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Michael King

Of Nansemond Co. Virginia

Michael King

Michael King was a resident of Nansemond County, Virginia. He was called the "Elder". Greer’s Emigrants list a Michael King who came with John Wright to Virginia as a headwright. Michael married Elizabeth Hury, Hiry, or Hary, once he arrived in Virginia. It appears from some land patents in Virginia that Michael arrived about 1640.

Michael and Elizabeth had at least six children, perhaps more.

1. Nathan King born about 1671 Nansemond Co. VA.
2. William King born about 1673 Nansemond Co. VA. William married Mary Curle of Elizabeth City Co. daughter of Joshua Curle. William died before 1747 as the widow married a Mr. Tucker. Elizabeth died 1778.

3. Michael King Jr. born about 1675 Nansemond Co. VA. This is the lineage of Wm Rufus King, Vice President of the United States elected in 1852, he died in 1853. He was born in Sampson Co. NC., and in 1818 moved to Alabama.

4. John King born about 1675 Nansemond Co. VA. married first in 1695 to Winfred Conner. He married second to Rebecca Moss Aimstead widow of Major William Aimstead. Rebecca was the daughter of Edward Moss of York Co. VA.

5. Henry King born about 1677 Nansemond Co. VA.

6. Elizabeth King born 1681 Nansemond Co. VA.

John King son of Michael had three known sons by his first wife and two from the second marriage.

A. John King (second)
B. William King
C. Michael King
D. Amistead King
E. Charles King married Elizabeth Tabb, daughter of Thomas Tabbs. Charles died in 1761 and his widow married James Westwood. Charles and Elizabeth had six children.

John King the second had five children.
John King (third)
Miles King
David King
Charles King
Michael King

John King (third) lived in Nansemond Co. He was a Physician and had only one son, John to reach maturity.

John King (fourth) was a farmer and had a large estate in Huntsville, AL. The Civil War took its toll and he lost everything. It is said he was a large man of 6ft 7inches in height. John married but the wife’s name is not known. He did however have seven known children.

John W. King is the fifth John
Michael Anderson King
Henry Hanford King
James Anthony King
Miles King
Charles David King
Carver Dixon King, this family lived in TX.

In a Bible Record that Mrs. John Egger of MS., had years ago stated the following.

Solomon King great grand son of Michael wrote the following: He was a son of Charles King, the said Charles King son of William King son of Michael.

Charles King, father of Solomon King departed this life January 15, 1762

Mary King, mother of Solomon King departed this life, February 2, 1762

Henry King, Uncle of Solomon King, departed this life December 7, 1771

Mary Hare, Aunt of Solomon King, departed this life February 11, 1774

Henry Slade King departed this life January 13, 1799

Elizabeth King departed this life April 5, 1794

William King departed this life August 26, 1796 married February 10, 1787 to Abigail Lee

Barbara Jones departed this life November 20, 1798

Amelia King departed this life May 11, 1800. She married Joseph Parker born June 22, 1762

Barbara S. Parker departed this life January 10, 1876 age 86 years

Reuben Parker departed this life August 31, 1821

Reuben Parker and Barbara Slade King were married September 4, 1806
William George Parker departed this life July 15, 1863 age 44 years

John S. R. Parker departed this life July 18, 1868

Thomas C. King departed this life November 16, 1834

Ann King married William Virgin August 15, 1763

William King married Amelia Slade November 28, 1777

Fanny King married Joshua Lee October 10, 1786

Charles King married Willie Benton December 12, 1687

Henry King married Sarah Worley February 10, 1787

William King married Abagail Lee September 17, 1791

Martha King married Thomas Britt March 2, 1793

David King married Sally Ruffin May 10, 1773

Charles King married Elizabeth Benton July 16, 1796

Martha King married Rigdon Jenkins September 18, 1798

The following was from a copy that belonged to the late Mrs. Carolyn Edwards Parker. Who was researching this family, she is a King descendant. This material was purchased by myself from her daughter with the genealogy material of Carolyn and her husband Dr. Vann Parker of Auburn, AL.

William King was born September 30, 1753
Amelia King was born 22 June, 1762
John King was born July 6, 1779
Henry Slade King was born October 21, 1782
Ann King was born March 21, 1786
Barbara King was born September 28, 1788
Elizabeth King was born April 14, 1791 died 1794
Hester King was born January 18, 1793
Henry S. King was born March 29, 1795
William C. King was July 20, 1797
George King was born July 20, 1797

The following was from the Bible of William Rufus King, some family members added names and dates after the death of Wm so they might have a permanent family record.

Thomas Devane King, son of William King and Margaret King, born in Duplin Co. NC. September 22, 1779

Ann King (Ann Jones) daughter of Nathaniel Jones was born in Wake Co. NC. February 14, 1788

William T. King, son of Thomas D. and Ann King born in Tuscaloosa City, AL. March 27, 1829

Evelyn Ann King, daughter of William T. and Evelyn H. King born June 15, 1857 Paris, France.

Margaret Ellis daughter of William T. and Evelyn H. King was born in New York, July 19, 1858

Evelyn Huett King, daughter of Henry Watkins and Mary Ann Collier, was born in Tuscaloosa, AL. July 28, 1832

Mary Evelyn King, daughter of William Thomas and Evelyn Hewett King was born 7 February, 1860 Kings Bend, Alabama River.

Catherine Parish, born 9 October, ?

Thomas Devane King died February 24, 1854 Tuscaloosa, AL.
Ann King died 29 June, 1855 Tuscaloosa, AL.
Margaret Ellis King died June 30, 1859 Shelby Springs, AL.
Evelyn Ann King died November 11, 1859 at Kings Bend, AL.

William Thomas King married June 24, 1856 to Evelyn Hewett Collier in Tuscaloosa, AL.

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