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Hezekiah Byrd

Was his Father Michael King Byrd?

Hezekiah "Ki" Byrd was born 1787 in Orangeburg District, South Carolina, and died about 1857/58 in Greene Co., Mississippi. He is believed to be the son of Michael King Byrd and the grandson of John Byrd and wife Catherine King of Duplin Co. North Carolina.

Hezekiah was known as "Ki" Byrd. His wife was Mariah Monk who was born about 1800 in South Carolina, and of french descent. They married in South Carolina and their first three children were born in that State.

On the 1820 Census he was about 32 yrs. of age, and had 3 children between the age of 1 to 5 years of age. His wife was about 30. In 1820 the children were, Josiah W. Edward W. and John A. When the 1830 census was taken he had three more children, Malachi G. Ezekiel and Elizabeth. He had two more children, twins who was born in 1834.

Hezekiah is listed in the 1850 census of Greene Co. with his wife and five children. By 1860 when the census was taken Mariah is listed as head of house hold and her age is given as 67 years. Living with her is her youngest son, James who is listed as age 20.

The tax roll in 1827 indicated that he had slaves, cattle and horses. His family and as many as two (2) brothers came from South Carolina to Mississippi and stopped in Greene County. There is no record of who the brothers were.

Notes from Charles Byrd: My discussions with longtime Genealogistís, is found in many cases that after serving in the Militia Armies and Revolutionary Wars, many of the personnel used their middle or some Initials and in the military ranks they were required to go by their First name and went by that name afterwards, this gave them a new Identity after returning and lost their linking records in the Census and started from there as a different person. This could be a good reason that Hezekiah could not be traced any father back. On his journey through Georgia, Alabama to Mississippi, It was passed down by the Older generation that Hezekiah first lived in Clarke County, AL. for as much as a year or more before he settled in Greene Co.

From records, Hezekiah's location in Greene County was listed in the area near McLain, MS and near the fork of Atkinson's Creek and Leaf River, south of what is now Buffalo. The old county seat was not far from where he settled. "Greene's Court House Bluff."

Hezekiah's military duty entitled him to have 40 acres of land that was transferred to him by a Military Bounty Act of 1850. it was located in Mississippi and it is evident that he did not want it where it was and either sold or transferred it to James Leggett of Covington County, MS. In 1855 a Military Bounty Act gave him another 120 acres located in AR., and he assigned it to Jeremiah Deen of Ashley, Arkansas.

The burial place of Hezekial is not known for certainty. It has been indicated he was buried near the old home place, close to the forks of Atkinson's Creek and Leaf River, (south of Hwy. 57 at Buffalo, MS.) The markers were removed to make this location part of a farm. (The destruction of the cemetery was unlawful, and the disturbance was said to be recorded in the Leaksville, Ms. Court records).

There were other Byrd's that lived in North Carolina and moved to South Carolina about the same time Hezekiah was in that region, as to the relations to Hezekiah Byrd, it is not known for sure, and there is no records that indicate what the relation was, no related records found.

No evidence has surfaced for the siblings of Hezekiah! It is believed that William Sutton Byrd and George Byrd were his brothers. They removed from South Carolina to Mississippi much earlier than Hezekiah. Is is possible that Hezekiah stayed a few years longer in Clarke County, Alabama. William S. Byrd was in Clarke Co., Ala. just before or about the same time that Hezekiah was there. William S. Byrd had a title to land in Clarke Co. and no record reveals that Hezekiah had title to any property in Clarke Co.

There were Byrd's that came down about the same time that went on to George and Jackson County, Ms. and some went from Greene County on father west to Forest, Marion, Amite, Simpson, Wayne and Wilkinson Counties. It is not known what all of these Byrd's connection was. There are probably some Byrd's that have relatives and don't know who they are.

Children of Hezekiah and Mariah are:

1. Josiah Walton Byrd born 2 April, 1816 South Carolina.
2. Edward Washington Byrd, born 24 April, 1817 South Carolina
3. John Byrd born 1820 South Carolina.

4. Malachi G. "Malley" Byrd born 3 April, 1827 in Greene Co., and died 5 November, 1899 in Greene Co.

5. Elizabeth "Betsy" Byrd, born 1829 in Greene Co. She married William Walker.

6. Ezekiel Byrd, born 1831 in Greene Co., MS.

7. Bartlett S. Byrd, born 14 September, 1834 Greene Co. MS.
8. Michael K. Byrd, born 14 September, 1834 in Greene Co., and died 1891.

