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Albert Goff 1846 MS-1914 MS
Ann Olive Goff 1828 MS m. R. Tucker
Arnold Lawrence Goff 1825 MS
Burissa Goff born 1850 MS.
Calvin Goff 1859 died Civil War
Civil Goff c. 1725 NC-c.1784
Civil Goff 1837 MS. m. M. Jones
Civil Goff b. NC. m. John Bray
Daniel Goff 1833 MS.
David Goff 1796 NC-1845 MS
David Goff 1839 MS m. E. Clarabine
Davis Goff 1852 MS
Ellen Goff 1860 MS
Eliza Jane Goff 1816 m. J. Burleson
Elizabeth Goff 1828 MS
Ellis Goff 1842 MS
Eran Goff 1857 MS
George W. Goff 1823 MS.
Herman L. Goff 1880 MS
James Goff 1782 NC-1858 MS
James Goff 1873 MS
James S. Goff 1832 MS
James A. Goff 1795 NC-died FL.
James A. Goff 1827 MS m. Lydia Gray
Jennie Goff 1776 NC-1831 NC.
John Goff 1717 NC-1809 NC
John Goff 1752 NC-1845 GA.
John Goff 1780 NC-1837 GA.
John Goff c. 1864 MS
John H. Goff 1834 d. Civil War
John Matthew Goff 1825-1887 MS
Joseph P. Goff 1866 MS
Lucinda Goff 1819 MS-1867 MS
Margaret Goff 1856 MS
Marilla Pickett Goff 1805 NY
Martha A. Goff 1838 MS
Mary Goff b. NC. m. Moses Blanton
Mary E. Goff 1856 MS
Nancy Goff 1790 NC-1870 GA.
Nancy Goff 1842 MS m. B.C. Rice
Nancy E. Goff 1844-1910 MS
Naomi Goff 1825 MS
Norma Jane Goff 1858 MS
Richard Goff c. 1862 MS
Rufus Franklin Goff 1854 MS
Sabra A. Goff 1840 MS
Sarah Goff 1835 MS
Sarah Goff 1844-1862 MS m. J Ware
Thomas Goff 1754 Duplin Co. NC
Thomas Goff 1778 NC-died FL.
Tomsin Mathis Goff Duplin Co. NC
Tomsin Goff 1831 m. M. Jones
Wesley W. Goff 1878 MS
Wiley Goff born 1813 MS
Wiley Hearn Goff 1834 MS-1893 TX
William Goff 1761 NC-1855 FL
William Goff 1781 NC-after 1850 FL
William Goff 1822 MS-about 1865 MS
William Cooper Goff 1800 NC-1861.
William F. Goff 1855 MS
William Price Goff 1829-1918 MS


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