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Isaac T Bush

John and Mary Bryan Bush

Isaac T. Bush, son of John Bush was born 1727 in Bertie Co., NC., and died 1795 in Barnwell Co. SC. He married 1749 in Newbern District, NC., to Charity Jones

Isaac was Justice in Johnston Co. NC., in 1760. About 1765 he moved to Barnwell Co. South Carolina, where he is listed on the 1790 Census in the Orangeburgh District.

Children of Isaac Bush and Charity Jones are:

1. William James Bush, born 1 June, 1750 Jones Co., NC.
2. Sarah Bush, born 1755, NC. died 1811 SC., married 1773 SC., to John Fryer.
3. Edward Bush, born 1759 Johnson Co., NC, and died 1820, Barnwell Co., SC.
4. John Bush, born 1760 Johnson Co., NC.; died 2 April, 1822 Barnwell Co., SC.
5. Isaac T. Bush, born 18 June, 1761 NC. died 19 January, 1835, Barnwell Co., SC.
6. Elizabeth S. Bush born 2 January, 1763 Johnson Co., died 24 November, 1807 SC. Married 17 May, 1787 Thomas Newman SC.
7. Zilphia Bush born 1765 NC., died 1795 SC.
8. Ann Bush, born 1767 NC., died 1844 Barnwell Co., SC.
9. Mary Bush born 1769 NC,; died 1855 SC., married 1788 Sampson Griffin SC.

William James Bush
Son of Isaac T. Bush

William James Bush, son of Isaac was born 1750 in Jones Co., NC., and died 1808 in Montgomery Co. GA. He married young when about seventeen years old. Wm James Bush came to South Carolina in the Barnwell Dist. area. He married in 1767 GA., to Mourning Sheffield.

Mourning Sheffield, who were her parents? Since she was in Early Co. GA., it would appear she desends from the Sheffield's of Duplin Co. and someway related to Isham Sheffield.

This William Bush has been confused with William Bush son of Hardy Bush. William son of Hardy is William Martin Bush his mother is Catherine Franck, daughter of John Martin Franck and second wife Civil Meuller Timmerman Franck. This is where the name of Martin came from.

The first nine children of William and Mourning were born in Montgomery Co. GA.

1. William James Bush, born 1 December, 1771 GA., and died 1805 Montgomery Co., GA.
2. Charity Bush born GA., died 1829 in Montgomery Co., GA., married Mr. Tiller
3. John Bush born 1 November, 1773 GA. married 1790 Montgomery Co. Eday Parish.
4. Levi Bush born born about 1774 GA., died 1830 Jefferson Co., GA.
5. Elizabeth Bush, born June 1775 and died 1845 Montgomery Co. Married Mr Spurlock
6. Isaac Bush, born 2 June, 1777 GA., and died 1850 Montgomery Co. GA.
7. Silvey Bush, born 1778 GA., and died 1842. Married Mr. Tyson.
8. Civil Bush, born 1779 GA., and died 1850 Montgomery Co. Married ? Finnel
9. Mary Bush, born 1782 GA.; died 1847 Laurens Co., GA. Married ? Spurlock
10 Zilpha Bush married 5 March, 1818 Lauren Co. to James Wilcox.
11 James Calvin Bush born 24 January, 1792 GA. died 10 November, 1869, Early Co. GA.
12 Tabitha Bush, born 1794 GA., married (1) Joseph Graham SC. (2)John Autry 1841 SC.

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