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Thomas Hall

Of Edgecombe Co. NC.

Thomas Hall's estate was settled 5 July, 1764 in Edgecombe Co. North Carolina. It was not probated.

Records list his wife as Rachel who received the plantation where I now dwell until my son David shall arrive to the full age of 21 with all my household goods and tools for labor apartainging; all my stock, money and debts to be equally divided among my dear children, Elizabeth, Elinor, Mary, Jemima, Nansay, SIVIL, David and Lucresa. The Extra; wife Rachel and brother-in-law, JOHN GOFF and witness were Henry Hollingworth and Elizabeth Goff.

This record proves that Thomas Hall married Rachael Goff. The John Goff brother-in law to Thomas Hall was the John Goff of Duplin Co. Elizabeth Goff who was a witness was she the wife of John Goff? Notice that Thomas and Rachael named a daughter SIVAL. John Goff's wife's name was (CIVIL) also spelled SIVAL.

PERHAPS this will clear up some of the HALL/GOFF lineage.

John and Rachel were the children of John and Mary Goff of Edgecomb Co. North Carolina.

Copied from records at Raleigh, North Carolina, state archives.

Could the Elizabeth Goff, Witness; be a sister to Thomas Hall? Meaning that brother and sister, married brother and sister.

Thomas Hall, died 1764. He married Rachael GOFF, daughter of John and Mary Goff of Edgecombe Co. North Carolina, and sister to John Goff of Duplin Co. North Carolina.

Jemimia Hall, born 1756, died 1832 Georgia, married 1773 to David Alderman Sr. Rev. Soldier of N.C. Jemimia Hall Alderman lived in Screven and Bulloch Co. GA. after the Revolution War. She was the mother of fourteen children.

If you connect to this family I would like to hear from you.

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