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Lowndes to Tallahatchi CO MS

Carter Marriages

LOWNDES CO MARRIAGES: CARTER, Alfred BEARD, Caroline 1889 May,23 CARTER, Alfred CUNNINGHAM, Mahala 1878 January,17 CARTER, Amanda N KILCREASE, Kelby 1840 March,12 CARTER, Annie NELSON, Sanders 1201 November,10 CARTER, Ara GREEN, George 1880 January,02 CARTER, Becky HAIRSTON, Richard 1900 January,17 CARTER, Bridges DAVIS, Minerva 1893 January,07 CARTER, Cannon M MUNGER, Maria L 1865 September,04 CARTER, Caroline E ROBERTSON, Reuben 1841 October,28 CARTER, Catherine WELLS, Wm L 1867 January,28 CARTER, Celia GIBSON, Wm A 1881 September,16 CARTER, Charley JACKSON, Becky 1880 January,03 CARTER, Cloe WASHINGTON, George 1872 December,17 CARTER, Della BLANKS, Dennis 1897 November,20 CARTER, Eliza JONES, Jerry 1884 January,04 CARTER, Elizabeth BERRY, Green 1884 October,30 CARTER, Elizabeth DOUGHN, George 1869 May,13 CARTER, Ella BASTEL, Jim 1896 June,04 CARTER, Ephrain LOVE, Katie 1899 December,11 CARTER, Ephram WILLIAM, Patsy 1886 December,30 CARTER, Frank JOHNSON, Rebecca 1884 January,29 CARTER, George WILSON, Crecy 1873 March,13 CARTER, Harriet HARRIS, Buckner 1835 June,16 CARTER, Hettie LEWIS, Wesley 1882 May,19 CARTER, James MORROW, Minnie 1881 April,09 CARTER, James WEIR, Hannah M 1835 December,10 CARTER, Jane MOORE, Peter 1878 March,14 CARTER, Jennie GRAY, Edmond 1872 March,30 CARTER, Joanna COVINGTON, James 1872 December,18 CARTER, John JACKSON, Lucy Ann 1881 December,20 CARTER, John W ADAMS, Mary 1837 January,05 CARTER, Jonah LEGHORN, Charity 1201 November,30 CARTER, Julia PHILLIPS, Squire 1880 February,, 14 CARTER, Laura WILLIAMS, Lewis 1876 December,21 CARTER, Leona J NASH, Harris 1886 December,13 CARTER, Lewis HARRIS, Jennie 1884 August,11 CARTER, Lizzie BARRY, Josh 1882 December,25 CARTER, Lizzie HOGAN, George 1872 July,20 CARTER, Lucinda TABB, Edmond 1898 November,11 CARTER, Lucy GRIFFIN, Jeff 1891 May,23 CARTER, Lucy JONES, Richard 1891 December,24 CARTER, M E Miss TINSLEY, J D 1896 September,26 CARTER, Maggie JACKSON, P J 1883 December,26 CARTER, Mary HARGROVE, George 1891 January,03 CARTER, Mary JOHNSON, Wiley 1883 March,31 CARTER, Mary PRUDEN, Gilbert 1893 December,23 CARTER, Mary L SHIRLEY, Gabriel 1848 April,06 CARTER, Mattie MIMS, Nathaniel 1894 January,19 CARTER, Melinda DUNKINS, Cumpsy 1875 January,08 CARTER, Mollie COOPWOOD, Wm 1881 December,22 CARTER, Mollie MALONE, Frank 1895 October,30 CARTER, Nelson DOWDLE, Margaret 1838 March,14 CARTER, Phoeba TURNER, Joshua 1878 April,17 CARTER, Rachel FRANKLIN, George 1886 December,20 CARTER, Rebecca THOMAS, John 1896 October,27 CARTER, Robert WARD, Caroline 1836 May,27 CARTER, Robert WILSON, Esther 1882 August,10 CARTER, Sam WHIRL, Lucinda 1881 December,21 CARTER, Samuel WICKS, Emma 1896 June,06 CARTER, Susanna MCWILLIAMS, Andrew 1835 July,13 CARTER, Tom CLENTONS, Rachel 1893 May,26 CARTER, Tom DAWSON, Mary 1889 November,29 