BELL, W M                          RUSSELL, Roxanna                    1899 February,01 BALL, Sillia}                      CR\}BS, Isaballa                    1891 March,00 BELTON, Alex                       DEVOGE, Nellie                      1905 June,08 BENLEY, John                       SUMMERLINS, Elsie Mrs               1882 November,29 BENNETT, J(oseph) T                PIPKINS, F(lorence) W (Nasio)       1898 December,31 BENNETT, J T                       TAYLOR, Ruthie                      1908 September,08 BENNETT, Willis                    DIGS, Lucy                          1905 June,01 BENTON, Katie                      VAUGHN, Lee                         1903 April,17 BERLEY, Rebecca                    MCCAN, Sam                          1903 December,16 BARRY, A L                         S}ITH, Lk\Isa                       1821 October,21 BERRY, C J (Dick)                  BYRD, Lizzie (Catherine Elizabeth)  1909 January,04 BERRY, Joseph M                    MOODY, A C                          1876 February,19 BEVINS, Andrew                     ADAMS, Bertha                       1907 June,12 BEXLEY, J(ohn) J(ames)             WILLIAMS, (Mary) Ida                1888 December,27 BEXLEY, Lennie                     CLARK, G W                          1906 December,27 BILLUPS, Isaiah                    LEOLA, Bettie                       1906 October,23 BINGY, Henry                       LEAKS, Celia                        1896 October,01 BISHOP, Edward                     JOHNSON, Mary Belle                 1908 December,03 BLACK, Billy                       SHEPARD, Artanice                   1893 March,17 BLACK, Emma                        YOLEN, J A                          1888 May,18 BLACKLEDGE, Charles M              MILLER, Caroline                    1902 January,19 BLACKLEDGE, Sallie Ann             IVEY, James                         1904 February,27 BLAKE, James Mclendon              MCLENDON, Cora Ellen                1907 June,02 BLALOCK, C B                       BROWN, Polly E                      1902 October,30 BLANKENSHIP, Brister (C.)          WELFORD, Olla                       1899 April,03 BLANKENSHIP, J W                   LOTT, Susie                         1903 March,25 BLANKENSHIP, W P                   WELFORD, R E                        1896 August,07 BLOCK, Charley                     ROBERTS, Mary                       1907 July,04 BLOUNT, L W                        SEABROOK, Ida A                     1892 August,28 BLOWE, Inez                        STEVENS, H Edgar                    1903 August,29 BOISE, John Washington             MILLER, Eliza                       1882 September,26 BOLDEN, Edy                        GARRETT, J M                        1904 January,12 BOLDER, Frank                      SMITH, Lettie                       1907 May,29 BOLER, Walter                      MCBRIDE, Willie                     1909 May,05 BOLTON, B D                        PEARCE, Helen                       1887 September,08 BOLTON, Ben                        THOMAS, Annie                       1908 August,16 BOLTON, Dan                        WALLEY, Maudel                      1903 December,21 BOLTON, Henry                      TATUM, Anna                         1890 October,16 BOLTON, Ida                        BOLTON, Mack                        1906 August,30 BOLTON, Jake                       HARTFIELD, Sarah                    1897 June,24 BOLTON, John                       HATFIELD, Belle                     1888 April,12 BOLTON, Mack                       BOLTON, Ida                         1906 August,30 BONDS, Alvin H                     YAHN, Ella T                        1909 December,19 BONEY, Jeff                        SUMLIN, Fannie                      1910 March,30 BONEY, W O                         LANSTON, Nona Mrs                   1906 April,28 BOOTH, D(ouglas) B                 HAVARD, Bettie Elizabeth            1882 September,19 BOUCHEE, Alex                      BUSBY, Adeline Mrs                  1906 June,28 BOUDEN, B F                        EDWARD, Elizabeth                   1883 