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William Broom

Fairfield Co South Carolina

William Broom! William was born 3 February, 1753 in South Carolina. He was the son of Charles and Jane Broom.

William died 2 September, 1826 in Fairfield Co. South Carolina. He married Naomi? No maiden name known.

The Lineage of William Broom is supported from the South Carolina Genealogical Society and from the family charts of descendants.

William and Naomi had at least eight children. All were born in South Carolina. One son, John is known to have moved to Mississippi, coming with his wife’s, "The Courtney" family.

This family was researched trying to tie these Brooms to the Chapman Broom family who came to Jackson Co. Mississippi.

1. Elizabeth Broom no dates, married William Long
2. Priscilla Broom 16 September, 1790 and died 7 September, 1833 in Monroe, AL. She married Samuel Stanton
3. Mary Broom married William Mounce
4. Charles M Broom married Dorcas Tabitha Powell
5. Rachael Broom born 1786 GA
6. John W Broom born 1795 GA
7. Mathis Broom married Nancy ?
8. Lucas (Luke) Broom born 1805 married Charlotte Arledge

John Broom

Son of William Broom

John Broom son of William Sr was born 1795 in Fairfield County South Carolina. He died in Marion Co. Mississippi in January of 1856. John married Tabitha Courtney who was born 1795 in South Carolina.

It appears from the birth of John and Tabitha’s children, that their first two children were born in south Carolina. About 1816/1817 they came to Marion County, then too Lawrence and Covington County. Twelve children.

1. William H. Broom born 1814 South Carolina
2. Amy Broom born 1815 South Carolina
3. Hardy Broom born 1817 Marion Co.

4. Wade Broom born 1818 Lawrence Co. married Margaret Sterling

5. James Broom born 3 March, 1820 Lawrence Co. died 6 June, 1866 Marion Co. He married Martha Ann Holcomb

6. Luke Broom born 25 March, 1822 Lawrence Co. died 1 January, 1897. He married Sarah Lott and Belinda Smith

7. Thomas Broom born 5 April, 1826 Lawrence Co. died 13 October, 1901 Marion co. married angeline Fatheree

8. Elizabeth Broom born 2 May, 1830 Covington Co. died 22 May, 1876 Marion Co. married Rev. Berry H. Martin

9. Alexander Broom born 1834 Covington Co. died 1913

10. Meridith Broom born 22 April, 1836 Covington Co. died 4 August, 1916 married Louise Watts

11. Courtney Broom born 1837 Covington Co. married John R. Williams
12. Mary Jane Broom born 20 June, 1840 Covington Co. married Rev. Hugh Graham

Hardy Broom

Son of John Broom

Hardy Broom son of John Broom born 1817 Marion Co. died 1889 in Marion Co. Hardy married Amanda Carter born 1821 and died 1892 Marion Co.

Both are buried in the Old Broom Cemetery in Marion Co. Nine children.

1. John M. Broom born 1839
2. Mary Ann Broom born 1842
3. William Broom born 1847 married 1867 Amanda Pittman
4. Thadius Broom born 1850 married Julia Lott
5. James Broom born 18 February,1852 married Nancy Patterson
6. Hardy Broom Jr. born 1855 died 7 June, 1920 Marion Co.
7. Pinkney Broom born 1857
8. Doc Jefferson Broom born 29 May, 1860
9. Albert Jackson Broom born 13 April, 1865

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