CARTER, Will JONES, Elizabeth 1897 February,24 CARTER, William W BREWER, Harriet J 1857 October,21 CARTER, Wilson EBENEZER, Cloe 1876 January,13 MADISON CO MARRIAGES CARTER, Aaron WILLIAMS, Nelly 1897 January,25 CARTER, Ada JOHNSON, Henry 1897 March,02 CARTER, Albert ANDERSON, Amelia 1877 February,22 CARTER, Albert HARRIS, Alice 1888 October,23 CARTER, Ann Mrs FINNCANE, George 1843 July,01 CARTER, Blanche JONES, John 1881 July,07 CARTER, Caroline MOORE, Samuel 1888 December,20 CARTER, Centie JOHNSON, Aaron 1876 November,01 CARTER, Chester WALLACE, Elizabeth 1856 January,05 CARTER, Cynthia HOLBROOKS, Peter 1836 November,28 CARTER, Cyrilla CLARK, Henderson 1893 February,25 CARTER, Dan BOONE, Emma 1892 July,30 CARTER, E M GUNTHORP, L L 1868 February,27 CARTER, Emma POWELL, Philmore 1897 February,27 CARTER, Fanny DAVIS, Ransom 1876 August,24 CARTER, Felix RATLIFF, Ella 1888 December,27 CARTER, Hannah GILL, Warren 1897 January,09 CARTER, Hattie EWING, W W 1880 December,14 CARTER, Henry BRITTON, Dolly 1887 November,04 CARTER, James HOY, Fansy 1873 August,27 CARTER, Joe THOMPSON, Amanda 1885 October,05 CARTER, L G COLEMAN, Canzada 1853 November,22 CARTER, Laura ALDRIDGE, Tobe 1896 November,25 CARTER, Laura SIMMONS, John 1879 February,12 CARTER, Loula GRAY, Vashte 1899 January,12 CARTER, Maria ROGERS, Robert 1878 March,12 CARTER, Maria R JOHNSTON, Washington L 1844 December,02 CARTER, Minnie RICHARD, James 1895 December,12 CARTER, Nat JOHNSON, Tennie 1898 February,15 CARTER, Patsy LEWIS, Jerry 1896 August,20 CARTER, Perry O LEARY, Mary 1873 December,24 CARTER, Prince HENRY, Fannie 1888 May,05 CARTER, Robert DEANS, Lucinda 1898 November,04 CARTER, Sam GRANT, Julia 1881 February,01 CARTER, Shack BOWMAN, Ada 1879 March,04 CARTER, Shack RUSSELL, Patsy 1889 September,25 CARTER, Sophronia WEATHFORD, J M 1867 May,16 CARTER, Tennessee WHITNEY, George Jr 1882 September,04 CARTER, William RODGERS, Mary 1875 January,19 CARTER, William VAUGHN, Mary (Mrs) 1844 April,15 CARTER, Wilson TAYLOR, Laura 1883 December,19 CARTER, William BILLS, Violet 1881 March,19 MARION CO MARRIAGES: CARTER, BLACKBURN, W F 1891 October,25 CARTER, Ada BOUNDS, Felix 1895 February,07 CARTER, Albert ROBBINS, Rebecca 1884 July,13 CARTER, Ann GRAHAM, John 1874 April,21 CARTER, Annie MORRIS, Cullen E 1886 April,01 CARTER, Bertia BROWN, L I 1898 January,03 CARTER, Dan FIGGERS, Amanda 1887 August,04 CARTER, E A FILLINGIN, James 1886 November,11 CARTER, Elijah G PATERSON, Margerite 1872 November,07 CARTER, G W KING, Mary E 1888 March,07 CARTER, Jane SMITH, Lawrence 1888 September,26 CARTER, Joseph A RANDALL, Lucinda Virginia 1885 December,10 CARTER, Julia PATERSON, J B 1874 December,24 CARTER, Lenoir LOTT, James A 1873 December,16 CARTER, Loula BROOM, A J 1888 March,31 CARTER, Lydia J GATES, Willis P 1872 December,03 CARTER, Mary Ann MURRAY, T K 1897 October,04 CARTER, Nora THOMAS, Pink 1892 January,21 CARTER, O E Mrs GREEN, James 1885 