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Groom Index

MACKEY, Jefferson BUCKETTS, Martha 1848 May,09 MACKEY, Wesley EWELL, Margaret 1873 March,24 MACKY, David MOCK, Maryl 1822 August,21 MAGEE, A P BAILEY, Iris J 1891 July,30 MAGEE, Hardy H PROBY, Minerva C 1867 February,13 MAGEE, Hugh GRESHAM, Lacy Quintina 1838 December,27 MAGEE, Hugh HALL, Stella R 1888 July,05 MAGEE, Hyson LEE, Emma 1894 October,08 MAGEE, J L FERRILL, Mary F 1877 December,25 MAGEE, Jonathan LEE, Martha 1818 July,30 MAGEE, L L HALFORD, Eugenia 1897 April,26 MAGEE, Lewis L BYRD, Mary C 1865 September, 07 MAGEE, Moses M LONG, J C 1847 January,07 MAGEE, Owen H WILLIAMS, Mary 1835 June,04 MAGEE, Samuel J GREGG, Margaret J 1839 November,28 MAGEE, T K BEAN, India A 1890 December,10 MAGEE, Thomas A GODBOLD, Laura A 1843 December,22 MAGEE, William R KENNISON, Sarah 1838 December,27 MALLERY, Fred A DORSEY, Minnie G 1888 May,24 MALONE, Henry BROWN, Gracy 1886 December,25 MAND, William C MIDDLETON, Sarah 1833 January,04 MARSH, C S CARRAWAY, Alice 1887 November,10 MARSH, James R WIDDER, Mary R 1823 February,28 MARSH, Lain GILL, Louisa 1887 July,22 MARSHALL, James C PEAVY, Vina 1872 December,26 MARSHALL, Jonah WITHERSPOON, Mary C 1848 July,18 MARSHALL, Joniah KING, Messain C 1843 December,14 MARSHALL, Lucius L CRAWFORD, Octavia J 1847 July,02 MARTIN, David BYRD, Elizabeth 1872 August,17 MARTIN, Elijah J DELAUTER, Martha A 1885 April,16 MARTIN, George L MSITH, Catherine 1855 February,11 MARTIN, J S GUICE, Claudia 1896 December,16 MARTIN, John SMITH, Viola 1882 December,06 MARTIN, John R MIDDLETON, Catherine 1825 September, 08 MARTIN, Joseph T SANDIFORD, Pennia 1859 January,16 MARTIN, Julius F EMFINGER, Julia Ann 1856 October,21 MARTIN, M M GUICE, Loula 1895 January,30 MARTIN, Samuel LAZARUS, Mary 1825 January,25 MARTIN, Samuel L MUNDAY, Lucy 1836 March,24 MARTIN, Stephen COOK, Catherine 1846 November,13 MARTIN, Stephen N RIALS, Rebecca 1861 September, 15 MARTIN, William J WILKINSON, Mahala 1882 December,13 MARTINDALE, John W FRAIZER, Frances F 1865 December,27 MASON, John BYRD, Sarah Ann 1834 August,13 MASSEY, George KENNEDY, Mary 1844 April,25 MASSY, Benjamin CRIDER, Margaret 1821 July,08 MATHEWS, J M NETTLES, Louetta 1897 September, 15 MATHEWS, Richard GATLIN, Rosa 1899 January,10 MATHEWS, Wax A GATLIN, Lucy Joe 1892 December,28 MATHUS, R M TEW, Rachel 1895 March,15 MATLOCK, William FERRILL, Zilphia Ann 1875 April,27 MATTINGLY, James E WILLIAMS, Cathline 1846 September, 02 MAXEY, Albert C MCMANUS, Isphana L 1865 November,14 MAXWELL, James I MCCORNELL, Agnes S 1825 December,29 MAY,Addis L GREMBLE, Beulah L 1898 December,21 MAY,Benjamin LAZARUS, Sarah 1837 April,13 MAY,Benjamin LESLAY, Isabella 1820 May,21 MAY,Benjamin STEWART, Jane 1834 May,07 MAY,David COFFEY, Ofelia 1892 January,21 MAY,Joseph ROBINSON, Elizabeth 1881 May,28 