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Col John Carter

Of England and Virginia

Col. John Carter, of England and Virginia, was the son of Hon. William Carter, of "Casstown," Hereford Co., and the Middle Temple, England. He was born 1620 in England and died 1669, at "Corotoman," Lancaster Co., VA.

He came to the Colony in 1649 and settled in lower Norfolk, which he represented as Burgess, 1649. He later removed to Lancaster Co., where he built the ancestral home of "Corotoman." He served as a Burgess from Lancaster, 1653-58, and was an influential member of the King's Council, 1658-59; Commander against the Rappahannock Indians, 1654; Col. of Lancaster, 1656.

He was a liberal supporter of the Established Church, he gave the first Church which stood on the land where Christ Church was later built, and was a Vestryman.

He married five times. First to Jane Glyn, daughter. of Morgan Glyn, of England; second Eleanor Eltonhead Brocas, widow of Hon. William Brocas, and daughter of Richard and Ann Sutton Eltonhead, of England; third Anne Carter, daughter of Cleave Carter, of England; fourth Sarah Ludlow daughter of Gabriel Ludlow, of "Dinton;" fifth Elizabeth Sherley, of Gloucester Co., VA.

He made his will in 1669

1. George, d. young. 2. Eleanor, d. young. 3. Elizabeth Carter, from Second marriage. Elizabeth married Nathaniel Utie.

4. John Carter Col., of Lancaster Co. VA. died as young man. He took a prominent part in affairs of Church and State, was a Vestryman of Christ Church. He married two times. First to a Miss Lloyd, daughter of Col. William and Elizabeth Lloyd, of Richmond Co. and second Elizabeth Travers, daughter of Raleigh Travers. The widow married second Christopher Wormley.

5. Sarah Carter died young.
6. Charles Carter died young.
7. Robert Carter born 1663 Lancaster Co. Virginia

Col. Robert Carter

Son of John Carter

Robert Carter was also known as King Carter of Corotoman in Lancaster Co., VA.

Robert was born 1663 and died 4 August, 1732, he is buried just outside of the old Church he built and served as Vestryman of Christ Church.. He served as a Burgess, 1695-99, and as Speaker of the House; as Treasurer of the Colony, 1694-1732; an influential member of the King's Council, 1699-1732, and its President; acting Governor, 1726-27.

On account of his great prominence and wealth, he was called "King Carter." His estate consisted of 300,000 acres of land, 1,000 slaves and 10, 100 pounds Sterling.

He first married Judith Armistead daughter of Col. John and Judith Bowles Armistead, of "Hesse," Gloucester Co., VA. She died in 1699. The widower married second Elizabeth Landon Willis, daughter of Thomas Landon of "Grednal," Hereford Co. England.
Children of Robert Carter

1. Elizabeth Carter, born 1688 VA.. She married in 1709 to Nathaniel Burwell, of "Fairfield" born 1680 and died 1721. He was the son of Lewis and Abigail Smith Burwel.

Elizabeth married second in 1726 to Dr. George Nicholas, of Williamsburg, VA. He was a Surgeon in the British Navy, and came to Colony from Lancashire, England, about the beginning of the 18th century.


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