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Winston Co to Yazoo Co.

Carter Marriages in MS

WINSTON CO MARRIAGES: CARTER, WILKS, Thomas 1880 September,09 CARTER, A V HUNT, R H 1882 October,26 CARTER, Abe AVENT, Mary 1893 January,28 CARTER, Andrew AKENS, Mary 1896 December,17 CARTER, Andrew MOORE, Zona 1896 December,22 CARTER, Angeline TALLY, Stephen 1880 August,12 CARTER, Annie CARTER, Peter 1884 May,17 CARTER, Ben HAYNES, Harriet 1889 July,31 CARTER, Brown TRIPLETT, Lucinda 1892 August,24 CARTER, C WOOD, C 1882 December,26 CARTER, Clark TURNER, P J 1850 October,01 CARTER, Dan TRIPLETT, Viney 1880 May,22 CARTER, Dan Jr COX, Hester 1896 March,25 CARTER, Daniel HAYNES, Laura 1879 July,29 CARTER, Dave COX, Lucinda 1874 January,14 CARTER, Daye WYATT, Julie Ann 1896 November,16 CARTER, Dock HOSKINS, Nicia 1894 November,09 CARTER, Dock STEPHENS, Mandy 1877 January,03 CARTER, Dora SMITH, Ed 1897 October,14 CARTER, Eph CURTIS, Caroline 1886 July,07 CARTER, Fannie WOODWARD, W P 1892 January,04 CARTER, Frank SMITH, Phyllis 1876 May,15 CARTER, Jency Mrs TRIPLETT, Lee 1878 January,03 CARTER, George BLACK, Alice 1878 November,16 CARTER, Hanes CARTER, Moses 1870 November,04 CARTER, Hattie LATIMER, Robert 1898 November,15 CARTER, Henry CAPERTON, Liza 1879 October,29 CARTER, Henry DAVIS, Eliza 1869 November,24 CARTER, Henry ESTES, Mary 1880 January,12 CARTER, Ike STEVENS, Eliza 1896 January,31 CARTER, J W ROBINSON, L M 1892 September,12 CARTER, J W WORTHY, Liddie R 1883 November,30 CARTER, James HOLDEN, T A 1888 March,02 CARTER, James W BEVILL, Mary E 1852 January,14 CARTER, Jane WEEKS, Oliver 1896 March,21 CARTER, Jennie BROWN, Bradley 1887 July,22 CARTER, Jennie WOOD, Newton 1880 January,04 CARTER, Jinsey TRIPLETT, Henry 1883 January,26 CARTER, John J STEVENS, Regina 1892 December,12 CARTER, Josh GRISHAM, Fannie 1887 February,01 CARTER, Joshua STEPHENS, Isabella Mrs 1878 December,03 CARTER, Julia STEVENS, Lige 1898 December,30 CARTER, Lee LEE, T J 1894 January,19 CARTER, Letha Ann HAYNES, William 1893 November,15 CARTER, Letha Ann KELLY, Walter 1895 December,18 CARTER, Levi MCCAMMON, Martha 1871 February,18 CARTER, Linda Mrs TALLEY, Jackson 1877 March,24 CARTER, Lucy TRIPLETT, Solomon 1870 August,18 CARTER, M HOLDER, Jennie 1886 November,22 CARTER, M A STEPHENS, C L 1894 January,24 CARTER, M B KELLY, A M Mrs 1893 November,30 CARTER, M C LIPSCOMB, Lizzie 1897 December,22 CARTER, M E PENDERGRASS, Hughes 1872 February,03 CARTER, M V TRIPLETT, J B 1881 December,09 CARTER, Mariah KELLY, Robt 1880 June,12 CARTER, Mariah KELLY, Ruff 1880 May,12 CARTER, Martha EILAND, Jim 1875 January,04 CARTER, Martha TALLY, Oscar 1896 December,02 CARTER, Mary HAYNES, E 