MAY,N L WILLIAMS, D A 1896 December,16 MAY,Nat F KENNISON, Thirza L 1893 November,14 MAY,S A BEAUBE, James 1896 October,21 MAY,S J COFFEY, Sallie 1894 December,22 MAY,William L FARR, Rowena E 1867 November,07 MAYER, S K FREEMAN, Charlotte C 1895 November,28 MAYERS, George TERRELL, Mary E 1885 October,24 MAYHALL, A LANEHART, S A 1870 May,29 MAYHALL, John THOMAS, Catherine F 1843 April,06 MCALISTER, Benjamin DUFF, Louisa J 1886 June,16 MCALLISTER, Joseph N MCKINNEY, Mosillet 1889 June,23 MCALLISTER, William DAVIS, Calperine P 1883 December,20 MCALPINE, C H BROWN, Ruth M 1892 March,10 MCCAA, David M JONES, Mary T 1868 December,17 MCCAA, Isaac. N LEE, Cassander 1868 May,07 MCCAA, J E SANDERS, A R 1896 February,07 MCCAA, James KNIGHT, Nancy M 1833 January,30 MCCAA, Joseph J STROUD, Sarah Ann 1865 October,05 MCCAA, S E WATSON, T C 1888 December,13 MCCAA, Samuel N KENNISON, Ader 1884 January,20 MCCAA, Samuel N SULLIVAN, Martha Ann 1859 October,19 MCCAA, William B CUPIT, Elizabeth 1837 February,02 MCCALISTER, William ARNOLD, Permelia 1873 December,10 MCCALL, D S LEE, Teresa A 1879 December,07 MCCALL, J W MCINTYRE, Margaret 1879 October,30 MCCALL, James TARVER, Frances 1821 April,25 MCCALL, James M ERWIN, Julia F 1876 March,19 MCCALL, Oliver P CUPIT, Rebecca 1852 June,23 MCCALL, Shadrach ROUNAVALL, Martha 1836 March,28 MCCALL, William BRIGGS, Charlotte 1824 July,12 MCCARLEY, John WELLS, Mary 1820 October,30 MCCARTNEY, Ollie B GRIFFING, J E 1892 April,05 MCCEARLY, Van HARRIS, Eugenia 1882 February,24 MCCONNELL, Rachel CAMRON, John 1818 July,07 MCCOY, Eugene WALLACE, Jane 1897 September, 26 MCCOY, James M MULLINS, Mahala E 1869 January,08 MCCOY, John ARNOLD, Mary R 1868 June,05 MCCOY, John W FLOWERS, Mary Ann 1871 August,14 MCCRACKEN, E S WRIGHT, Fanny I - - MCCRAINE, Daniel W DUNCKLEY, Catherine 1855 July,14 MCCRAINE, N W THOMPSON, Laura A 1862 January,08 MCCRAY, William SPEARS, Elizabeth 1826 July,10 MCCREA, W D GARDNER, Maggie 1881 February,05 MCCURLEY, Thomas B BAKER, Dora 1895 September, 15 MCDANIEL, Daniel DUNN, Nancy 1856 November,22 MCDANIEL, Dezzie GLICK, I M 1895 July,11 MCDANIEL, Elmer A DECELL, Lou E 1898 February,20 MCDANIEL, James H BRADSHAW, Mary Ann 1892 December,28 MCDANIEL, John FREEMAN, Berthena 1863 March,09 MCDANIEL, John COLEMAN, Lela 1897 January,13 MCDANIEL, John H HIGDON, Mary Ann 1841 March,04 MCDANIEL, John W NEWMAN, Mary E 1863 July,16 MCDANIEL, Quitman NOBLE, Cattie L 1887 December,27 MCDANIEL, Ransom TEW, Ella 1896 December,03 MCDONALD, A WELLS, M E 1865 December,18 MCDONALD, James ROBINSON, Eleanor 1826 March,29 MCDONALD, M F STROUD, S S 1895 January,10 MCDONALD, Wilson R PORTER, Hattie 1891 February,23 MCELRATH, S H COFFEY, Jane 1893 January,12 MCFARLAND, Elias ARNOLD, Susannah E 1853 July,28 MCFARLAND, Elias CAMPBELL, Lucenda 1864 May,03 MCFARLAND, Elias THORNHILL, Martha