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Thomas J Lee

Family Bible


Thomas J. Lee and Mary J. Baird was married the 26th of December, 1854

Thomas J. Lee and L.R. Early were married in Meridian by the Rev. Jos or Jas Bardwell, June 30, 1880

James Barnett Lee and Cora Baker Lee were married February 15, 1888

S.L. Richardson and Annie Victoria Lee were married near Johnsonville, Sunflower Co. MS., by the Rev. Stevenson Archer, September 28, 1882

G.B. Wilmot and Mry Edna Lee were married near Johnsonville, Sunflower Co. MS., by the Rev. Stevenson, January 29, 1884

Thomas Henderson Lee and Sue Rupert were married June 16, 1892 at Mobile, AL.

Thomas Henderson Lee and mary Correro were married (blank)


Thomas J. Lee born November 27, 1826 in Oglethorpe Co. GA.
Mary Jane Lee, his wife was born June 30, 1838 in Wahalak, Kemper Co. MS.

Ida Eliza Lee the daughter of Thomas and Mary Jane was born August 27, 1856 Noxubee Co. MS.

Sallie Alice Lee the daughter of Thomas and Mary was born August 7, 1859 Lowndes Co. MS.

James Barnett Lee son of Thomas and Mary was born October 17, 1861 Washington Co. MS.

Annie Victoria Lee was born March 29, 1864 Washington Co. MS.

William Henry Lee was born October 4, 1865 Washington Co. MS.

Mary Edna Lee was born July 18, 1866, date had been altered

Thomas Henderson Lee was born July 19, 1868 Washington Co. MS.(date was written over original) Correct date shown

Joseph Lamar Lee was born July 17, 1871 West Point, MS.

Mary Baird Lee born October 5, 1878 West Point, MS.

Sallie Young Lee born April 12, 1881 Sunflower Co. MS.

Sallie Lee born February 13, 1884 Sunflower Co. MS

Nellie Lee born Sunday December 27, 1885 Sunflower Co. MS.


Sallie Lee my Mother was born the 20th of December, 1785. She died Friday the 10th of September, 1847 in Monroe Co. MS.

An infant son was born at 2'O clock PM, and died the 16th of October, 1857

Sallie Alice Lee died August 11, 1860 in Crawfordville, MS.

William H. Lee died January 9, 1866 7 AM in Washington Co. MS.

Ida Eliza Lee died April 12, 1872 NC.

Mary Jane Lee, the wife of Thomas Lee died the 8th October, 1878 at West Point, MS. Age 40 years

Sallie Lee died in Sunflower Co. MS., July 22, 1882

James Barnett Lee died at Merigold, MS. no date

Thomas J. Lee died April 19, 1911 Inverness, MS.

Thomas Henderson Lee died June 11, 1915


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