1889 August,29 CARTER, Mary Alice POTTS, Wash 1896 March,24 CARTER, Mary Geo STEWART, Jim 1898 December,27 CARTER, Mattie KELLY, Bradley 1888 March,08 CARTER, Moses CARTER, Hanes 1870 November,04 CARTER, N A BALL, S W 1894 November,22 CARTER, Ora TAYLOR, Gaines 1888 March,02 CARTER, Peter CARTER, Annie 1884 May,17 CARTER, R W BROWN, L V 1894 December,22 CARTER, Randall HUDSON, Mariah 1870 February,01 CARTER, Sarah A WOODWARD, F C 1896 September,14 CARTER, Susan Ann WILKS, G B 1878 September,25 CARTER, Tain HAWTHORN, Ida 1892 April,12 CARTER, W E R ESTES, Ada 1893 March,15 CARTER, Wade MCREYNOLDS, Eliza Jane 1891 January,28 CARTER, Wilson TEER, Mary Caroline 1847 October,11 CARTER, Wm HOLDER, Jennie 1886 November,22 CARTER, Wm H CHERRY, Rebecca 1859 May,12 YALOBUSHA CO MARRIAGES: CARTER, Alice CORKER, Robert 1891 August,30 CARTER, Annie E LANE, John S 1880 February,03 CARTER, B S BATES, Sarah Ann 1870 May,15 CARTER, Cornelia A MARTIN, Hugh K 1873 December,03 CARTER, E A BULLARD, Daniel 1879 May,29 CARTER, Ella WHITE, Jas A 1888 February,15 CARTER, Emma B MILLER, Byron H 1882 January,13 CARTER, Henry DIGGS, Ancey 1847- - - CARTER, L T MILLER, E M 1885 January,01 CARTER, Martha CARTER, Wade H 1872 January,11 CARTER, S F PHILLIPS, D B 1886 December,22 CARTER, Sarah A BARFIELD, John C 1876 October,22 CARTER, Sarah E MOORE, Martin 1873 January,09 CARTER, T J MOORE, Mary Mrs 1897 June,13 CARTER, Wade H CARTER, Martha 1872 January,11 CARTER, William T CARVER, Alice 1872 December,26 YAZOO CO MARRIAGES: CARTER, A M MURRY, Maggie 1893 January,01 CARTER, Aaron PAYNE, Anna 1889 July,06 CARTER, Adaline WILLIAMS, Reuben 1874 April,05 CARTER, August,us DAVIS, Mary 1899 March,31 CARTER, Aleck EDWARDS, Eliza 1874 December,18 CARTER, Alex COOPER, Sallie 1884 December,26 CARTER, Alex KEELER, Milly Ann 1889 January,09 CARTER, Alex RATCLIFFE, Jane 1888 December,24 CARTER, Alex VANATA, Nannie 1877 September,15 CARTER, Alice WADSWORTH, C E 1880 December,15 CARTER, Allen BRADLEY, Elvira 1889 November,30 CARTER, Allen GALLON, Lehear 1891 June,02 CARTER, Allen THOMAS, Ada 1893 June,17 CARTER, Elsie EDWARDS, George 1884 January,09 CARTER, Anderson HARRIS, Matilda 1874 December,24 CARTER, Ann LINK, William 1879 October,04 CARTER, Anna CADINE, Ellis 1894 February,15 CARTER, Annie AVERY, John 1892 April,29 CARTER, Annie DENNIS, George 1879 August,22 CARTER, Annie HARRIS, Walter 1900 October,19 CARTER, Annie JOHNSON, George 1891 January,26 CARTER, Annie JONES, George 1889 April,08 CARTER, Annie LEE, Thomas 1885 December,30 CARTER, Annie TURNBOW, W J 1897 December,23 CARTER, Archie MOUNTZION, Georgiana 1878 December,20 CARTER, Bella JAMES, Al 1880 April,08 CARTER, Ben