January,08 BOX, E(dward) C(hester)            BRANNAN, Cinthia E (Ida)            1900 September,13 BOX, James K(inchen)               SHEPARD, Susan (Elizabeth)          1880 February,06 BOX, John (Lewis)+                 BANG, Ella                          1896 May,28 BOX, John L(ewis)                  PIPKINS, Mahala                     1890 August,24 BOX, Solomon                       ALEXANDER, Bulah                    1910 June,06 BOX, Spencer                       ROBERTS, Cora                       1901 October,24 BOX, Thomas                        MCKENZIE, Lizzie                    1896 December,10 BOX, W(illiam) E(dward)            ALFORD, Eveline                     1910 April,20 BOX, William H                     MCLEOD, Elizabeth                   1895 February,07 BOXLEY(BEXLEY), Simon              LYLES, Sarah (J.)                   1895 May,31 BOYD(BYRD), James (Calvin)         MURRAH, Rebecca                     1900 January,03 BOYKIN, Alfred                     LUNDY, Pearlie                      1903 June,28 BOYKIN, Allen                      KYNARD, Winnie                      1895 August,29 BOYKIN, G N                        COOPER, C C                         1899 August,09 BOYKIN, German                     REYNOLDS, A N                       1878 June,22 BOYKIN, J S                        GEORGE, E M                         1881 January,05 BOYKIN, M S                        SMITH, J M                          1878 June,22 BRADLEY, A(ndrew) J(ames)          ROBERTS, Emma (Ellen Adeline)       1895 April,05 BRADLEY, A(nnie) M(ae)             BRELAND, J(ohn) C(olumbus)          1902 January,12 BRADLEY, Arthur                    MOODY, Maggie Mrs                   1905 December,04 BRADLEY, B F                       SYLVESTER, Jane (E.)                1901 November,17 BRADLEY, David W(ebster)           FREEMAN, Erie (Edna Azaline)        1905 September,19 BRADLEY, David W(ebster)           FREEMAN, Erie (Edna Azaline)        1905 September,20 BRADLEY, Grover C(leveland)        ROBERTS, Susie (Ophelia)            1908 April,01 BRADLEY, James                     COCHRAN, Laura                      1900 May,17 BRADLEY, Q A                       BROWN, E C                          1891 March,19 BRADLEY, R(ufus) E(rastus)         BALL, Eliza (Elizabeth Jane)        1899 November,04 BRADLEY, W J                       DEWITT, M N                         1899 July,13 BRADLY, Daniel F(rank)             TURNER, Cris (Cynthia) Sarah        1879 December,31 BRADLY, Isaac                      JOHNSON, Julia                      1884 March,20 BRADY, W B                         YOUNG, Vina (M. J.)                 1898 January,26 BRANNAN, C(hristopher) H(inton)    STRINGER, Lelia                     1889 May,30 BRANNAN, Cade                      COLEASEE, Lou                       1881 May,11 BRANNAN, Charlie E(dward)          HAVARD, Caroline                    1886 June,28 BRANNAN, Charlie E(dward)          HAVARD, Caroline                    1886 July,01 BRANNAN, G(aines) E(dward)         PARKER, Hulda (R.)                  1904 November,05 BRANNAN, Ira M                     HAVARD, Mary Ann                    1879 March,19 BRANNAN, J(ames) R                 DAVIS, Mary (E.)                    1905 September,08 BRANNAN, Kilar R                   HAYES, Lillie                       1904 March,29 BRANNAN, Martin                    MURRAY-[WELFORD], Sarah             1876 July,26 BRANNAN, Samuel (Cornelious)       LEWIS, Docia (Theodocia)            1906 July,07 BRANNAN, T H (Richard Dick)        MASON, Matilda (P.)                 1893 November,25 BRANNAN, W L                       DAVIS, Eugie                        1888 August,19 BRANNON, Milton L                  FAIRLEY, Mattie E                   1907 June,26 BRANNON, Thomas W                  ADAMS, Susan                        1877 July,12 BRANNON, Wm H                      TOURMAN, Edna                       1895 January,02 BRELAND, Alex(ander G.)            