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John Davis

John Davis was born about 1724 in North Carolina or Virginia. He moved his family to Effingham Co. GA., sometime after 1774, for his youngest son George was born in North Carolina. John died 30 May, 1793 in Effingham Co., where his will was probated.

The wife of John was Elizabeth, but her maiden name is not known. She was born about 1729 and died 2 June, 1793 just a few days after the passing of her spouse.

They had nine (9) known children, all were born in North Carolina. Their dates of birth are estimated, with the exception of Samuel, Walter and George.

1. Elizabeth Davis born 1758
2. John Davis born 1760
3. Joseph Davis born 1762
4. James Davis born 1764
5. William Davis born 1767
6. Samuel W H Davis born 12 May, 1769
7. Nancy Ann Davis born 1771
8. Walter Davis born 1772
9. George Davis born 25 April, 1774

George Davis

George Davis born 25 April, 1774 in North Carolina. He died about 1850 probably Jackson Co. MS. George was the son of John Davis and wife Elizabeth.

George married Elizabeth Lanier. She was born 1 August, 1772 in North Carolina., and died 21 March, 1836 Jackson Co. MS. She was the daughter of Lemuel Lanier Jr. and wife Ann Mary Lanier. Lemuel was deceased before 1784 when his widow Ann Mary received three land grants in Effingham County. The last record of Ann Mary was 1806 when she deeded her land and possession to her son-in-law, George Davis for love, good will and affection and Elizabeth his wife, my daughter, and only heir.

George married Elizabeth Lanier in Georgia before they moved west into the Mississippi Territory. They were in Mobile at the time when it was a part of West Florida and in 1812 became Mississippi Territory. He was elected Justice of Jackson Co, when it was formed in 1813.

George and Elizabeth Lanier had ten (10) children

1. Samuel Davis born 11 April, 1795 Georgia. He married Susanna Goff
2. Frances Davis born 25 August, 1796 Georgia married James Goff
3. Mary Elizabeth Davis born 9 January, 1798 Georgia married Patrick Ward
4. Stephen Davis born 25 February, 1800 Georgia married Dorothy G. Wilson
5. Matilda Davis born 14 November, 1801 Georgia married John D. McDonald
6. Ann Mary Davis born 14 September, 1803 Georgia married James Hendrix Wyatt
7. Hannah Davis born 30 May, 1805 Georgia married Moses Ward
8. Crene Davis born 25 May, 1807 Georgia
9. Nancy Eleanor Davis born 8 March, 1809 Georgia married William Childress
10 James Lanier Davis born 16 December, 1814 Jackson Co. MS. married Sophronia Denmark.

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