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John Richard Byrd

Son of George Byrd

John Richard Byrd, was born 13 January 1791 in Sumter District, South Carolina.

When John was twenty three years old he left South Carolina and came to the State of Alabama. He remained in Al., one year before he settled in Jackson Co. Mississippi. He lived on the west side of the Pascagoula River and was a farmer, and operated a ferry boat on Black Creek.

The Obituary of John Byrd tells his descendants many things about himself. He like most of the Byrdís was of Methodist faith and his home was always open to the Ministers of his Church. He joined the Church in South Carolina at the age of sixteen years and was a member for 79 years. He died at the age of 95 at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Mary Herrington in Jackson Co. on 29 January, 1886.

John was married twice. First he married Nell Odom, it is thought she died in child birth in their second year of marriage. He married second a widow, Agnes Nancy Holland McDuffey. Nancy was born 3 November, 1804 in South Carolina and died 9 April, 1880 in Jackson Co. She was the daughter of Charles Holland.

John and Nancy are buried in the family cemetery behind their home over looking the bluff which is now located in George Co. MS.

No known children were born to Nell and John. Five daughters and two sons were born to John and Nancy; all born in Jackson Co. MS.

1. Sarah Jane Byrd born 17 March, 1828.
2. Fannie e. Byrd born 17 May, 1830.
3. Annie Byrd born 1826
4. Reuben Byrd born 24 November, 1831
5. Margaret Jane Byrd born 2 March, 1833
6. Mary E. Byrd born 19 July, 1834
7. John Ira Byrd born 1840

Reuben Byrd

Son of John and Nancy Byrd

Reuben Byrd was born 24 November, 1831 in Jackson Co. MS., and died 19 November, 1913 in George Co. MS.

Reuben married Lydia Ann Whittington born 9 September, 1849 and died 4 January, 1917 in George Co. Both are buried in Reuben Byrd Cemetery near Black Creek Bridge in George Co.

Reuben served with the 3rd Mississippi Regiment, Company A, CSA and enlisted in 1861. He was a member of the Board of Supervisors of Jackson Co. in 1872 and is listed on the 1860-70 and 1880 Census of Jackson Co.

Children of Reuben and Lydia Ann Byrd

1. John Richard Byrd born 20 March, 1867 and died 25 November, 1948. He married Roxie Reeves and had seven children.

2. William Lorenza Byrd born 18 August, 1868 Jackson Co. and died 26 December, 1914. He married Salena Pipkins.

3. Reuben Edgar Byrd born 19 August, 1870 and died 12 August, 1941. He married Jane Havens, daughter of Henry and Jane Havens.

4. George Allen Byrd born 10 July, 1872, m. Ruby Moore and Della Ryans.

5. Mary E. Byrd born 11 October, 1873 and died 10 October, 1945

6. Caroline Mary Byrd, born 19 December, 1874 and died 7 February, 1939. She married Rufus Calvin Moore. Buried in Pine Grove Cemetery in Perkinston, MS.

7. Lenora Byrd born 27 June, 1876 and died in 1948. She married William Lambert and William Ransom

8. Edna Ann Byrd born 2 September, 1877, died 1942. She married Charles Hezekiah Moore. They lived in Houston, TX.

9. Oscar A. Byrd, born 8 March, 1879; he married Cammie M. Bilbo, daughter of George H. Bilbo and wife Mary Jane Bond Bilbo. Cammie died in Columbia, MS. where she had lived for almost forty years. She was a School Teacher.

10 Effie Jane Byrd born 4 April, 1880; she married Ellsworth Pipkins.

John Ira Byrd

Son of John Richard Byrd

John Ira Byrd youngest son of John R. Byrd was born 1840 Jackson Co. MS.

John married twice! First he married Frances Cochran and second Rebecca Annie Jones Gardner, who was married to William Gardner and had one son, William who was born in 1860 and married Mildred Cooper.

John and Rebecca lived about twelve miles northeast of Gulfport, MS., at a small community called Woolmarket. Both John and Rebecca are buried in Coalville Cemetery.

Their children are:

1. John Plumer Byrd born 8 August, 1862; died 1922; married Margaret Turan.

2. Sherrod Watson Byrd, born 20 June, 1865 and died 11 November, 1941. He married Ann McQueen born 11 December, 1866, d. 6 May, 1939

3. James Walter Byrd, born 13 July, 1870, died 1961.

4. George Richard Byrd, born 11 May, 1872 and died 12 January, 1924. He married Lillie Scarbrough.

5. Samuel Ephraim Frierson Byrd, born 12 July, 1874 MS., died 30 May, 1902. He married about three times.

6. Rebecca Jane Byrd, born 11 June, 1876 and died 23 September, 1916. She married Eli McQueen, born 16 August, 1861 and died 27 February, 1932. Both are buried at White Plains Cemetery about seven miles north of Woolmarket in Harrison Co. MS.

7. Mary Caroline Byrd, born 29 June, 1878 MS., died 16 October, 1919 in Harrison Co. She married Paul W. Newman, born 21 May, 1875 and died 28 May, 1945. Buried in Coalville Cemetery.

8. Fannie Ellender Byrd, born 14 July, 1880 and died 1963. She married Oliver Morris 1867-1932. Buried Cedar Lake Cemetery.

9. Sarah Elizabeth Byrd, born 21 September, 1882 MS. She married Preston Scarbrough, 1880-1962, son of David and Mary Isabelle Todd Scarbrough.

10 Marcella Melissa Byrd, born 16 October, 1884 and died 1964. She married Ursand A. Parker, 1878-1960. Buried in Coalville Cemetery.


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