February,22 CARTER, P F FARMER, Isabel 1895 February,24 CARTER, Richard BURKETT, Ida 1887 December,08 CARTER, S H P GATES, Frances 1895 December,09 CARTER, Sandy JOHNSON, Clara 1887 April,12 CARTER, W G PAGE, Emaline 1870 November,19 CARTER, W M WILLIAMS, Rose Ann 1881 January,23 CARTER, William B BERRY, Elizabeth 1850 August,04 CARTER, William C WATSON, Appy 1825 December,19 CARTER, William F BYRD, Mary Ann 1845 February,27 PERRY CO MARRIAGES: CARTER, Alex BEARDSLY, Clara 1891 May,07 CARTER, Alex BRADLEY, Clarice 1890 March,26 CARTER, Alex WALKER, Julia 1897 July,06 CARTER, Alex WILSON, Mary 1895 April,08 CARTER, Alexander GILLENDER, Harriet 1882 August,24 CARTER, Alpine BRELAND, Emma 1910 August,25 CARTER, Annie MEADOWS, J C 1908 July,05 CARTER, Annie MYERS, Frank 1887 January,20 CARTER, B J ONEAL, J D 1891 April,09 CARTER, Bessie JEFCOAT, Rufus 1909 December,26 CARTER, Billy MCSWAIN, Rosa 1896 May,02 CARTER, Catherine PERKINS, Moses 1885 November,05 CARTER, Celia CARTER, George 1879 August,26 CARTER, Celia DUBOSE, B 1883 March,15 CARTER, Cleave SCOTT, Millie 1906 January,04 CARTER, Della ANDREWS, P 1912 March,12 CARTER, E R GRANTHAM, C W 1891 April,09 CARTER, Ed WEST, Lizzie 1911 August,05 CARTER, Eran CARPENTER, H S 1884 December,04 CARTER, Flora HINTON, Henry 1893 August,12 CARTER, Florida CARTER, Jackson 1885 December,29 CARTER, G J MYERS, Laura B 1890 February,13 CARTER, Genia MCSWAIN, R B 1906 October,10 CARTER, George CARTER, Celia 1879 August,26 CARTER, George W CARTER, Sarah 1883 February,20 CARTER, Isaac FAIRLEY, La Bella 1894 April,05 CARTER, J A MCKINNON, L C 1887 March,22 CARTER, J E MILLER, Jessie 1909 February,16 CARTER, J U PARDUE, Sallie 1885 May,21 CARTER, Jackson CARTER, Florida 1885 December,29 CARTER, Jane MCDONALD, Cyrus 1893 October,10 CARTER, Jeanie BYRD, Erastus 1895 November,03 CARTER, Joe FORKNER, Pheby 1890 November,13 CARTER, John PERKINS, Catherine 1892 November,23 CARTER, John POWE, Lillie 1894 February,08 CARTER, L D CARTER, S E Mrs 1911 February,18 CARTER, Laura E NORWOOD, B F K 1886 December,30 CARTER, Lem MCSWAIN, Elizabeth 1886 November,20 CARTER, Lem SMITH, Melvina 1883 February,03 CARTER, Lillybelle GUY, John 1890 September,16 CARTER, Lydia BENJAMINE, Jeff 1881 February,05 CARTER, M E MCBRIDE, C J 1883 December,14 CARTER, M J JORDAN, William 1885 August,20 CARTER, Margaret BATSON, J L 1882 February,23 CARTER, Margaret PATTON, Jeff 1882 March,02 CARTER, Mary Bell DAVIS, James W 1909 April,01 CARTER, Morris HELVESTON, Georgia 1908 November,15 CARTER, Nellie WEST, Caesar 1886 August,08 CARTER, Nora FAIRLEY, E W 1909 August,12 CARTER, Ollie M BARNETT, J Davis 1881 November,17 CARTER, Paulina WEST, Sam Sr 1894 January,28 CARTER, Peter L ALEXANDER, Mary Ann 1906 April,18 CARTER, Queena FAIRLY, Jacob 1890 July,31 CARTER, Rachel DRAUGHN, Albert S 1880 January,07 CARTER, Rena FAIRLEY, Ceasar 1898 December,28 CARTER, S E Mrs CARTER, L D 1911 February,18 