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Richard Byrd

Richard Byrd was born 1769 North Carolina and died 1818 in Johnson Co. NC.

All of Richard Byrdís children were born in Lenoir Co., NC

1. Bright Byrd, born 1795 NC., and died 1826 AL.
2. Redding Byrd, born 1797 NC.
3. Edward Byrd, born 1800 NC.; died 1876 NC.
4. John Byrd, born about 1802 NC
5. George Byrd, born 1804 NC.M
6. Richard Byrd, born about 1806 NC.
7. Benjamin Byrd, born 1808 NC.
8. Elizabeth Byrd, born about 1810 NC.

One Bright Byrd married Gracey Godwin about 1812 in Johnston Co. NC.
One Bright Byrd was born 12 November, 1807 Johnston Co. NC


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