John Henry Felder born in Switzerland
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John Henry Felder
Son of Hans Heinrich Felder

John Henry Felder was born about 1725 in Zurich, Switzerland. He came with his parents to the United States and settled in Orangeburg District, South Carolina.

His parents were Hans Heinrich and Ursula Felder who was also born in Zurich. Both of the parents died in Orangeburg, SC. John Henry died 1780 in Orangeburg.

He married Mary Elizabeth Shaumloffel, daughter of John and Anna Maria Dirr Shaumloffel. She was born 17 January, 1722 Zwerbruecken, and died 1761 in Orangeburg shortly after or during the birth of her daughter, Mary Elizabeth.

After the death of Mary E. John married again. He married Anna Catherine Snell who was born about 1758 SC., and died 25 October, 1856 SC.

John had from the first marriage eight children. I have seen the name of two wives of John, I am not certain which is correct. Anna Catherine Snell or Caterina Magdalene Snell. He had seven children from the second marriage. All the children were born in Orangeburg, SC.

1. Henry Felder, born 8 September, 1748.
2. Jacob Felder, born 22 July, 1750.
3. John Henry Felder born 12 December, 1751.
4. Frederick J.D.Felder born 1 September, 1753, married Catherina Horger
5. Samuel Felder, born 5 June, 1755 married Ann Horger, Mary Myers
6. Abraham Felder, born 28 March, 1757.
7. Peter Felder, born 2 April, 1759
8. Mary Elizabeth Felder, born 6 February, 1761
9. Barzella Felder, born 1784
10. Snell Felder, born 1782
11. Rebecca Felder, born 1780
12. Ann Margaret Felder, born SC.
13. Rachel Felder, married George Hartzog
14. Catherine Felder, married John N. Walker
15. David Felder, married Esther Addison and Elizabeth Guess.

Henry Felder
Son of John Henry Felder

Henry Felder the oldest son born to John Henry was born 8 September, 1748 in Orangeburg District, South Carolina. He died 1803 in South Carolina.

Henry married Margaret Caterina Stoudenmire, born 28 February, 1751 in Orangeburg District, South Carolina.

Only two sons are known, there were probably more children born, especially since the brothers were ten years apart in age.

1. Henry Felder born 1771 South Carolina
2. Henry David Felder born 1781 South Carolina

Abraham Felder
Son of John Henry Felder

Abraham Felder was born 28 March, 1757 Orangeburg District, South Carolina. He died in 1830 in Felderville, South Carolina.

Abraham married Mary Erlanger, born 1757 in Orangeburg, SC. They had at least nine children

1. Mary Felder married S.D. Dantzler
2. William Lewis Felder, no dates
3. Rebecca Felder, born 1781 SC., married John Shuler
4. Abraham Felder, born 1 January, 1786 married Elizabeth Whitmore.
5. Adam Christopher Felder, born 2 April, 1790
6. Richard Felder, born 18 July, 1792 SC., married Jane Pickens Duggan. 7. Elizabeth Felder, born 1796 married Daniel M. Shuler
8. Jacob Felder, born 1803 South Carolina, died 1877 AL.
9. Ronald Felder, no date!

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