CARTER, Sabra DAVIS, D B 1888 January,11 CARTER, Sallie McDONALD, Aron 1879 October,30 CARTER, Sam McSWAIN, Sarah J 1894 March,07 CARTER, Sam STAFFORD, Sabra 1886 April,10 CARTER, Sarah ALEXANDER, General 1895 August,24 CARTER, Sarah CARTER, George W 1883 February,20 CARTER, W L TRAVIS, Eran 1883 December,24 CARTER, Wesley BRELAND, Cora 1893 January,19 PIKE CO MARRIAGES: CARTER, Adam FLETCHER, Hattie 1883 February,07 CARTER, Allen SIBLEY, Melissa 1885 December,18 CARTER, Delphine CREEL, Oliver 1895 December,16 CARTER, Emma C WILLIAMS, J M 1887 February,14 CARTER, Frank DILLON, Courtney 1886 January,16 CARTER, Geneva HOLMES, B F 1892 February,27 CARTER, H E BULLOCK, Mollie 1897 October,02 CARTER, J A SPINKS, Sallie 1889 November,06 CARTER, Lizzie JENKINS, Henry 1888 January,05 CARTER, Mamie V HOLMES, Joe Y 1895 March,12 CARTER, Margaret ROWAN, Andrew 1885 October,16 CARTER, Mary Ann HOPE, W E 1897 August,23 CARTER, Orzena LEWIS, John 1899 December,27 CARTER, Warren SARTAIN, Lovey 1887 September,03 CARTER, Willington SANDIFER, Amanda 1886 July,06 PONTOTOC CO MARRIAGES: CARTER, Ambrose BROWN, Frances 1861 January,29 CARTER, Ambrose BROWN, Francis 1861 January,29 CARTER, Amyi PANNELL, Mary Ann 1862 January,26 CARTER, Amze PANNELL, Mary Ann 1862 March,26 CARTER, B N DIXON, Mary C 1858 January,23 CARTER, Clemma COOPER, John W 1888 October,21 CARTER, Elizabeth POOL, James 1852 October,24 CARTER, Frances Texann CALDER, John H 1865 January,31 CARTER, H MCCARTER, Bettie 1897 November,23 CARTER, J B TAYLOR, P B Miss 1860 October,11 CARTER, J T CALDWELL, Tera 1892 December,28 CARTER, James F HAYNES, Martha J 1863 December,23 CARTER, Jesse TALLY, Eleanor 1857 July,27 CARTER, John JOHNSON, Martha 1851 July,26 CARTER, Lee GRIZZARD, Adaline 1864 October,17 CARTER, Lee MCCRAW, Sallie 1866 September,18 CARTER, Luanda F BOWEN, James E 1854 May,13 CARTER, Martha HOOPER, Isaac 1866 October,27 CARTER, Martha M WHITE, Solomon 1859 November,30 CARTER, Mary C WYLIE, James M 1863 July,05 CARTER, Nancy A E COREY, George W 1851 February,04 CARTER, Nancy E WHITTEN, John H L 1862 March,01 CARTER, Nelson FREE, Mourning C 1854 November,19 CARTER, Ollie HUSKISON, Jack 1899 October,29 CARTER, R B HOLLEMAN, S J Mrs 1894 March,07 CARTER, R L TUTOR, Lucy 1887 November,13 CARTER, Stephen BARR, Minnie C 1899 December,27 CARTER, W C RODGERS, Mattie A 1891 February,26 CARTER, W H DEJURMOTT, Mary E 1864 August,31 CARTER, W L PARK, Annie 1887 March,14 PRENTISS CO MARRIAGES: CARTER, G H MARTIN, S I Miss 1879 December,15 CARTER, J E BLYTHE, Claudia 1896 May,30 CARTER, M D Miss ARTIS, Walter 1895 April,30 CARTER, Mattie MARTIN, E L 1898 November,22 CARTER, R C PICKENS, M D Miss 1880 January,05 CARTER, Rubie A SHACKELFORD, J M 1893 December,18 CARTER, T S LITTLE, Mary 1897 July,15 CARTER, Travis HOWELL, Mary A 1878 January,04 CARTER, W H GARNER, M E Miss 1896 January,20 CARTER, W O FOSTER, Josie 1887 January,24 CARTER, W T