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Thomas Carter

Of NC and MS

Revolutionary Soldier

Thomas one of three brothers who came to the Mississippi Territory before Mississippi became a State and settled in Perry Co. MS.

Thomas's two brother's, Isaac and Matthew were also Revolutionary Soldiers. They were the sons of Matthew Sr. and wife Patience of Cumberland Co. North Carolina.

Thomas married Cecila McDonald. Odd enough with all the birth dates in the Carter Bible's none is listed for Thomas and Cecila.

In a letter written from Matthew Carter Jr., to his sister Susanna Griffin in Ga., in 1832 reveals the following and gives proof of the relationship between the brothers.

I heard from old Uncle's Isaac and Thomas Carter not long since. Both of Uncle Isaac's daughters are dead. Old Uncle Pool has been dead several years. Aunt Sarah is still living. William Pool and his family were all living except his daughter Sarah. He has four children married, Sarah, Harriett, David and Cassandra. This letter not only shows the kinship of the brothers, but also that "Aunt Sarah" Pool was either a sister of the Carter's brothers or of Cassandra Barbour the wife of Matthew SR.

Thomas was born in Cumberland Co. NC. and came South into Georgia and westward into Mississippi. The only names of his children, are Sarah and Daniel.

Daniel married Demaris Chadwick, daughter of Asa Chadwick and a Miss Hogg who was born in Ireland.

Children of Daniel Carter

1. Mary Ann Carter died young
2. Thomas Carter born 1820 MS.
3. Asa R. Carter born 1822 married 1857 Sarah Stevens
4. Daniel M. Carter born 1824 Ms., married Mary R. Granberry, born 25 November, 1827
5. Cecila A. Carter born 1826 married Wells Griffith
6. Demaris A. Carter born 1827 married James Joseph Denham
7. Sarah S. Carter born 1831 married William Griffith
8. Theresa Carter born 1833 died young
9. Elizabeth Ann Carter born 1836 married Milton Griffith>br> 10. Isaac W. Carter born 1838 died young
11. Angus John Carter born 1840 died in Civil War.
12. Candace A. Carter born 1842 died young

Many of the names and dates on the family of Thomas Carter and family was taken from an old family Carter Bible years ago in possession of Mae Carter of Hattiesburg, MS."

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