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Forrest Co. MS Marriages

Groom Index "T"

TABOR, Henry Lee WALKER, Gertrude 1918 December,28 TAITE, Archie WILLIAMS, Ada 1913 October,22 TALLEY, Ned DONALD, Mary Lou 1919 March,18 TALLMAN, Zemery JONES, Esseren 1920 February,14 TANNER, B C THORN, E D Mrs 1911 September,13 TANNER, Guy Freemon CHASE, Gertrude 1918 August,24 TANNER, W S MCCARDLE, Lola B 1917 October,20 TANNHILL, WALLACE, Mary Mrs 1916 December,09 TANNOURY, Michael CHANNON, Takla Altes 1906 January,14 TATE, Archie DUNHAM, Velma 1919 April,26 TATE, Linnie WELLS, R R 1909 December,19 TATUM, Will Sion SARPHIE, Bernice M 1918 March,31 TAYLOR, Anderson BATRO, Annie 1918 July,31 TAYLOR, Andrew HUPP, Edith Earle 1910 August,10 TAYLOR, Arlie Z MYERS, Ethel 1918 July,08 TAYLOR, B F CROSBY, Delia 1912 June,12 TAYLOR, Burlen RUSE, Florida 1919 July,15 TAYLOR, F J ODELL, Annie 1909 December,22 TAYLOR, George GRAVES, Angelina 1920 July,24 TAYLOR, Harry T WESTERFIELD, Nannie May 1914 July,03 TAYLOR, Henry POWELL, Manila 1918 July,16 TAYLOR, James A DAVIS, Mannie C 1909 December,13 TAYLOR, Joseph Cleveland GRAY, Ruby 1912 July,31 TAYLOR, Knox JONES, Jani 1917 November,24 TAYLOR, Leon GRAFTON, Etta 1919 October,04 TAYLOR, Lonnie CREEL, Annie 1920 July,05 TAYLOR, Ned Jr DAWKINS, Willie Mae 1918 December,07 TAYLOR, Oscar NEWKIRK, Rachel 1920 December,24 TAYLOR, Thomas E WILSON, Lula 1917 November,18 TAYLOR, William MOREHEAD, Bertha 1920 August,08 TAYLOR, William A KING, Daisy 1918 August,03 TAYLOR, William C YATES, Gladys Louise 1919 August,12 TAYLOR, Willie MCGEE, Elsie 1920 January,07 TAYLOR, Zelner STOCKTON, Helen 1918 February,25 TEMPLES, Travis TEMPLES, Orrie 1919 June,23 TERRALL, Jim JACKSON, Ida 1918 October,01 TERRANOVA, N MORANNE, Enola 1918 July,19 THAMES, Frank CLAIRMAN, Mae 1916 March,17 THAMES, Frank CLEARMAN, Mae 1916 April,09 THAMES, John D SMITH, Flora 1910 April,28 THAMES, Willie J MCDONALD, Sarah Elizabeth M 1919 August,27 THATCHER, James F LYONS, Ethel Dorris 1919 June,17 THERIOT, Paul CHAMPAGNE, Aline 1911 December,29 THIGPEN, Ben SMITH, Ella 1918 October,02 THOMAS, Albert M MCINSTRY, Mannie 1909 December,28 THOMAS, Baxter H BUCHANAN, Edna A Mrs 1915 March,02 THOMAS, Bill TERRALL, Mattie 1920 October,07 THOMAS, Carlton E SPAHE, Cora 1917 October,15 THOMAS, Charlie ROBERTS, Ary Belle 1920 November,24 THOMAS, Clarence MORGAN, Georgie 1917 November,12 THOMAS, Clifton WASHINGTON, Gussie 1920 May,08 THOMAS, Foster MCCASKILL, Myra 1920 June,04 THOMAS, G J TAYLOR, Ethel 1918 June,08 THOMAS, Homer P ALLMAN, Lucille L 1918 June,29 THOMAS, Isaac JOHNSON, Lillie V 1919 December,22 THOMAS, Jesse DUNCAN, Mollie 1918 December,21 THOMAS, Jimmie HINES, Nince 1919 December,20 THOMAS, Joe ALLEN, Mary 1918 April,06 THOMAS, Ludie REESE, Gertrude 1918 September,15 THOMAS, Marion R KLEIN, Edna L 1917 December,01 THOMAS, Primrose HARRIS, Lu 1919 November,29 THOMAS, R W HERRING, Beulah 1906 January,31 THOMAS, Robert RUSHING, Daisy 1919 June,30 THOMAS, Sylvester WATKINS, Lillie 1919 January,18 THOMAS, Walter NOTTS, Mary 1909 April,18 THOMAS, William JONES, Emma 1918 August,30 THOMAS, William LITTLES, Mary Alice 1919 June,24 THOMAS, William Harvey MINIFIE, Grace Bellin 1917 December,20 THOMPKINS, Jimmie MALONE, Easter 1919 May,20 THOMPSON, Charles BANIFIELD, Lula 1906 January,24 THOMPSON, Charles H WRIGLEY, Lillian 1918 February,23 THOMPSON, Charley GILMORE, Laura 1918 November,14 THOMPSON, J W SMITH, Annie V 1914 September,16 THOMPSON, James MYERS, Annie 1920 October,14 