Carter Family
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Carter Family

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MS Carter Marriages Adam Co. to Coahoma Co.
MS Carter Marriages Copiah Co. to Issaquena Co.
MS Carter Marriages Ittawamba Co. to Lincoln Co.
MS Carter Marriages Lowndes Co. to Tallahatchi Co.
MS Carter Marriages Tate Co. to Wilkinson Co.
MS Carter Marriages Winston Co. to Yazoo Co.
Abner Uriah Carter 1846 MS.
Acy R. Carter born 1859
Ann Nancy Carter born 1813
Anna Carter born 1809 GA
Andrew D. Carter 1844-1918 MS
Abner Carter 1802 GA-1846 MS
Aire Nat Carter 1895 MS
Asa Benjamin Carter 1819
Asa Ben Carter Jr. 1860 MS
Asa R. Carter 1822 MS
Bruner Carter 1900 MS
Callie Carter 1897 MS
Cassandra Carter 1790 GA
Cassandra Barbour Carter died 1836 in MS
Cassandra V. Carter 1813
Cecila A. Carter m. W. Griffith
Clara Carter 1894 MS
Daniel M. Carter 1824 MS
Danil Carter 1880
Demaris A. Carter 1827 MS
Demaris Carter born 1857
Eli Daniel Carter 1863 MS
Elizabeth Carter 1807 GA Elizabeth Carter 1813 Ms
Elizabeth 1826 m. A. McKay
Elizabeth Carter 1867 MS
Elizabeth Runnels Carter 1832
Eran Lela Carter 1877 MS
Ezra Carter 1891 MS
Flora Idell Carter 1898
Florence E Carter 1898
Frances Carter born 1842 MS
Henry B. Carter born 1891
Isaac Carter 1756 NC-1834 MS
Isaac Carter 1756 NC-1840 MS
Isaac Ervin Carter 1815-1875 MS
Isaac Ervin Carter born MS.
Isaac J. Carter 1849 MS.
Isaac T. Carter 1845 MS
Frances Eran Carter born 1853
Frances L Carter 1902
George Uriah Carter 1830 MS.
George W. Carter 1884 MS
George Wesley Carter 1866 MS
Greenberry Carter 1823
James Griffin Carter 1829-1836 MS
Ida Carter 1866 MS
James Monroe Carter 1875
Jane Carter 1795 GA-MS.
Jeff Davis Carter 1860 MS
John Carter 1814 MS
John Carter 1834 MS
John Amoneal Carter 1858 MS
John Prentiss Carter 1840-1925 MS
John Prentiss Carter 1872
John Uriah Carter 1860 MS
John Wesley Carter 1845 MS
John Wesley Carter Jr 1871
Joseph Carter 1811 GA
Katherine Carter 1842-1908 MS
Lenora Dicey Carter
Levi Daniel Carter 1857 MS
Lilly E. Carter 1869 MS
Louisa Carter 1852 MS
Lucy E. Carter born 1855
Lucy Carter 1864 MS
Maggie Carter 1874 MS
Margaret L. Carter 1862 MS
Margaret Carter 1865 MS
Martha J. Carter 1846 MS
Mary Carter 1825 m. John Goff
Mary E. Carter 1846
Mary Nix Carter 1827 SC
Mary Carter 1832 MS
Mary Carter born MS.
Mary Ann Carter 1818 MS
Mary Catherine Carter 1872
Mary Elmira Carter 1862 MS
Mary Evans Carter 1794-1852
Mary Jane Carter 1848 MS
Mary Jane Carter 1858 MS
Mary Jean Carter 1865
Mary L Carter 1869
Margaret Carter 1838-1898 MS
Martha Carter 1826-1894 MS
Matthew Carter SR. about 1710
Matthew Carter 1745 NC-1812 MS
Matthew Carter Jr. 1781-1852 MS
Matthew Carter 1788-1840 MS
Maude Ethel Carter 1881 MS
Mignon Carter 1886 MS
Minerva Carter 1900 MS
Nettie Carter 1893 MS
Rachel Carter 1856 MS
Raleigh Carter 1898 MS
Rebecca Carter 1847 MS
Rester Carter 1794 GA
Reuben Warren Carter 1870
Royal Ray Carter 1888 MS
Sabra Carter 1811 died 1848
Sabra C. Carter 1836-1899 MS
Sabra Isabelle Carter 1872 MS.
Sarah Carter 1834 MS
Sarah E. Carter 1853 MS
Sarah E. Carter 1865 MS
Sarah S. Carter 1831 MS
Seaborn Carter 1814 MS
Seaborn Pierson Carter 1823-1826
Simeon Carter 1819-1834 MS
Solomon Prentiss Carter 1868 MS.
Susan Carter 1862 MS
Susannah Carter 1780 SC
Susannah Carter 1817-1887 MS
Susannah Carter 1828 m. S. Byrd
Thomas Carter Rev. Soldier of NC-MS
Thomas Carter 1823 MS.
Thomas Carter 1854
Thomas Edward Carter 1873
Wiley Griffin Carter 1832-1911
William Carter 1792 GA.
William Carter 1821-1895 MS
William Carter 1783 GA.
William Carter Jr. 1819-1882 MS.
William Barbour Carter 1783-1852
William Barbour Carter Jr.1816-1887
William D Carter born 1783
William D Jr Carter 1822 MS
William David Carter 1844-1911 MS
William David Jr Carter 1879
William Gabriel Carter 1854 MS
William Levi Carter 1861 MS.
William Matthew Carter 1882
William R. Carter 1894 MS
William Washington Carter
1835-1910< /i>

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