COLE, Nelly Ann 1890 January,18 CARTER, Ben HUDSON, Virginia 1896 September,05 CARTER, Betsy KNIGHT, Miles 1873 January,09 CARTER, Betsy WASHINGTON, George 1875 December,29 CARTER, Caleb JONES, Maggie 1888 February,01 CARTER, Calvin MITCHEL, Laura 1897 August,30 CARTER, Catharine COLEMAN, Douglas 1886 April,01 CARTER, Catherine ROBERSON, Oscar 1888 December,25 CARTER, Charity MITCHEL, Richard 1893 February,16 CARTER, Charley GALLOWAY, Hanna 1881 April,10 CARTER, Clara POTTS, James 1879 January,11 CARTER, Clarissa IDEA, James 1879 May,15 CARTER, D C JOHNSON, Lucinda 1900 May,13 CARTER, Dan WALLACE, Becca 1889 March,11 CARTER, Dennis JOHNSON, Isabella 1874 October,20 CARTER, Dock CARTER, Lizzie 1881 February,16 CARTER, Eli HAMPTON, Laura 1896 February,06 CARTER, Eli KNIGHT, Flourida 1893 April,31 CARTER, Eli PERKINS, Emma 1878 January,24 CARTER, Eli REGAN, Julia 1884 May,10 CARTER, Eliza FRILEY, Richard 1897 January,14 CARTER, Eliza PULLEN, William 1881 February,13 CARTER, Eliza WHITE, William 1878 December,26 CARTER, Ellen BROWN, Andrew 1875 December,16 CARTER, Ellen HUGELY, Sam 1881 February,17 CARTER, Ellison EVANS, Sallie 1893 January,03 CARTER, Elsie BROWN, Simon 1895 February,04 CARTER, Emily BELL, Yolden 1874 February,21 CARTER, Ephraim MOCKINS, Edna 1875 March,11 CARTER, Essica HARRIS, Sarah 1871 January,07 CARTER, Fount ANDERSON, Lougenic 1900 December,18 CARTER, Frances NEELY, Joe 1887 September,19 CARTER, Francis ROSS, Martin 1897 March,19 CARTER, Frank ANDERSON, Lela 1894 October,25 CARTER, Franklin FIELDER, Joan 1881 April,26 CARTER, Fred WILLIAMS, Isabella 1891 July,30 CARTER, General HAYS, Bettie 1889 October,11 CARTER, General NOWELL, Minnieola 1900 February,03 CARTER, George KEMP, Lucy 1884 September,27 CARTER, George VAUGHAN, Elmira 1878 December,18 CARTER, George Jr GREEN, Bena 1889 March,16 CARTER, Gus YOUNG, Alice 1871 October,31 CARTER, Gussie SMITH, Wess 1899 February,25 CARTER, H P BROOKS, Elizabeth 1877 May,20 CARTER, Hattie HURD, Pearce 1881 February,16 CARTER, Hattie JOHNSON, Fisher 1891 September,15 CARTER, Hattie WILKERSON, Taylor 1880 August,12 CARTER, Henry AMERSON, Emma 1887 January,01 CARTER, Henry COLUMBUS, Annie 1893 December,27 CARTER, Henry GILBERT, Fannie 1891 September,19 CARTER, Henry GREEN, Sallie 1900 March,29 CARTER, Henry LEAR, Rosella 1898 August,25 CARTER, Henry SMITH, Minerva 1878 December,28 CARTER, Ida LITTLE, Robert 1893 October,12 CARTER, Ida SWAYZE, Harper 1899 November,02 CARTER, Isah POTTS, Lizzie 1899 December,29 CARTER, Isham BAPTISTE, Charity 1887 May,21 CARTER, Isham GORDON, Charity 1894 August,21 CARTER, Isham MOORE, Nancy 1888 March,02 CARTER, J W BYRNS, Mary 1896 September,09 