Henry Bond Pike Co. Mississippi
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Henry Bond
Son of John and Eleanor Bond

Henry Bond, was born 4 November, 1775 Beaufort Co. NC., and died 4 February, 1856 in Pike Co. MS.

He married (1) Elizabeth Muse, daughter of Daniel and Rebecca Yarbrough Muse. Elizabeth was born 10 March, 1797 Fairfield District, South Carolina. She died 19 October, 1815 in Pike Co. MS. Elizabeth is a descendant of the Muse family from Westmoreland Co. Virginia and of Sylvester Mewes born 1557 in Bedfordshire, England.

Seven children born to Henry and Elizabeth

1. Seabon Bond born 10 December, 1797 GA., died 1817 MS.
2. Rebecca Bond born 25 October, 1799 GA., married Lewis Ballard
3. Preston Bond born 8 January, 1802 GA., married Lydia Muse
4. Lydia Bond born 23 July, 1804 GA. married Willis Mullins
5. Elizabeth Bond born 4 April, 1807 GA. married Jesse Barron
6. Thomas Muse Bond born 12 March, 1810 GA. married Rebecca Felder
7. Henry Bond born 12 September, 1812 Pike Co. MS.

Henry married (2) Mary Thompson after 1815. Mary was born 18 May, 1778 and died 15 May, 1843. No known children born to Henry and Mary

Preston Bond
Son of Henry and Samantha Bond

Preston Bond son of Henry and Elizabeth Muse Bond was born 8 January, 1802 in Hancock Co. Georgia.

Preston went with or joined his Motherís family the Museís too Indiana. He married his first cousin, Lydia Muse the 18th of December, 1825 in Gibson Co. Indiana.

Lydia being the daughter of James and Sarah Muse. James and Elizabeth were brother and sister and children of Daniel Muse.

Henry and Lydia moved on with the family to Mississippi. Many from this family went on to Louisiana.

Preston and Lydia had a family of nine children:

1. James Bond born 16 August, 1827. He died 1863 LA.
2. William Bond born 14 November, 1829 and died 8 October, 1909 LA.
3. John Bond born 10 July, 1832 married Emeline Simmons
4. Elizabeth Bond born 16 August, 1834 MS., married Samuel A. Hyde
5. Martin Bond, born 13 March, 1837, died 1856
6. Thomas Bond born 29 December, 1839 died 1863 LA.
7. Nancy Bond born 5 October, 1843 married Wm S. Simmons
8. Eli Bond, born 26 August, 1846 MS., married Jane Bond
9. Melissia Bond born 6 March, 1851 married Dan Strickland

Thomas Muse Bond
Son of Henry and Elizabeth Bond

Thomas Muse Bond! Thomas carries the maiden name of his mother, Elizabeth Muse. He was born 12 March, 1810 in Georgia.

He married Rebecca Felder, born 29 March, 1804 in South Carolina. She was the daughter of Charles and Sarah Felder of South Carolina and of Amite Co. Mississippi.

Thomas died in 1855 and Rebecca died five years later. Their children went on to Texas after their marriage. It is not known if Thomas and Rebecca died in MS. La., or Texas.

Their children are:

1. Carolina Elizabeth Bond born 4 October, 1829 in Amite Co. MS. She died in Wise Co. TX.

2. Marshall Felder Bond born 12 June, 1838 Amite Co. He married Sarah Bright

3. Sarah Louisiana Bond, born 5 December, 1844 may have been born in LA., which her name reflects. She married in 1861 in that State to Isaac Hyde. She died in 1923 in Johnson Co. Tx.

Henry Bond
Son of Henry and Elizabeth Bond

Henry Bond, son of Henry Sr. was born 12 September, 1812 in Pike Co. MS. and died 29 July, 1895.

Henry married 28 December, 1834 Pike Co. to Samantha Dickerson. She was born 10 April, 1817 probably MS. She died 22 January, 1902 in Louisiana.

Samantha was the daughter of Henry Dickerson and wife Mary Elizabeth Felder of South Carolina and Mississippi.

Henry and Samantha had seven children:

1. Theodore C. Bond born 17 February, 1836. Married two or three times.
2. Lydia Ann Bond born 19 December, 1837. She married Daniel Gilbert Lambert
3. Milton Napoleon Bond born 27 March, 1840, married Mary Caroline Wilson
4. Ambrose Henry Bond born 3 January, 1843. Henry married Susan Carpenter.
5. Martin David Bond born 11 September, 1845
6. Mary Ann Bond born 30 October, 1848, married Robert Draughon
7. Preston Pierce Bond born 20 October, 1853. He married Della Lee.


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