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John Duncan

John Duncan came from Aberdeen, Scotland to PA. as a servant. He then to South Carolina. He was in Newberry District, and later in Edgefield District, and settled on what was later known as "Duncan's Creek" in 1752

From Newberry Co. South Carolina it was recorded he had a bounty of land in what is now Newberry District as early as 1755.

Most of the material on John Duncan was taken from an old notebook belonging to Emma Cotten. Emma wrote down the history of the family in 1920 as told to her by her grandmother, Frances Ann Bridges, daughter of Rachel William Bridges and great grand daughter of John Duncan.

John first married Rachel Howell and after her death he married a lady by the name of Margaret, surname not known. But they did have two daughters, whose given name is not known, but the surname of their spouse.

John Duncan died in 1805 in Edgefield, South Carolina and Margaret died about 1809.

The children of John Duncan and wife, Rachel Howell were:

1. Abel Duncan who moved to Perry Co. AL.
2. Lydia Duncan
3. William Duncan
4. Jeremiah Duncan
5. Martha Duncan, married John BaileyWilliams
6. Rebecca Duncan.
7. Catherine Duncan, married Isaac Parmer.
8. Rachel Duncan, died before 1805. She married Henry Hilburn.

If you have information on this family, I would like to hear from you.


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