CARTER, James WINFIELD, Callie 1897 October,29 CARTER, Jane BARNETT, Wesley 1886 December,21 CARTER, Jane ELISA, Marshall 1900 December,30 CARTER, Jennie YOUNG, Richard 1886 August,25 CARTER, Jensie DAVIS, Joe 1898 April,26 CARTER, Jim WELLS, Maria 1892 December,07 CARTER, Joe GALLORE, Cilla 1900 October,28 CARTER, Joe ROBINSON, Ida 1896 January,18 CARTER, Joe WILLIAMS, Catherine 1886 February,19 CARTER, John ANDERSON, Margaret 1895 December,15 CARTER, John FINICAN, Margaret 1851 July,19 CARTER, John GILES, Mary 1896 December,10 CARTER, John RUNDLE, Francis 1879 October,17 CARTER, John WASHINGTON, Fannie 1887 February,19 CARTER, Joseph BRADLEY, Eliza 1875 September,13 CARTER, Josie Viola STUTTS, Z P 1886 July,13 CARTER, Julia PORTER, Mike 1872 June,15 CARTER, Julia A MILES, Charles 1874 December,17 CARTER, Lacy PARKER, Mary 1892 June,25 CARTER, Laura GRAHAM, Bruce 1889 January,19 CARTER, Laura GRAY, James 1890 December,07 CARTER, Laura JONES, Armor 1900 March,05 CARTER, Lawson BALL, Isabelle 1874 June,27 CARTER, Lawson WEATHERSBY, Susan 1884 March,03 CARTER, Levi HAYWOOD, Ella 1877 June,11 CARTER, Lillie JACKSON, Ivy 1899 September,28 CARTER, Line CARTER, Will 1897 January,02 CARTER, Lizzie CARTER, Dock 1881 February,16 CARTER, Lizzie SIMS, John 1899 June,28 CARTER, Louis CARTER, Lucinda 1890 December,24 CARTER, Louvenia FOREST, Albert 1900 March,03 CARTER, Louvenia OWEN, William 1873 July,13 CARTER, Louverta CLAY, Joshua 1896 June,27 CARTER, Lucinda ADAMS, Henry 1873 October,04 CARTER, Lucinda CARTER, Louis 1890 December,24 CARTER, Lucinda HAYMAN, Sam 1873 December,12 CARTER, Lucinda JOHNSON, Eli 1879 April,07 CARTER, Lucinda SHERROD, Judge 1890 January,02 CARTER, Lucindia ADAMS, Henry 1873 October,04 CARTER, Lucretia WRIGHT, Lawson 1879 April,20 CARTER, Lucy PICKETT, Henry 1894 March,31 CARTER, Lula GUICE, Manuel 1895 May,08 CARTER, M C RAY, Mary A 1882 September,13 CARTER, M S Miss NESMITH, G C 1886 October,18 CARTER, M T Miss HORTON, G D 1879 July,13 CARTER, Maggie JOHNSON, Jeff 1873 May,13 CARTER, Maggy MITCHELL, Frank 1894 January,21 CARTER, Major THOMAS, Ella 1885 April,30 CARTER, Malinda HOWARD, George 1890 January,06 CARTER, Margaret JOHNSON, Willis 1885 January,25 CARTER, Margaret SMITH, Ellis 1885 May,30 CARTER, Margaret Mrs HALL, Samuel 1871 October,01 CARTER, Marion PORTER, Sarah Jane 1876 March,12 CARTER, Martin ROBERSON, Virginia 1898 January,31 CARTER, Mary FISHER, William 1898 October,16 CARTER, Mary HARPER, Benjamin 1886 January,04 CARTER, Mary MCCLINTON, Reddick 1887 December,20 CARTER, Mary ROBERSON, Thornton 1886 December,25 CARTER, Mary Ella GENERAL, William 1892 July,06 CARTER, Mattie BURRUS, Willie 1894 May,05 