John Martin Franck
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John Martin Franck
Of North Carolina

1. John Martin Franck was born about 1682 in Germany. Possibly in Halle. John Martin died in Jones Co. NC in 1745.

John Martin Franck came over with a group of Palatines who was with Baron Christoph Von Graffenried, a citizen of Bern Switzerland who founded New Bern in 1710. These settlers moved into the area to become Jones North Carolina.

In one journal by J. Parson Brown, he wrote that John Martin Franck was a colonizer and promoter. There is only one mention of a School Master no name given, but it is believed this School Master was none other than John Martin Franck.

John Martin came as a single person, but married soon after his arrival. He married Sussanah Ward. Susannah died about 1720.

In many family records it states that John Martin Franck married Civil Meuller (Miller) in London before the ship sailed, but this is in error. As both married someone else, then married in North Carolina after their spouses had died.

All ages of children were estimated since No Bible or other legal document has surfaced. Their names were taken from the will of John Martin who left his will in Craven Co.

The children of John Martin and Susannah Ward Franck were:

1. William Franck born about 1712
2. Sussanah Franck born about 1714
3. Mary Franck born about 1716
4. Jacob Miller about 1718
5. .Elizabeth Franck born about 1719-20

In 1723 John Martin married widow Civilla Meuller Timmerman, daughter of Jacob Muller and Catherine Lutcher, and widow of Casper Timmerman by whom she had one daugher, Mary.  Civilla died about 1752. She had married the Rev. Jacob Sheets after the death of John Martin. The Rev. was also with the group of Palatines who lived around Trent River.

John Martin and Civil Meuller Timmerman had the following children:

1. David Franck born 1724
2. Edward Franck 1726
3. Catherine Franck 1728
4. Anna Civilla Franck 1729
5. John Martin Franck1730
6. Barbara Franck 1732

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