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William Lee

William Lee, was born about 1796/97 in South Carolina and died 1890 in Lamar County, MS.

How does William fit into the other Lee's of Southern Mississippi?

He married 29 July 1828 in Marion Co. to Margaret Collins who was born about 1814 in South Carolina and died after 1890 in Lamar Co.

  Children of William Lee and Margaret Collins were:

1.  Mary Ann Lee, born about 1831 Marion Co.

2.  Martha Lee, born 18 February, 1833 Marion Co. and died 20 May, 1897 in Lamar Co. She married Edward Johnson.

3.  Nancy Lee, born22 February, 1834 in Marion Co. and died 25 October, 1922 in Lamar Co. She married Elisha Anderson.

  4.  Margaret Lee, born about 1838 Marion Co.

5.  William Riley Lee, born 12 January, 1840 Marion Co. MS. and died 18 April, 1909 in Lamar Co. He married Matilda Johnson.

 6.  Wilkie Lee, born about 1842 in Marion or Perry Co. MS. He married Rebecca Williams.

 7.  Almedia Lee, born about 1846.
 8. Sarah Ann Lee, born Abt. 1850


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