9. Charles Byrd, born 1838 in Greene Co.. He married Martha Bolton .

10 James Byrd, born 1840 in Greene Co., MS.

Josiah Byrd

Josiah Walton Byrd born 2 April, 1816 in Orangeburg District South Carolina and died 28 July, 1902 in Greene Co. He married Mahala Breland, daughter of Hiram Breland and unknown Harvison.

Their Children are:

1. Edward Washington Byrd born 21 September, 1843, died June 15, 1922
2. Josiah Walton Byrd, Jr. born February 10, 1847, died February 13, 1938
3. Martha E. Byrd, born March 12, 1848, died November 2, 1879
4. Hiram Dawson Byrd, born December 23, 1850, died November, 22, 1906
5. Mary Ann Byrd, born December 23, 1852, died November 10, 1944
6. Absalom B. Byrd, born March 12, 1855, died August 29, 1924
7. Calvin Byrd, born January 15, 1858, died April 26, 1924
8. Jefferson Davis Byrd, born May 10, 1863, died September 28, 1935
9. Rebecca Agness Byrd born October 7, 1865, died January 30, 1954
10 Louisa Azzilien Byrd, born September 1868, died November 26, 1950

Edward Washington Byrd

Edward Washington Byrd, born 24 April, 1817 in Orangeburg District South Carolina and died 1 June, 1869 in Greene Co. He married Rebecca Walker born April 10, 1828 in Alabama.

1. William Frank Byrd, born October, 2 1847; died January 18, 1927
2. James Washington Byrd, born February 3, 1850; died Janury 12, 1916
3. Martha Ann Byrd, born August 31, 1855; died October 1, 1936
4. Helen Gaines Byrd, born September 11, 1857; died young
5. Manuel G. Byrd, born August 3, 1858; died May 16, 1927
6. John Harvey Byrd, born November 6, 1860; died December, 6, 1927
7. Robert Nichlos Byrd, born August 8, 1865; died October 1, 1921
8. Elizabeth Adosha Byrd, born January 28, 1868; died 1907

John A. Byrd

John A. Byrd born 1820 in Orangeburg Distirct South Carolina and died 1878 in Greene Co. MS. He married Malissa Breland born 1826 MS.

1. John A. Byrd, Jr., born 1844; died after 1910
2. Henry Byrd, born 1848; died after 1850
3. Elizabeth Jane Byrd, born February 14, 1850; died November 5, 1902
4. Missouri A. Byrd, born March 4, 1853; died October 10, 1889
5. Rebecca Byrd, born Mar. 11, 1854; died March 20, 1929
6. Burnetta Byrd, born 1856; died 1940
7. Martha Miranda Byrd, born 1858; died 1910
8. George W. Byrd, born 1860; died before 1870
9. Louella A. Byrd, born May 1, 1865; died May 16, 1916
10 cordelia Byrd, born Jun, 1867, died ?
11 Ida S. Byrd, born Oct 26, 1870; died May 23, 1948

Malachi Byrd

Malachi G. "Mally" Byrd born 3 April, 1827 in Greene Co., and died 5 November 1899 in Greene Co. He married Arvaline Dunnam, born July 4, 1834 and died Sep. 26, 1914

1. Mary Etta Byrd, born Mar. 5, 1858; died October 5, 1916
2. William Frank Byrd, born October 18, 1859; died April 24, 1942
3. Nancy J. Byrd, born 1861; died 1904
4. Elizabeth caroline Byrd, born 1863; died ??
5. Rufus M. Byrd, born 1865; died 1892
6. Sophronia Irene Byrd, born September 1867; died ?
7. Columbus E. Byrd, born Dec. 2, 1868; died May 21, 1943 10 A. Octavia Byrd, born Jan. 29, 1875; died April 1945
11 Alice E. Byrd, born Feburary 28, 1877; died April 12, 1897
12 Annie C. Byrd, born August 3, 1879; died January 22, 1958

Bartlett S. Byrd

Bartlett S. Byrd, born 14 September, 1834 in Greene Co., and died 1905. He married (1) Julia Walker, born 1836 in AL., and (2) Belle McQillan

1. Martha Matilda Byrd, born Dec. 17, 1850; died Nov. 5, 1936
2. Melvenia Byrd, born 1858; died 1874
3. Elizabeth Byrd, born 1860 MS.
4. Mary Ellen Byrd, born December 16, 1865 MS
5. Walter Byrd, born 1870 MS
6. William Prentiss Byrd, born 1870 MS

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