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Revolutionary Soldiers AND Bible Records

John Duncan

John Duncan was a Revolutionary Soldier from South Carolina. He enlisted in Pittsylvania Co. VA. He was born 10 June, 1755/6 in that County. Shortly after the Rev. he settled in Chester Co. SC. for 10 years, then Hawkins Co. East TN. where he lived 8 or 9 years, then moved to Adain KY., in 1818 for about 20 years. Then to Jackson Co. AL. for about twenty years and upwards. He died in Jackson Co. AL., in 1844 at the age of 87 years.

John married in 1780 in SC. to Ann, no maiden name given. He mentions his children.

1. David Duncan died prior to 16 May, 1857, when John estate was settled.
2. Robert Duncan died prior to 16 May, 1857 when John's estate was settled.
3. Peter Duncan died prior to 16 May, 1857 when John's estate was settled.

Jane wife of Absolom Coffey resided in Jackson CO. in 1854 and stated that she was the grand-daughter of the soldier. Peter Duncan stated that he was a brother to John and was about 10 or 11 years old when his brother enlisted in the service. Peter Duncan was the only surviving child.

John Duncan

John Duncan enlisted in the Rev. at Fauquier Co. VA. in 1778. He lived in Floyd Co. VA. No family mentioned.

John Duncan

John Duncan of VA. married Margaret Alexander 17 July, 1788. He lived in Rockridge, VA. Sometime they moved to TN. John was on the Rev. roll in TN. in 1832 and age 84 years. Margaret applied for a widow's pension from Blount Co. TN., 6 Feb. 1844, she was 73 years old.

Children listed from Bible Record.
Duncan, Jennette born 23 February 1790
Duncan, Mary born 22 Nov. 1792
Duncan, James born 5 July, 1795
Duncan, Margaret born 27 May 1798
Duncan, Andrew born 28 Oct. 1800
Duncan, Joseph born 17 May, 1803
Duncan, John born 26 Oct. 1805
Duncan, Robert born 24 May, 1808
Duncan, Rankin born 28 November, 1810

John Duncan

John Duncan of VA. R3126; John born in Culpepper Co. VA. about 1763. His sister took the family Bible. His father moved to Washington Co. on the Frontier of VA., in 1771-2 and was killed 12 months later. His Mother married again and moved to KY, about 1780. He married Lydia 10 March, 1776 Robertson Co. TN. John applied for his pension from Franklin CO. IL. John died in Franklin Co. 31 Dec. 1834.

Joseph Duncan Rev. Soldier born 1 January 1752 Fauquier Co. VA. In 1806 he moved to Ohio, thence 1810 to Green Co. KY. In 1842 he resided in Carter Co. KY.

Nimrod Duncan born VA. married Hannah 13 February, 1785. She applied for a widow's pension from Shelby Co., KY.

Robert Duncan

Robert Duncan Revolutionary Soldier of NC S21167. He was born 14 June, 1762 Randolphe Co. NC. and died 2 July, 1845 SC. He married Hannah Carr, born 28 Sept. 1765 TN. Robert moved to Greenville Dist. SC. Twelve children named from Bible of Louise Voss Duncan.

1. Duncan, John born 18 December, 1783 died 19 December 1850 Phelps Co. MO.
2. Duncan, William born 29 April, 1785
3. Duncan, James, born 24 August, 1787 died 1814
4. Duncan, Louise Voss born 7 December 1789 died 1863 MO.
5. Duncan, Charles born 22 December, 1791
6. Duncan, Deborah Carr born 6 February, 1794
7. Duncan, Robert Berry born 10 November, 1798
8. Duncan, Perry Emory born 26 May, 1800
9. Duncan, Sophornia Isabel born 5 March, 1804 died 1900
10. Duncan, Hanna Millicent born 12 July, 1806
11. Duncan, Nelissa Fairchild born 24 March, 1808
12. Duncan, Permelia born 12 March, 1810

Permelia married William Eaton HAWKINS
Robert married Jane HILL
Perry married Mary Ann HILL, sister to Jane
Sophornia married Solomon Hawkins, brother to William

Duncan Brother's

Sons of Robert Duncan

Samuel Duncan born 1760 Culpepper Co. VA. died in Lincoln Co. KY., son of Robert and Ann Gallop Duncan.

Benjamin Duncan born Culpepper Co. died in KY. brother to Samuel. He married Elizabeth. Son of Robert Duncan. His children were:

1. John Duncan
2. Benjamin Duncan
3. Samuel Duncan
4. Elizabeth Duncan Arnett
5. Simeon Duncan, born 23 Oct 1755
6. Thomas Duncan born 1765 Pittsylvania Co. VA, died 28 dec. 1845 Monroe Co. TN. Married 23 July, 1786 in Pittsylvania to Rhoda. She died 31 March, 1852. After the war he moved to Caswell Co. NC. and 1803 to Anderson Co. TN. then Monroe Co. TN. He had one child, Berryman Duncan, born 24 Oct. 1787. He married Fanny born 1794. He lived in Monroe Co.

William Duncan

William Duncan, of N.C. died 2 Oct 1836 Greenville Dist. S.C. married 23 August 1780 to Sarah Turner. He moved to S.C. in 1806. Had five children.

Sarah Duncan
Mary Duncan
Thomas Duncan
Turner Duncan
Elizabeth Duncan

All Rev. Soldiers information was taken from Pension records on microfilm at Linn Hendley Library in B'Ham, AL.

Other Duncan in REV. taken from Volume 11 Dar Patroit Index

Benjamin, Duncan Pvt NC. born 1755 died 1803 m. Mary Davis
Edmund Duncan Pvt NC. born 1760 died 1830/2 m. Nancy White
Gabriel Duncan Pvt VA. b. 24 aug. 1758, d. 5 May 1845, m. Mary

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