THOMPSON, Jay Alfred Jr POWE, Alberta Jeanne 1919 September,23 THOMPSON, Joe CHANCEY, Mary 1919 September,29 THOMPSON, John Horace PERRY, Estelle 1919 June,09 THOMPSON, John M FAIRLEY, Emma 1909 March,10 THOMPSON, Joseph B MARTIN, Elizabeth Viola 1913 June,01 THOMPSON, Joseph B URSERY, Mattie Lee 1911 December,16 THOMPSON, Ned COLLINS, Earlene 1919 April,26 THOMPSON, Ned HARRIS, Frances 1918 January,28 THOMPSON, R W WEST, Renna Ancabell 1910 August,11 THOMPSON, Robert H CLARK, Alice 1920 January,24 THOMPSON, Tom CAMPBELL, Bertha 1920 January,26 THOMPSON, Will ABRON, Lydia 1918 January,06 THOMS, David MOORE, Ruffie 1915 November,17 THOMS, Jamie C GRIFFIN, Ava Lee 1919 November,26 THOMTON, William J DUCKWORTH, Charity Lucille 1912 October,22 THORNTON, Martin R BAGGETT, Helen Virginia 1918 January,02 THORNTON, T M LOVETT, D Elizabeth 1914 June,13 THRALLS, Ernest W WATKINS, Terre M 1918 August,10 THRUATT, J C RODGERS, A M Miss 1910 October,15 THURMAN, W E OLEARY, Ida May 1915 May,11 TILL, Jess BREWTON, Ora 1919 April,01 TILLEY, Joseph WABNER, Jo 1918 October,12 TILLMAN, Caleb MORNING, Rosa Lee 1919 May,24 TIMS, Alonzo Freeman DAVIS, Pearl 1920 September,30 TISDAL, Eddie TRAVIS, Mack 1918 January,05 TISDALE, A NORMAN, Ressie 1912 June,11 TISDALE, Floyd MCGILBERRY, Kate 1919 August,09 TISDALE, Hemphill COLLINS, Ola 1919 June,21 TISDALE, Willie W SHOWS, Olivia 1920 September,09 TODD, D D ARLEDGE, Nattie 1909 December,27 TODD, Fred L HORTON, Lottie 1918 March,07 TODD, W E MITCHELL, Wilmoth Inez 1920 June,12 TOLTON, Roy Lee MATS, Gladys Marie 1918 September,10 TOMPKIN, Will PEEPLES, Alice 1920 January,17 TOPP, Everett S POWE, Regina 1919 July,16 TOUSINAN, E T WILLIAMSON, Trula Mae 1920 May,10 TOWN, W B LEE, Mary 1909 March,10 TOWNSEND, Charley T SHOWS, Flossie 1919 October,11 TOWNSEND, Jeffie EALEY, Jess 1920 August,30 TRACY, John W DEAR, Blanche 1916 January,15 TRAVERS, Charlie L WILLIAMS, Willie D 1918 July,27 TRAVIS, Buford MCKAY, Mazrine 1918 December,21 TRAVIS, John DAWKINS, Minola 1920 July,03 TRAVIS, Mack TISDAL, Eddie 1918 January,05 TRAVIS, Robert A THOMAS, Lavenia E 1917 December,01 TRENT, John ONEAL, Mary 1918 July,13 TREST, Angus E THOMPSON, Annie Laura 1909 December,26 TREST, S O RICHARDS, Daisy 1914 July,03 TRIGG, Leon GRANBERRY, Ida 1920 December,17 TRIGG, William L JACKSON, Mercedes J Mrs 1919 July,09 TRIGG, William L JACKSON, Mercedes J Mrs 1919 July,10 TROTTER, Denny JONES, Willie 1918 May,01 TROTTER, Jessie MOTT, Anna 1917 December,22 TROTTER, Robert JACOBS, Blanch 1918 April,27 TROUTMAN, Rodney E LAFFERTY, Mary A 1918 April,11 TROYER, Melvin K MCRANEY, Nine 1918 May,25 TRUELOVE, Jeffie FAIRLEY, Lillian 1916 April,08 TRUELOVE, W H RUDY, Kate 1914 June,27 TRUMP, Jesse POWERS, Beatrice 1918 August,03 TUCKER, Delma BUSH, E C 1918 June,28 TUCKER, O W BETHEA, Virginia 1912 June,17 TULLY, A J MADISON, Georgia 1917 March,14 TURCOTT, G E BARNES, V Mrs 1911 June,12 TURNER, Blueford COLE, Elizabeth 1919 October,09 TURNER, E R BENNETT, Juanita 1918 May,12 TURNER, Fred WHITE, Anna 1919 October,13 TURNER, G Horace BENNETT, Mary Candice 1916 August,12 TURNER, Horace REED, Bessie 1920 March,27 TURNER, Hosie LEWIS, Sallie 1919 May,14 TURNER, Hugh C KINGSBERY, Cecile 1919 October,01 TURNER, John L THOMPSON, Mary Alice 1917 December,01 TURNER, S Harry SMITH, Emmie Lou 1913 December,30 TUTTLE, George TURNER, Ruth E 1911 October,06 TYREE, Walter H LAIRD, Irene 1919 August,04 TYRONE, C H MCNAIR, Ida Lee 1915 November,06

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