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John Byrd

Of Columbia Co GA

This John Byrd has not been placed with the other Byrd families! Do you know who his parents were? John Throne a descendant would appreciate your help.

John Byrd married Elizabeth Moon Neal about 1813 in Columbia Co. GA. There is a Jury List dated 1797-1802 that has a John Byrd included. Not known if this is the same John. No other information is known about John Byrd prior to 1813.

Elizabeth Moon, was the daughter of Quakers, Thomas and Lucrectia Moon. She was born 17 October, 1780, probably in NC. She moved with her family to Columbia Co., along with a number of Quaker families. She first married Richard Neal 16 March, 1802 in Columbia Co. Richard died in 1804 leaving two children, Mary, born 5 June 1802, who married a Caswell Wright, and Peter Lamar Neal, born 1804.

They supported themselves with slaves until Elizabeth married John Byrd in September 1813, Columbia Co. Court Records has a Deed of Gift from John Byrd to his wife and two children dated September, 1818. The Deed gives them two slaves for "their support and care" does not say John is dead, just he is giving his family the deed to two slaves.

In 1821 Tax Records, Joseph Moon, brother of Elizabeth, is paying the taxes for the two slaves for "John Byrd heirs" again, does not say he is deceased He either died, or left the county.

Elizabeth Moon Neal Byrd remained in Coweta Co. with her daughter until her death 21 April, 1867.

John and Elizabeth Byrd had two children:

1. John Ira/Irey Byrd born 22 December, 1813 GA
] 2. Elizabeth Byrd born 7 November, 1817 GA., and died 29 May, 1894 in Coweta Co. GA. married Barton Scroggins.

John Ira Byrd

Son of John Byrd

John Ira/Irey Byrd, born 22 December, 1813 in Columbia Co. GA., and died 22 November, 1856 in Hopkins Co. TX. John died when struck by lighting while plowing in his field.

He married Mary S McLin, who was born November, 26, 1811 in SC.

John and his sister Elizabeth, drew land as minors from Coles District, Columbia Co. GA. in 1827 Land Lottery. This land was in Coweta Co. Ga. John Ira, his mother and sister moved to Coweta Co. shortly after 1830.

John Ira, his wife Mary, and John's half brother, Peter Lamar Neal and his wife Cynthia Blankenship Neal, all moved to Texas in 1855. It is thought that Peter died on the way to TX. The family settled in Hopkins Co.

All of John Ira's sons served the Confederacy in the Civil War

Children of John I and Mary Byrd are:

1. William David Byrd born July 29, 1835 in Coweta Co. GA., and died 1903. He married Ann E. Minter, April 8, 1857 in Hopkins Co. TX.

2. James Marcellus Byrd, born June 8, 1837, in Coweta Co. died in Civil War, Dec. 31, 1862

3. Jonathan Thomas Byrd born November 5, 1839, in Coweta Co. Died February 15, 1865 in LA.

4. Francis Elizabeth Byrd born May 11, 1842 in Coweta Co., married Sept. 22, 1864, in Hopkins Co. to Henry Smith

5. Alonzo Columbus (Lum) Byrd born December 6, 1844 in Coweta Co. married Annie Eloda Seale in Hopkins Co. died Sept 23, 1923 in Hopkins Co.

6. Judson Peter Byrd born July 5, 1847, married Martha Eugene Wood in Hopkins Co. died February 19, 1900, in Hopkins Co.

7. Ira Carey Byrd born February 5, 1850, married Sallie E Perkins in Hopkins Co. died January 22, 1915 in Hopkins Co.

8. Mary Catherine Byrd born June 23, 1852 in Coweta Co. married Henry Clay Wood December 24, 1969, in Hopkins Co. died Oct. 21, 1881 in Hopkins Co.

9. Georgia Ann Byrd born June 21, 1855 in Coweta Co. GA. died November 22, 1856 in Hopkins Co. TX.

Researcher for this family:
John Throne

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