JAMES, Julia (C.)                   1890 November,06 BRELAND, Asa                       MCLEOD, Nancy A(lmira)              1888 February,22 BRELAND, C(harles) A(bsalom)      *BYRD-[HATHORN], F(rances) A(rizona) 1896 December,25 BRELAND, C(olon) M(arshall)        PIPKIN, C(ollie) A                  1891 July,16 BRELAND, Calvert W(ellington)      CHURCHWELL, Emily                   1881 December,22 BRELAND, Charles (E.)              BALL, Ruth (Viola)                  1892 October,14 BRELAND, Charles F(ranklin)        DUNNAN, Ottice A                    1910 November,20 BRELAND, D(awn) E                  SYLVESTER, C(allie) C               1901 July,28 BRELAND, D F                       BALL, B C                           1904 December,20 BRELAND, E(dward)                  ROBERTS, M(ary) M(argaret)          1906 January,09 BRELAND, Eugene W(alter)           LOWERY, Lula Lee                    1895 October,10 BRELAND, G(eorge) E(ugene)         BALL, S(arah) E(lla)                1905 October,21 BRELAND, G(abriel) T(ice) Y(oung)  WILLIAM, Jensie (M.)                1882 February,23 BRELAND, G(eorge) Y                HILLMAN, Sarah E(lla)               1887 October,18 BRELAND, (Absalom) H               MARTIN, Rebecca (Ann)               1888 February,22 BRELAND, H(iram) J(ackson)         HARRISON(HARVISON),F(rances) V(iola)1894 January,07 BRELAND, J B                       BEARRY, Hattie                      1910 April,23 BRELAND, J(ohn) C(olumbus)         BRADLEY, A(nnie) M(ae)              1902 January,12 BRELAND, J(ohn) K(nox)             EVANS, J B(essie)                   1900 December,24 BRELAND, M(ary) A(nn Zonetta)      BYRD, J(ohn) H(arvey)               1882 February,05 BRELAND, Samuel R(ufus)            BYRD, Martha A(nn)                  1882 January,05 BRELAND, William R(ufus)           SMITH, Besie Zeller                 1909 November,29 BRETT(BRITT), James L(uther)      *FALLON-[PIPKINS], Emma Mrs          1909 August,12 BREWER, Arthur                     WALLEY, Josephine                   1908 March,05 BREWER, B(razilla) J(ohn)          MCLAIN, Jamie (Eliza Jane)          1906 December,24 BREWER, C E(thel)                  ROBERTS, I(ra) A(nder)              1908 February,05 BREWER, Christopher C              WILLIAMS, Mary E                    1902 December,24 BREWER, G L                        BYRD, Lula  (Louella)               1894 March,08 BREWER, George (Washington)        WALLEY, E(liza) J(ane)              1897 September,12 BREWER, H(owell) L(afayette)       BYRD, (Martha) Maranda (Narcissa)   1881 July,14 BREWER, (Joseph) Henry             GERAULD, Sallie (Sarah N.)          1906 March,17 BREWER, Isaiah                     LANKFORD, (Eva) Olevia              1905 December,18 BREWER, J C                        BREWER, Annie L(aurie)              1907 December,04 BREWER, J(ulia) C(lementine)       TURNER, Bodo (Robert)               1896 January,01 BREWER, J E(valine)                BYRD, J(ohn) W(esley)               1902 September,28 BREWER, J(ames) H(enry)            LOTTE, Rachel M(arcella)            1888 June,28 BREWER, J(ack) R                   BALL, Francis                       1902 December,24 BREWER, John (M.)                  BRADLEY, Mary B(ell)                1892 December,28 BREWER, John F                     MERRETT, Uretha S(ophronia)         1881 January,13 BREWER, John L                     POPE, S (Loraine) A(rviline)        1884 May,15 BREWER, Lawrence                   WAITS, Leona                        1909 July,04 BREWER, Lawson (L.)                LANE, Mary (E.)                     1890 October,26 BREWER, Lee                        MCLEOD, R(ubie) E                   1897 December,15 BREWER, Luther                     PARKER, Ida (S.)                    1907 October,07 BREWER, Lyman (Tyra Talton)        TURNER, Martha J                    1893 April,06 BREWER, N(athan)                   JAMES, Inez (O.)                    1907 December,29 BREWER, Nathan                     WALLEY, Lizzie                      1904 December,24 BREWER, Neal (Cornelius)           BALL, Martha A                      1885 July,16 BREWER, Reuben H(arris)            WALLEY, Eliza (Louisa) J(ane)       1893 January,12 BREWER, S(ilas) D                  LYLES, Lilly                        1903 May,20 BREWER, W E(elsworth)              HARVENSON(HARVISON),M(ary) M(elissa)1895 March,27 BREWER, W(illiam) M(athew)         WALLEY, Martha (G.)                 1905 January,09 BREWER, W(illiam) N(athaniel)      KITTRELL, Margaret O                1882 January,08 BREWER, William (W.)               