ROBINSON, Fannie 1881 January,25 QUITMAN CO MARRIAGES: CARTER, Dorcus Mrs JACKSON, Andrew B 1889 July,13 CARTER, J W ALSTAN, M J Miss 1889 May,19 CARTER, Josie HANEY, Green 1888 December,25 CARTER, Miles CHAMBERS, Narcis 1883 February,22 CARTER, Miles HUNT, Ellen 1895 February,24 RANKIN CO MARRIAGES: CARTER, August,us MARTIN, Florence 1895 December,26 CARTER, Ben HOWELL, Tena 1882 April,14 CARTER, C B BELLEW, M J Mrs 1870 February,02 CARTER, C C Miss PERKINS, Stephen 1879 January,25 CARTER, Charles LINDSEY, Margaret 1871 July,19 CARTER, Charlotte JOHNSON, Louis 1865 December,19 CARTER, Cynthia WILLIAMS, Isaiah 1878 December,10 CARTER, Dewitt MCLAURIN, Phyillis 1872 January,27 CARTER, Elizabeth HOPKINS, George M 1833 November,11 CARTER, Ella BLOCKSOM, Amos 1884 July,03 CARTER, Ellen SMITH, Henry 1875 June,19 CARTER, Emaline JONES, Tillman 1871 February,08 CARTER, Emily SCOTT, James 1873 January,25 CARTER, Fanny CARTER, Richard 1870 December,17 CARTER, Francis HILL, Dempsey 1873 February,12 CARTER, Henrietta THOMPSON, Jimmy 1897 November,16 CARTER, Henry KERSH, Rose 1882 December,02 CARTER, J D WILLIAMS, Mary 1884 December,05 CARTER, John CUNNINGHAM, Loula 1895 March,11 CARTER, Lou WARREN, Frank 1871 January,09 CARTER, Mary KENDRICKS, Jefferson 1886 April,13 CARTER, Minnie DONNELL, W P 1878 November,07 CARTER, Minnie KERSH, D A 1883 February,02 CARTER, Pearlie ELBERT, Thomas 1894 December,01 CARTER, Percy JONES, Mary 1896 December,17 CARTER, Richard CARTER, Fanny 1870 December,17 CARTER, Sallie NOLAN, Jim 1877 January,11 CARTER, Sallie THOMPSON, Wash 1879 August,02 CARTER, Sam JONES, Ella 1872 December,21 CARTER, Sarah FINN, William 1872 January,31 CARTER, Webb HATCHER, Aurelia 1882 October,26 SCOTT CO MARRIAGES: CARTER, Adaline GRISHAM, Lee 1884 November,26 CARTER, Cornelius WHITEHEAD, Henrietta 1878 December,24 CARTER, Ed GURRY, Ann 1885 September,04 CARTER, Harrison WALKER, Loula 1890 December,24 CARTER, Nepsie MCGOWAN, Sam 1886 December,24 CARTER, Sylvia HARRIS, Wiley 1886 May,27 CARTER, Viola BATES, Richard 1899 June,16 CARTER, William TURNER, Millie 1886 January,19 SHARKEY CO MARRIAGES: CARTER, Andrew JACKSON, Alice 1892 March,15 CARTER, Arthur Benjamin RYAN, Mattie 1896 March,29 CARTER, Ben COLLIER, Ella 1891 March,19 CARTER, Betty HERRON, Amos 1887 March,03 CARTER, Billy SMITH, Louis 1897 February,27 CARTER, Caroline MACK, Horace 1881 January,13 CARTER, Celian WILLIAMS, Dave 1897 February,26 CARTER, Cecila FARRIS, Allen 1888 October,13 CARTER, Edmund SWINEY, Ellen 1878 August,15 CARTER, Edward THEARMAN, Carrie 1880 October,12 CARTER, Emma WOOTEN, David 1900 January,04 CARTER, Henry JACKSON, Flora 1878 December,26 CARTER, Henry MORRIS, Mandy 1889 November,28 CARTER, Henry THADONIA, Eaton 1880 October,21 CARTER, Hester CONNERLY, Albert 1900 December,06 CARTER, Joe JONES, Hattie 1897 November,02 CARTER, Joe RICHARDSON, Adaline 1900 October,11 CARTER, John HALL, Easter 1885 December,25 