Ann 1849 April,25 MCFARLAND, Elijah SUMANS, Charlotte 1847 December,29 MCFARLAND, John DELANEY, Ella 1889 July,02 MCFARLAND, John D PECKERING, Miriam 1869 December,26 MCFARLAND, Richard SMITH, Martha G 1891 October,17 MCFARLANE, John P TERRELL, Sarah Jane 1850 June,24 MCFATE, W J HICKINGBOTTOM, Dora C 1886 October,24 MCGAHA, John LOVEWORTH, Letha Ann 1867 May,28 MCGEHEE, A A LAND, T A 1887 December,28 MCGEHEE, E R WROTEN, E M 1872 April,18 MCGEHEE, Eugene CAIN, Laura A 1875 December,08 MCGEHEE, F E WILLIAMS, Retha 1887 December,14 MCGEHEE, George KELL, Martha A R 1847 November,20 MCGEHEE, J B SEALE, Annie 1895 December,07 MCGEHEE, J H PICKETT, Lizzie 1899 November,29 MCGEHEE, J M JONES, Amanda 1883 February,08 MCGEHEE, John H FORD, Alice C 1872 December,06 MCGEHEE, John M BYRD, Della M 1895 December,11 MCGEHEE, M C LUMPKINS, Ella 1892 November,16 MCGEHEE, W C LUMPKIN, Lenora L 1881 December,14 MCGRIGER, George MITCHEL, Louisana 1862 November,11 MCINTYRE, Archibald MCCOY, Sarah Jane 1868 March,20 MCINTYRE, D W H RAWLS, Anna Pauline 1880 April,23 MCINTYRE, Duncan MONTGOMERY, Lavicia 1834 January,07 MCINTYRE, Duncan PORTER, Mary Ann 1856 December,28 MCINTYRE, E G BAILEY, Ettie 1888 August,28 MCINTYRE, F W MCCAA, Olive 1889 February,06 MCINTYRE, Franklin P COTTON, Georgia 1887 February,16 MCINTYRE, George CLARK, Missouri 1884 February,07 MCINTYRE, J D PORTER, Lauretta 1872 August,27 MCINTYRE, John WOOTEN, Amanda 1878 February,20 MCINTYRE, O D LOFTEN, Maggie 1891 July,02 MCKAY, Michael R BUIE, Elizabeth 1836 November,24 MCKAY, Samuel I CAIN, Rebecca 1825 September, 25 MCKINNEY, James B PRICHARD, Amanda 1872 December,12 MCKINNEY, Pat MAY,Emily 1895 December,03 MCKINNY, Seaborn W SMITH, Martha 1860 November,14 MCKNIGHT, Jefferson PORTER, Mazrena 1881 April,09 MCLAURIN, John GALBRATH, Sarah 1836 September, 22 MCLAVITT, James D OLIVER, Eliza Jane 1873 April,10 MCLEAN, Hugh MILLER, J E 1890 March,04 MCLEMORE, T C SEALE, Arie 1899 January,19 MCLEMORE, Ephriam H HIGDON, H G 1889 December,19 MCLEMORE, John O PRICE, Emily C 1885 December,31 MCLEMORE, John T WHITEHEAD, Sarah Jane 1879 August,21 MCLEMORE, R E HALEY, J A 1890 July,20 MCLEOD, Alexander SPAIR, Martha C G 1843 April,25 MCMAHAN, Oliver PRATHER, Nancy 1881 July,19 MCMANUS, Andrew J FREEMAN, Mary Ann 1876 July,13 MCMANUS, Ellison C TEMPLE, Louisia J 1865 January,19 MCMANUS, Emmit WENTWORTH, Bertha 1899 December,28 MCMANUS, George M COLEMAN, Elvira E 1848 August,15 MCMANUS, Henry O IRWIN, Agnes 1898 March,09 MCMANUS, Hiram C MEREDITH, Nancy D 1869 August,12 MCMANUS, J S HOLLAND, Rebecca 1888 December,29 MCMANUS, Kirby JACKSON, Bessie 1885 December,15 MCMANUS, LaFayette M LARD, Martha J 1866 October,23 MCMANUS, Melvin ONEAL, Martha 1855 July,05 MCMANUS, N C JOHNSON, C 1865 July,30 MCMANUS, Otis CASEY, Nora 1898 June,28 MCMANUS, S A ARNOLD, S A 1878 