William Byrd, son of John Byrd from England
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William Byrd

Son of John Byrd of England

For those who descend from William Byrd, you might want to take a look at Westover and help you to know William Byrd. Go visit James River Plantations and click on Westover. Westover

William Byrd, of "Westover," Charles City Co., VA., born in London, England, died 4 December, 1704, at "Westover." He was the son of John Byrd or Bird, a goldsmith of London, England, and his wife, Grace Stagges.

William came to the Colony in 1677, and possessed himself of the estate of his late uncle, Thomas Stagges. He resided first at "Belvedere," Hanover Co., VA., and later at "Westover," on the James.

He took a prominent and active part in affairs of Church and State, and was an influential member of the King's Council.

He married Mary Horsmanden, born 1652 and died 9 November, 1699, daughter of Col. Warham Horsmanden, of Charles City Co., VA., who later returned to England, and resided at "Parleigh," in Essex Co.

Five children:

1. William Byrd, born 28 March, 1664 England.
2. Susan Byrd married John Brayne, of London, England.
3. Ursula Byrd born 9 November, 1681 and died 11 October, 1698. She married Robert Beverley, of James City Co., VA., son of Robert and Mary Keeble Beverley.

4. Mary Byrd, died young.
5. Warham Byrd died young.

William Byrd

Son of William Byrd of England

William Byrd, of "Westover," Charles City Co., VA., was born 28 March, 1664 in England and died 26 August, 1744. He was educated in England, and was for a time of the Middle Temple. He returned to Virginia, and took a prominent and active part in public affairs; served as Receiver General, and was thrice appointed public agent to the Court and Ministry of England, where he was an influential member of the King's Council.

He married first Lucy Park, daughter of Col. Daniel Park, of Surrey Co., England, and second Maria Taylor, daughter of Thomas Taylor, of England. Issue by first marriage:

1. Evelyn Byrd, born 1708 and died 1737. Never married
2. Parke Byrd died in infancy.
3. Philips William Byrd died in infancy.

4. Wilhelmina Byrd married Thomas Chamberlayne of King William Co. VA., son of William and Elizabeth Littlepage Chamberlayne, of New Kent Co. VA.

5. Ann Byrd married in 1742 to Col. Charles Carter, of "Cleves," King George Co. VA., son of Col. Robert and Elizabeth Landon Willis Carter, of "Corotoman,".

6. Maria Byrd married Col. Landon Carter, of Col. Robert and Elizabeth Landon Willis Carter, of "Corotoman,"

7. William Byrd married Elizabeth Hill Carter.

8. Jane Byrd married 1746 John Page, of "North End," Gloucester Co., VA., son of Mann and Judith Carter Page, of "Rose-well,"

William Byrd

Son of William and Lucy Park Byrd

William Byrd, son of Willian and Lucy Park Byrd was of "Westover," Charles City Co. VA.

He played a prominent part in affairs of his day. He married first Elizabeth Hill Carter, born 1731 and died 1760. Elizabeth daughter of John and Elizabeth Hill Carter. William married second Mary Willing, of Philadelphia, PA. br>

1. William Byrd, of the British Army; killed at Caen, France. Never Married

2. John Carter Byrd married Ann Harrison Randolph, widow of William Randolph, of "Wilton," daughter of Benjamin and Ann Carter Harrison, of "Berkeley." No issue.

3. Thomas Taylor Byrd of whom later.

4. Elizabeth Hill Byrd, married first James Parke Farley, who came to Virginia in 1762; second The Rev. John Dunbar; and third Col. Henry Skipwith.

5. Francis Otway Byrd, was an Officer in the British Navy. At the beginning of the Revolutionary War, he resigned and offered his services to America, and served with distinction as Aid to Gen. Lincoln. He married Anne Munford, of Mecklenburg Co. VA.

6. Maria Horsmanden Byrd, married 1784 John Page, of "Pagebrook," Clark Co., VA., son of Robert and Sarah Walker Page

7. Anne Willing Byrd, died young.
8. Charles Willing Byrd, died young.

9. Evelyn Taylor Byrd, married Benjamine Harrison, of "Brandon," Surrey Co., VA., son of Nathaniel and Mary Digges Harrison.

10. Abby Byrd, married Judge William Nelson, of Yorktown, VA., son of William and Elizabeth Burwell Nelson, of Yorktown.

11. Charles Byrd
12. Jane Byrd


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