CARTER, Lizzie BUFORD, Ned 1896 February,19 CARTER, Lottie WELLS, David 1890 November,26 CARTER, Mahala WILLIAMS, Mike 1890 May,22 CARTER, Mary CHILDS, William 1878 December,27 CARTER, Mary JOHNSON, Henry 1892 March,19 CARTER, Mattie BURNETT, Thomas 1893 March,11 CARTER, Melissa GOODE, Armstead 1884 June,26 CARTER, Odie PORTER, Lizzie 1897 January,21 CARTER, Rachel ABBOTT, Jack 1890 January,25 CARTER, Ralph MCCALL, Sealia 1886 February,04 CARTER, Rhoda ROBINSON, Jack 1882 February,25 CARTER, Richard WILLIAMS, Rena 1885 November,19 CARTER, Samuel PITTS, Anna 1894 October,03 CARTER, Sandy KELLY, Mollie 1887 February,18 CARTER, Thad JOHNSON, Annie 1884 February,12 CARTER, Tom PAGE, Lizzie 1894 October,15 CARTER, Whatley HARRIS, Celia 1879 September,11 CARTER, William RUSSELL, Virginia 1896 December,04 CARTER, William WADKINS, Lizzie 1899 December,13 STONE CO MARRIAGES: CARTER, A G W FLOYD, Maude May, 1918 March,30 CARTER, Ellis PATRICK, Ruby 1935 July,06 CARTER, Flossie BYRD, Van 1934 June,04 CARTER, Gertrude HALL, D R 1925 August,05 CARTER, Norwood COX, Carolyn 1932 April,30 SUNFLOWER CO MARRIAGES: CARTER, A C DANIELS, Laura J 1889 March,27 CARTER, Ada MOORHEAD, J R 1899 April,02 CARTER, Annie DUETT, James 1895 April,10 CARTER, Anthony JACKSON, Sallie 1900 May,13 CARTER, Edna DEGRAFFENREID, William 1900 November,09 CARTER, Emily JOINER, Samuel 1876 June,09 CARTER, Frances HENDERSON, D A 1888 February,22 CARTER, Ida HUDSON, William 1894 March,04 CARTER, Jennie SERVINS, Daniel 1900 December,18 CARTER, Lillie MARTIN, Martin 1875 June,16 CARTER, Lucinda POLLARD, Dolphus 1867 May,10 CARTER, Mamie E RICHARDSON, J A 1897 February,24 CARTER, Mollie DUNN, G L 1874 February,18 CARTER, Nellie MILES, Henry 1897 December,11 CARTER, Robert A BRANTLEY, Prinie 1897 July,19 CARTER, Rudolph M HENRY, Mattie 1873 October,15 CARTER, S A Mrs DEWITT, I W 1896 April,11 CARTER, Sally FAISON, R B 1875 July,21 CARTER, Walter METCALF, Eva 1898 November,08 TALLACHTCHI CO MARRIAGES: CARTER, Alfred H BENSON, Nannie J 1871 July,22 CARTER, Aaron MUSTERED, Mandy Mrs 1877 December,30 CARTER, Charlotte HOWARD, Tom 1866 September,22 CARTER, Cyrus SNEED, Louisa 1868 March,05 CARTER, Eliza GRANTHAM, Richard 1867 August,08 CARTER, H D PARKER, Dallas 1879 January,30 CARTER, Hattie M LEGGETT, C W 1900 May,02 CARTER, Henrietta POWERS, Henry 1874 July,25 CARTER, J N WHITE, Fanny 1876 February,16 CARTER, James REYNOLDS, Lucy 1870 September,28 CARTER, James A CARTER, Mary Mrs 1881 December,29 CARTER, John BOULDING, Milley Mrs 1879 September,27 CARTER, L V Miss WADE, J M 1878 September,05 CARTER, Lizzie BILLINGS, Henry 1878 September,19 CARTER, Mary Mrs CARTER, James A 1881 December,29 CARTER, Phyllis JOHNSON, William 1879 September,11 CARTER, R D ELLIOTT, M P Miss 1895 January,03 CARTER, Susan TAYLER, Anderson 1874 December,25 CARTER, Wyatt NORRIS, Alice Mrs 1869 October,18


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