CARTER, Mattie SMITH, Tom 1890 May,17 CARTER, Melissa Ann CRAWFORD, Charles 1890 October,23 CARTER, Melvina BOONE, Manson 1882 July,19 CARTER, Minerva KEEL, Benjamin 1888 December,29 CARTER, Minnie REED, Hampton 1899 October,19 CARTER, Mitchell HARDY, Mary 1896 March,06 CARTER, Mitchell HARRIS, Caroline 1879 March,14 CARTER, Mosanna LOVE, D B 1896 February,06 CARTER, Mose AUSTIN, Pearl 1898 January,10 CARTER, Nancy CATO, Will 1883 November,25 CARTER, Nancy GALLONS, Joshua 1885 January,01 CARTER, Nannie SIBLEY, H C 1889 June,30 CARTER, Nelson EDWARDS, Alice 1892 September,24 CARTER, Nelson HARRISON, Viola 1883 December,27 CARTER, Ophelia WILLIKAM, Ed 1900 December,26 CARTER, P R RUCKER, Lucinda 1887 January,12 CARTER, Parker RUCKER, Emma 1879 January,02 CARTER, Patience GENERAL, Major 1881 November,09 CARTER, Patrick LAWSON, Mary Mrs 1873 March,11 CARTER, Phillis JAMES, Walker 1887 April,21 CARTER, Richard RUNNELS, Susanna 1882 June,16 CARTER, Robert WILSON, Mary 1889 February,09 CARTER, Rosa WILLIAMS, Emanuel 1883 February,02 CARTER, S L CHEATHAM, Della 1884 July,24 CARTER, S Y SIBLEY, Mollie 1878 January,30 CARTER, Sallie SEARY, Julius 1875 June,06 CARTER, Sallie M MARTIN, J W 1869 January,13 CARTER, Sallie Mrs STEWART, Bob 1879 December,24 CARTER, Sallie N MARTIN, J W 1869 January,13 CARTER, Samuel CHAMBERS, Evaline 1880 November,14 CARTER, Sandy JAMES, Bella 1887 November,18 CARTER, Sarah DOWSY, T 1899 December,26 CARTER, Sarah Jane RUNNELS, Stephen 1878 July,07 CARTER, Stella THOMAS, Jeff 1888 June,30 CARTER, Senna ROLLINS, Dennis 1892 July,17 CARTER, Serious JONES, Britanna 1881 January,08 CARTER, Cilla WASHINGTON, George 1871 February,04 CARTER, Simon FRILEY, Ida 1897 December,23 CARTER, Susan POTTER, Russell 1874 October,24 CARTER, Susanna EDMONSON, Joe 1892 December,22 CARTER, Syria JEFFRIES, Dise 1876 December,27 CARTER, T C TOLLER, Sallie 1875 April,20 CARTER, Walter WINFIELD, Betsy 1892 January,05 CARTER, Wat OLIVER, Angeline 1887 October,01 CARTER, Will CARTER, Line 1897 January,02 CARTER, William BEAL, Patsy 1899 February,09 CARTER, William CHRISTOPHER, Eliza 1884 December,01 CARTER, William EVANS, Eleanora 1880 January,24 CARTER, William HAYWOOD, Louisa 1894 January,25 CARTER, William MICKENS, Lizzie 1886 August,13 CARTER, William MILLER, Emily 1882 December,22 CARTER, William PHILLIPS, Maggie 1890 May,23 CARTER, William TUTLE, Lucy 1889 January,24 CARTER, William J TUCKER, Flora 1892 September,24 CARTER, Willie KEEL, Lizzie 1889 December,14 CARTER, Willie LEWIS, Lillie 1889 December,28 CARTER, Willie SMITH, Lydia 1889 December,04 CARTER, Wilson JOHNSON, Caroline 1885 August,25


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