February,06 MCMANUS, Stephen A COLE, Sallie R 1869 November,02 MCMILLAN, Benjamin NOBLE, Willie A 1884 November,06 MCMILLAN, C F CANNON, Emma 1874 September, 10 MCMILLAN, Calvin N THOMPSON, Amanda F 1832 December,28 MCMILLAN, Casten A HUNT, Ellen G 1854 February,01 MCMILLAN, D L WHITTINGTON, Susan 1866 March,02 MCMILLAN, Daniel C THOMPSON, Eliza Ann 1842 December,22 MCMILLAN, E F DRONEGOOLE, Mary E 1880 August,15 MCMILLAN, James LOTT, Margaret Milisa 1826 July,20 MCMILLAN, James P LKEE, Mary E 1864 July,21 MCMILLAN, John A KENNEBREW, Eliza C 1855 February,07 MCMILLAN, K W KELL, Mary M 1876 March,08 MCMILLAN, Landy NEWMAN, Maggie 1899 April,22 MCMILLAN, Thomas J ARMFIELD, Mary J 1875 September, 02 MCMORRIS, C P CARAWAY, Annie 1892 February,11 MCMORRIS, J E WESTBROOK, Mary Ann 1877 December,18 MCMULLAN, C E DROMGOOLE, Ida Z 1876 August,17 MCMULLAN, P P HOFF, Amanda 1878 December,22 MCNAIR, A K WARREN, Francis M 1873 February,12 MCNEAL, George A PARKER, Martha A 1864 July,21 MCNEELY, F B HAVARD, Pearl 1896 December,10 MCNEIL, John M BYRD, Julia W 1870 December,15 MCNEILL, M A NEWMAN, D B 1890 December,17 MCNIECE, Henry D SHIVERS, Mary 1855 July,16 MCPAITE, John W PRATHER, Ella 1884 January,16 MCPHERSON, David KENNISON, Ola 1891 October,08 MCPHERSON, John Williams BEACH, Amelia 1896 April,27 MCPHERSON, Pleasant HALL, Darlie D 1899 November,02 MCRAVEN, Elem A CAMERON, Mary C 1839 December,31 MCVEY, John THORNHILL, Ines 1899 January,11 MELTON, C L AARON, Martha J 1879 December,24 MELTON, George N TEMPLES, Lydia Ann 1845 December,25 MELTON, Henry MCMANUS, Louisa 1863 September, 29 MELTON, Henry TEMPLE, Letha Ann 1843 February,16 MELTON, James M RUSH, Pernicia 1867 May,23 MELTON, William DAVIS, Sally 1846 September, 06 MERIDITH, E L SCOTT, W J 1867 December,27 MERIDITH, H John CARLOCK, Aliza 1849 January,25 MERIDITH, Henry L GILBERT, Mary E 1857 March,06 MERIDITH, Henry G TURNIP, Harriet 1839 November,28 MERIDITH, John TEMPLE, Margaret E 1856 December,21 MERIDITH, S M THORNTON, N W 1878 February,21 MERIDITH, Thomas J BYRD, Mary E 1868 October,25 MEYERS, H G FLOWERS, Susan 1878 December,25 MIDDLETON, A N CLAUGHTON, Mary Jane 1881 June,23 MIDDLETON, Andrew J LARD, Mary Ann 1854 February,13 MIDDLETON, B F ALDRIDGE, Nanie E 1888 February,16 MIDDLETON, C L WILKINSON, Sarah E 1872 October,01 MIDDLETON, Charles L WORLEY, Amanda R J 1853 September, 06 MIDDLETON, Edward L WENTWORTH, Nannie A 1866 November,01 MIDDLETON, F L HAVARD, Martha 1884 September, 25 MIDDLETON, Francis E ALDRIDGE, Elizabeth 1875 May,23 MIDDLETON, Francis L HARRIGILL, Martha A 1845 April,17 MIDDLETON, H A ADAMS, Alice 1885 January,07 MIDDLETON, Henry A SEALE, Angelina 1874 August,27 MIDDLETON, John G WHITEHEAD, Angelina 1833 March,05 MIDDLETON, Joseph CLARK, Minnie 1899 August,01 MIDDLETON, Levi E FREEMAN, Frances J 1860 April,07 MIDDLETON, Levi