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Samuel Lee

Samuel Lee! Samuel is the first known ancestor of this family. He was born about 1770 in New Hanover Co. NC. and died 5 July, 1831 in Marion Co. MS.

Samuel Married Susannah who was born about 1770 in Virginia and died 5 June, 1850 in Marion Co. MS.

Only two children are known. There may be more.

1. Elizabeth Lee born 7 November, 1801 Barnwell Co. SC. She married 7 February, 1818 Marion Co. MS. John Lott.

2. William Solomon Collum Lee, born 1810 SC.

William S.C. Lee

Son Of Samuel Lee

William Lee born September 1810 in Barnwell Co. SC. and died about 1893 in Covington Co. MS. He married 21 July, 1840 Marion Co. MS. to Sarah Ann Holcomb. She was born 1824 Lawrence Co. MS. and the daughter of Gardner Holcomb and wife Polly Washburn.

Eight known children:

1. William Anderson Lee born 30 July, 1842 Marion Co. MS.

2. Angeline Lee, born 14 October, 1844 Marion Co. MS. and died 31 January, 1914 Williamburg, MS. (Covington Co.) She married William Coulter.

3. Caroline Elizabeth Lee born 1846 Marion Co. married 1867 Covington Co. to Joseph Lew Bryant.

4. Alicia Lee born 1848 Marion Co. MS. died about 1912, MS.

5. Sarah Ann Lee born 8 August 1851 Marion Co. died 4 February, 1935 Moselle, Jones Co. MS. She married Appleton Allen Rainey.

6. Albert Lee born 1854 Marion Co. MS. No more information.

7. Emily "Emma" Lee born 15 April, 1858 Marion Co. died 28 September, 1911 Bassfield, Jefferson Davis Co. MS. She married William Deen.

8. Ella Lee born 1860 Covington Co. MS. died about 1915.


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