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Richard Dickens
Son of Thomas Dickens

Richard Dickens! Richard is a brother to Uriah Dickens that married Susannah May. He was born 1805 in Chatham Co., North Carolina and died 1862 Conway Co., AR. He married in North Carolina to Mary Jane May, born 1802 North Carolina.


1. Lavania Jane Dickens, born 1827 North Carolina and died 1879 Faulkner, AR. She Married Joel Alexander Lane, born 1823 TN., and died 13 December, 1903 Greenbrier, AR. Both are buried in Thorn Cemetery in Greenbrier, Faulkner Co.

2. Milly Ann Dickens, born 1832 Chatham Co., North Carolina and died October, 1879 Faulkner Co. She married 1849 AR., to William Terry, born about 1825 TN., and died 1900 Faulkner Co.

3. Angeline Dickens, born 1834 North Carolina

4. Eva Adaline Dickens, born 22 February, about 1837 Gibson Co. TN. and died 1 July, 1919 Greenbrier, AR. She married (1) to Bales Griggs, and (2) to Samuel T. Vann.
A. Mary Jane Griggs, born 20 April, 1857 AR., and died 18 December, 1937 Faulkner Co.
B. Laura Vann, born 27 February, 1867 Conway Co., died 5 May, 1897 Faulkner Co., AR. Married Samuel Taylor.

C. Benjamin T. Vann, born 9 April 1870 Conway Co., died 4 January, 1911 Faulkner Co. Married Sarah Pauline Bell.
a. Eloise Vann, born about 1904 Faulkner Co. AR.
b. Watt Vann, born about 1904 Faulkner Co. AR.
c. Sam Vann, born About 1908 Faulkner Co. AR.

D. Effie Vann, born 1873 Conway Co. 1st Marriage Mr. Whiddon and (2) to John Bogard.

E. Marcus Vann, born 24 December,1879 Faulkner Co. died 27 March, 1907 AR. He married Salina Lieblong born 1884 Arkansas and died 30 August, 1906 Faulkner Co.

5. Richard Paschal Dickens, born March, 1839 Gibson Co. TN., died about 1907 Scott Co., AR. Marriage (1) 13 OCT 1861 Conway Co. to Annette Donnell, born 1845 Tennessee.


A. Richard Dickens, born February, 1862 AR., married 20 July, 1882 Scott Co., AR. Walker Estes born May, 1861 AR.

Children all born Scott Co. Arkansas:
a. Lornene Dickens, born October, 1883.
b. Luther Dickens, born October, 1887.
c. Walter B. Dickens, born April, 1890.
d. Bulah Dickens, born August, 1892.
e. Eva Dickens, born March, 1894.
f. Richard Dickens, born October, 1897.

B. Samuel Dickens, born February, 1865 AR., married 17 June, 1900 Scott Co., AR. Mary Pruitt, born 1874 Arkansas.

Children all born in Scott Co. Arkansas:

a. Emily A. Dickens, born 1901.
b. Hettie C. Dickens, born 1903.
c. Richard P. Dickens, born 1905.
d. Robert Dickens, born 1907.
e. Claude Dickens, born 1910.
f. Claressy Dickens, born About 1912.
g. Nora Dickens, born about 1916.

C. Clarsey Jane Dickens, born 19 October, 1868 AR., died 29 March, 1933 Fannin Co., TX. she married 29 June, 1890 Scott Co. Robert E. White, born 26 August, 1868 AR.

6. Harriett Dickens, born 1841 Gibson Co., TN.
7. Louisa Dickens, born 1843 Gibson Co., TN.
8. Sarah Elizabeth Dickens, 1847 Gibson Co., died 1858 AR.
9. Thomas G. Dickens, born 1850 White Co., AR., married 1 May, 1871 Newton Co., AR. Elizabeth Shinn, born June 1853 AR.

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth were:

A. Martha Dickens, born April, 1875 AR. married 13 August, 1892 Yell Co. AR., J.T. Holt:
one known son: Sidney Holt, born about 1893 AR.

B. Samuel Oscar Dickens, born February,1881 AR.
C. Ida Dickens, born April, 1882 AR., married James Neely.
D. W. Alonzo Dickens, born June, 1885 AR. married 15 June, 1913 Logan Co. AR., Lizzie M. Rogers, born about 1889 AR.
E. Gertrude Dickens, born January, 1889 AR.
F. Mollie Dickens, born April, 1897 AR., married Jerry Ryan.

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