G MIDDLETON, Rhoda C 1861 August,01 MIDDLETON, Sam MITCHELL, Jennie 1899 December,12 MIDDLETON, Samuel YOUNG, Martha L 1878 January,14 MIDDLETON, Stephen L ADAMS, Anna A 1869 August,05 MIDDLETON, Stephen N BOZEMAN, Martha 1833 September, 25 MIDDLETON, Stephen N CURRIS, Martha Ann 1854 October,31 MIDDLETON, Stephen N FAIRMAN, Margaret 1862 November,26 MIDDLETON, T J NEWMAN, Frances A 1881 July,18 MIDDLETON, Thomas J CARTER, Mary Jane 1867 June,27 MIERS, G V MIERS, Bell 1894 May,12 MILEY, A B M LOFTEN, J L 1895 May,29 MILEY, John K KEEN, Frances B 1867 September, 05 MILLER, Baldwin H SPAIRS, Lucretia 1841 September, 09 MILLER, Collins M OWENS, Margaret 1825 March,03 MILLER, E J MURRAY, H T 1897 December,15 MILLER, J E LEE, Clara 1882 December,21 MILLER, Marcus L GIBSON, Mary 1821 February,21 MILLER, W H NETTLES, M L 1895 June,16 MIRES, B V YOUNG, F P 1888 June,24 MITCHELL, Alexander RAY, Mary 1855 November,19 MITCHELL, C M MIDDLETON, Mindy 1897 January,07 MITCHELL, Charles HALFORD, Lizzie 1896 December,23 MITCHELL, Charles WHITTINGTON, Sarah Jane 1878 May,20 MITCHELL, Charles S EVANS, Louanna 1850 December,22 MITCHELL, David MERANDA, Eda 1836 August,25 MITCHELL, David P BRADSHAW, Catherine A 1879 December,09 MITCHELL, E B DORSEY, Celia H 1871 April,15 MITCHELL, Hezikiah KENADY, Susan 1845 June,26 MITCHELL, J M GUICE, Mary Lou 1892 November,03 MITCHELL, J M GUICE, Mary Lou 1892 November,04 MITCHELL, James M WELLS, Sarah J 1865 November,09 MITCHELL, Johan MITCHELL, Margaret 1837 September, 28 MITCHELL, John CHAPMAN, Jane 1841 February,03 MITCHELL, William M ROLLINGS, Louisa 1882 December,28 MIZE, B E HEMPHILL, S A 1878 December,24 MOBLEY, Elijah MAY,Martha 1823 July,05 MOCK, Jermiah SMITH, Martha Ann 1849 January,21 MOCK, John CALVIT, Grach 1834 April,22 MONDAY, Sullivan GRIFFIN, Lucinda 1834 September, 24 MONTGOMERY, Andrew J CAMERON, Sarah J 1839 November,12 MONTGOMERY, Fayett GALBRATH, Catherine 1834 January,06 MONTGOMERY, Harrison P HERRINGTON, Mindrva 1862 April,08 MONTGOMERY, Hugh CHANEY, Mary 1821 September, 26 MONTGOMERY, Hugh HUGHES, Carrie 1894 February,07 MONTGOMERY, Hugh MULDER, Atlanta 1870 December,02 MONTGOMERY, Jesse BRAGGS, Mary Ann 1855 December,03 MONTGOMERY, Jessee FREEMAN, Mary E 1881 November,30 MONTGOMERY, R S TENNEY, M D 1888 July,25 MONTGOMERY, Robert T MOORE, Sarah Ann Eliza 1850 April,11 MONTGOMERY, Samuel CORBAN, Sarah Ann 1859 February,20 MONTGOMERY, Samuel S HERRINGTON, Laura 1858 May,06 MONTGOMERY, Stella C PRITCHARD, Paul 1898 February,08 MONTGOMERY, V COX, Cora C 1887 February,17 MONTGOMERY, Wallace COBRAN, Mary J 1865 August,30 MONTGOMERY, Wm E REEVES, Sallie 1878 October,10 MOORE, A E GUICE, Josie L 1885 August,19 MOORE, George A CUPIT, Cynthia M 1847 January,01 MOORE, George W GATES, Emma A 1884 December,17 MOORE, Henry P RATCLIFF, Mary Jane 1863 September, 13 