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Graham Brothers

James and Richard

There were two brothers, James and Richard Graham, emigrated from Argyleshire, in Scotland and came to Ireland, and fought there under William, Prince of Orange, in the celebrated battle of Boyne, in 1690, which permanently established the House of Orange upon the English throne, after which the brothers came to America and settled in Pennsylvania.

James Graham

James Graham, born 1714 County Down, Ireland and died October, 1763 in Chester, PA.

James was married twice, the first wife's name is not known but there were six children born to the couple.

Children from the first marriage were born prior to 1753-1754

1. Henry Graham, born Berks, PA.
2. Charles Graham, born Berks, PA.
3. Elizabeth Graham, born Berks, PA
4. Mary Graham, born Berks, PA., married Lewis Morgan
5. James Graham, born Berks, PA.
6. William Graham, born 1740 Berks, PA. Married Mary Ellis

James married (2) to Mary Barber MCConnell. Five children were born from this marriage.

In 1766 Mary Graham, a widow moved with a cousin and settled in the vicinity of Charlotte, N. C. She had slender means and five small children

Despite her limited circumstances, she managed to purchase a home and send her children to the best school in the county, Queens Museum. Her three sons were among the most prominent men of their time and her two daughters were heads of families known for their virtues and intelligence.

Children of James and Mary Graham are:

1. John Graham, born 1756 PA. He became a respected physician and settled in York County, South Carolina
2. George Graham, born 1758 PA.

3. Joseph Graham, born 1759 PA., became one of the most respected Army Generals of the Revolutionary War. One of General Joseph's Graham's granddaughters, Mary Anna Morrison, was the wife of General Stonewall Jackson. Joseph died 1836 in Lincoln, North Carolina. He married Isabella Davidson

4. Sarah Graham, born 1761 PA., married Robert Allison, son of Senator John P. Allison of Cabarrus County, North Carolina.

5. Ann Graham, born 1763 PA., married Thomas Barnett. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and served under her brother, General Joseph Graham. In the Battle of Cowan's Ford, he fired the shot which killed Colonel Hall of the British Army.

George Graham

Major General George Graham was a resident of Mecklenburg. He was a brother of General Joseph Graham, and performed a "soldier's service" in the Revolution. There was no duty too perilous, no service too dangerous that he was not ready to undertake for his country.

He was born in Berks, Pennsylvania in 1758, and came, with his widowed mother and four others, to North Carolina when about six years old. He was educated at Charlotte, and was distinguished for his assiduity and noble temper. He was early devoted to the cause of his country.

In 1775 he, with a few others, rode all night to Salisbury, seized the Tory lawyers, Dunn and Boothe, brought them to Mecklenburg, and from thence they were carried to Camden and imprisoned.

When Cornwallis lay at Charlotte (October, 1780), he was active in attacking his foraging parties, and annoying them so as to render their supplies hazardous and difficult. He was the leader of the attack at McIntire's, seven miles from Charlotte on the Beattie's Ford road, and actually, with twelve men, compelled the foraging party of four hundred English to retreat, they fearing, from the fatality of the fire, that an ambuscade was prepared for them.

He was Major-General of militia of North Carolina; for a long time Clerk of the court of Mecklenburg county, and often a member of the Legislature. He died on the 29th of March, 1826.

The General was married to Fannie Cathey

There is quite a bit of documentation on George Graham, one good ref. is From Wheeler's History of North Carolina, page 265.

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