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Marriages 1814

Marion Co. MS.

MARION CO. MS. MARRIAGES 1814 Index in no special order.

Beasley, Lucy married Duck, Ephraim on 18 May 1814
Beauchamp, Nancy married Magee, George on 02 May 1814
Birge, Drury married Roberts, Sarah on 03 Apr 1814
Blue, Daniel married Riley, Mary on 02 Mar 1814
Broddy, William married Dikes, Lucy on 14 Dec 1814
Bullock, David married Mannin, Susanna on 27 Feb 1814
Burnet, James married Ford, Winney on 27 Jun 1814
Davis, Clemon married Shilling, Jenny on 13 Mar 1814
Drake, Britain married Graves, Rebecca on 04 Oct 1814
Goldman, William married Sumerall, Nancy on 31 Oct 1814
Graves, James married Holliday, Sarah on 26 Oct 1814
Isle, Nancy married Thompson, Archibald on 12 Jun 1814
Jackson, Wiley married Robinson, Mary on 15 Sep 1814
Jones, Mary married Wright, Reuben on 23 Jun 1814
Lee, Alex married May, Maryan on 01 Feb 1814.
Low, Joseph married Mills, Martha on 28 Nov 1814
Low, Rebecca married White, David on 26 Mar 1814
Lowe, Frederick married Strother, Aby on 22 Oct 1814
Magee, Solomon married Weathersby, Elizabeth on 24 Nov 1814
Mcdonald, John married Mcelvenn, Margaret on 14 Jun 1814
Prestrige, Lucy married Summer, Owen on 03 Jun 1814
Pendaris, Katherine married Rutlin, Asa on 09 Nov 1814

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