MOORE, James GARRETT, Lucinda 1833 October,21 MOORE, John G MACKEY, Mary E 1869 December,16 MOORE, John P THOMPSON, Mary P 1868 September, 24 MOORE, Walter BUCKLES, Amanda 1894 January,10 MOORE, William FLOWERS, Amelia 1840 December,06 MOORE, William HEMPHILL, Margaret E 1860 August,27 MOORE, William D BYRD, Louisa P 1865 December,17 MOORE, Willis A MCDUGALD, Mary E 1863 July,16 MORAN, Michael JONES, Thursey 1862 November,14 MORGAN, Archibald MITCHELL, Sarah 1855 December,06 MORGAN, David REDMOND, Nancy Jane 1860 June,18 MORGAN, Guss KNIGHT, Sarah 1871 November,18 MORGAN, Levi NEWSOM, Malissia E 1866 June,22 MORGAN, Monroe FOSTER, Fanny 1899 January,24 MORGAN, Vernie C LOFTEN, H W 1892 August,30 MORGAN, William CRYDER, Peggie 1824 October,23 MORGAN, William WELLS, Polly C 1824 December,09 MORK, Jerry STAMPLEY, Elizabeth 1873 December,08 MORRIS, William J MIDDLETON, Cassandra R 1844 June,25 MORTON, William F GUICE, Mary E 1863 December,24 MOSITH, Harland WOLLY, Nancy 1837 June,18 MULDOR, I P LEE, Atlanta 1865 February,16 MULKEY, Baxter ROLLINS, Ollie 1899 January,02 MULKEY, Baxton LASTER, Nancy 1885 December,31 MULKEY, Ellis KING, Virginia 1879 November,09 MULKEY, John HALFORD, Deit 1889 April,18 MULKEY, Levi F JETERS, Sarah 1852 April,06 MULKEY, M M HALFORD, T H 1898 February,16 MULKEY, William CLARK, Elizabeth Stanl 1846 April,09 MULLINS, Daniel W CUPIT, Margaret Jane 1873 November,22 MULLINS, Daniel W HART, Susan 1885 January,07 MULLINS, Elbert TEMPLE, Mary Della 1896 November,24 MULLINS, F L GAMMILL, Maranda A 1887 January,05 MULLINS, Harmon B PRATHER, Sina A 1875 December,08 MULLINS, J M HESTER, Sarah J 1893 December,20 MULLINS, J R COBB, Annie L 1880 June,13 MULLINS, J R WRIGHT, Mary E 1886 February,16 MULLINS, James R MCDUGALA, Margaret A 1867 December,17 MULLINS, M E SMITH, Dunkin 1894 December,17 MULLINS, T J COTTEN, Florence 1897 November,10 MULLINS, W M STROUD, Amanda 1896 December,02 MULLINS, W W BENNETT, Pearl 1895 November,13 MULLINS, William STEWART, Nancy 1858 December,16 MULLINS, William E DEAN, D E 1891 July,19 MULLINS, William E GRIFFING, Nancy L 1866 January,27 MULLINS, William L SCHOOLER, Fannie M 1898 May,14 MUNCHY, George W GALBEATH, Catherine C 1861 May,04 MUNDAY, Rowena C SELLERS, George H 1851 February,12 MURPHY, John BOSKO, Hesta 1895 November,10 MURRAY, H T MILLER, E J 1897 December,15 MURRAY, J M MCMANUS, Lula 1896 April,01 MURRAY, T A BILBO, L A 1895 December,18 MURRY, Alex GAMMILL, M E 1891 December,23 MURRY, Andy FREEMAN, Lizzie 1889 October,03 MURRY, George H TEMPLE, Mary S 1883 December,27 MURRY, Monroe TEMPLE, Clorinda E 1870 November,16 MYERS, B V GRIFFING, Lou 1892 September, 15 MYERS, John MCDANIEL, Mary Ann 1843 January,13 MYERS, L J ELIZA, Smith 1894 July,11 MYRES, J M MCINTYRE, Lillie 1898 February,13

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