John King of Craven co. North Carolina and Jackson County, Mississippi
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John King
Of NC and MS.

John King was born between 1754 in Craven Co. NC. He died 1838 in Jackson Co. MS. John married Mary Smith born 1764 NC., daughter of David Smith Sr. Mary is listed alone in the 1850 census of Jackson Co. and states she is 86 years old.

John moved from NC., too South Carolina, Alabama, and to St. Tammany Parish Louisiana where he purchased land in about 1826. Some of his children married in Louisiana.

In 1833 he deeded his land to his three son-in-laws and came to MS. and settled in North Jackson Co. where his son James resided. John was only in the state five years when he died and is buried near the Old Parker Bridge on Red Creek which is now in George Co.

1. James King, born 1781
2. Elizabeth King, born 1788
3. Fannie King, born 1798
4. Rebecca King, born 1801
5. Timothy King, born 1802
6. Mildred King, born 1804

James King
Son of John King

1. James King born 1781 NC. married Penny Jackson. It is said Penny was a full blooded Choctaw Indian and the daughter of a Chief. It is said James held great honor with the Indians after the death of the chief.

a. John King, born about 1815 AL. married Mary Shoemaker, born 1818.
b. Polly King, born 30 March, 1816 married Allen TurnerWhittington, born 31 March, 1816.

c. Jackson King, born 1820 AL. married Matilda Smith, born 1825 AL.

d. James King, born 1823 married Caroline Binds.

. e. Nathan King, born 1825 married Lucy Ann Shoemaker, born about 1830 and died after 1880.

f. Lydia King, born 1836 married William Tucker, died in Civil War.

Elizabeth King
Daughter of John

2. Elizabeth King, born 1788 NC., married Myles Taylor, born 1788 and died 1863. Both are buried in Taylor cemetery in Stone Co.

I only know of two children born to Myles and Elizabeth King Taylor. There are probably more.

a. Rosanna Taylor, married James Hendricks Wyatt, son of William Wyatts and wife, Amelia Hendricks. William was born 1794 GA., and died 1855 MS.
b. John Taylor, no information

3. Lydia "Fanny" King, born 27 February, 1798 SC., died 8 September, 1887 MS. She married Spias Dixon, born 1 February, 1795 GA., and died 28 December, 1875. Both are buried in Dixon cemetery in Jasper Co. MS. Two known children.

a. John Dixon born 1827 LA.
b. Rebecca Dixon

4. Rebecca King, born 1801 SC. Married the Rev. John Alexander born 1796 in TN. He died in 1854 and is buried at Ramsay cemetery in Harrison Co. Rebecca died in 1881 and is buried in Alexander Cemetery in Stone Co.

a. Mary Ann Alexander, born 1822 LA. Married Lorenzo Cooper, born 1807.
b. Rebecca Alexander, married General Decab O’Neal, son of James O’Neal and wife Thaney Dickey.
c. Louisa Alexander, born 1827 married Alfred O’Neal
d. John T. Alexander, born 1830 married Mary Walker, a daughter of Daniel Walker and his first wife Eliza Rogers.
e. William Alexander, born 1836.
f. Daniel Alexander, born about 1838
g. Polly Alexander, born 1840 LA.
h. Mildred Alexander, born 1843 married Arelious P. Cox. Both are buried in Alexander Cemetery in Stone Co.

5. Timothy King, born 1802 NC., married Latitia Jenkins born 1815 LA.

Mildred King

Daughter of John

6. Mildred King, born 1804 SC., married William Cooper, born 1796 in Maryland, a soldier in the war of 1812. He migrated to Louisiana where he married Mildred about 1826. He moved to North Jackson Co. about 1836.

William Cooper settled his family on a small Creek known and known as Old Mage Pipkins Bridge, but today is known as the Cooper Mill Creek. He built a water mill to make corn meal and operated for many years. Both William and Mildred were listed in the 1860 census of Jackson Co. His son, Washington Cooper fell heir to the property.

a. John Cooper, born 25 June, 1827 LA. Died 1 February, 1901 in Jackson Co. He married (1) Annie Byrd a sister to Reuben Byrd.

b. James Cooper, born 1830 LA., married Almedia O’Neal, born 1832.
c. Washington Cooper, born 24 February, 1834 LA., died about 1913. He married Margaret Jane Byrd, born aboout 1842.

d. Wesley Cooper, born 1845 MS.

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