CLARK, Bertie                       1910 December,18 BREWER, William                   *MILLS, Mary J                       1881 December,15 BREWERS, Davis                     WOODARD, Josephine                  1903 March,04 BRIGGS, Jesse                      MCMILLAN, Sarah                     1903 April,29 BRIGHT, Richard                    GOODE, Virginia                     1907 July,07 BRINIE, Beach (Sabrine)            DENMARK, J(ames) A(llen)            1888 February,24 BRITTON, S B                       BRITTON, Annie Creight              1910 August,25 BROADNAX, Johnie                   HUBBARD, Dona                       1907 October,05 BROADNAX, Johnny                   ESPY, Sallie                        1905 May,10 BROCK, J H                         HEATHROCK(HEATHCOCK), E(lizabeth) C 1887 December,08 BROGAN, Isaac                      MCRAE, Larkey                       1891 September,12 BROGAN, Willie                     GARRETT, Minnie                     1889 February,17 BROOK(BROCK), W(illiam) H(enry)    LANKFORD, Ada                       1909 September,15 BROOKS, Charlie                    PICKENS, Maggie                     1900 August,12 BROOKS, Forney                     BRADLEY, Magaline                   1907 May,21 BROOKS, George                     WHITEHEAD, Nola                     1909 August,24 BROOKS, James                      TERRELL, Clariah                    1903 January,23 BROWDER, L S                       LOFTIN, Nola                        1888 November,15 BROWN, A J                         HOVALTER, M L                       1903 February,18 BROWN, Barley                      DENMARK, Den (Mary)                 1906 February,10 BROWN, Charley (B.)                HUGGINS, Luvonia (Webber)           1905 March,25 BROWN, D(avid) R                   WELFORD, Ada                        1910 March,23 BROWN, E(ugene) B                  COWART, Minnie                      1901 June,19 BROWN, E C                         BRADLEY, Q A                        1891 March,19 BROWN, Ed                          NICHOLS, Carrie                     1900 September,08 BROWN, Eli                         POWE, Alice                         1881 October,19 BROWN, Eli  Z(inemon)              MCINNIS, Effie                      1909 December,26 BROWN, Elias                       PHILPS, Leah                        1890 September,18 BROWN, G C                         JACKSON, Luella                     1909 April,15 BROWN, George W(ashington)         WELFORD, Inez                       1900 July,25  BROWN, (William) Henry             ADAMS, Rusia                        1908 November,04 BROWN, Henry                       COOLEY, Florence E                  1879 April,03 BROWN, Henry                       COOLEY, Florence E                  1879 July,31 BROWN, J C                         SKELLY, Minnie                      1879 October,23 BROWN, J J                         GIBSON, Jenia                       1908 December,20 BROWN, J(unis) W                   DAUGHDRILL, Daisie (W.)             1904 August,17 BROWN, John                        EARLEY, Mollie                      1904 January,16 BROWN, John                        THOMAS, Corine                      1901 March,13 BROWN, John W                      SHEPARD, Mary (Ann)                 1876 March,06 BROWN, Julius                      DARRINGTON, Lizzie                  1908 January,18 BROWN, L(ewis) W                   ALFORD, Henrietta                   1908 May,29 BROWN, Luther                      ROGERS, Susie                       1903 November,16 BROWN, Mozella                     HOPKINS, A                          1908 June,21 BROWN, N B                         MCLEOD, Mary 
Bob Davis

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