Bond Court in Beaufort Co. North Carolina
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Court Finding in Beaufort Co. NC.

All of the Court Records were in issues from Pameteco Tracings; Beaufort, NC., and submitted by Ann Linker

June 1993 issue
March Court 1758
John Wallis guardian of John Bond orphan exhibited into Court on oath an Acct. of disbursements for the said orphan which was allowed. Ordered to be recorded in the Orphan book James Bond Exor. Of Wm. Bond moves by his atty. For a sale of the goods and chattles of the said decd. Whereupon is it ordered that the same be sold at public vendue on the second Saturday in Apr next and that same be advertised according to law.

James Bond Exr. Of Wm Bond decd. Moves for a division of the estate of the said decd. Granted and Thomas Campen, Phillip Pritchet and Richard Flannakin are appointed to make the said division and return the same to the next Court.

June 1990
September Court 1756
Ordered that a summons issue for Richard Flanikan guardian of Wm. Flanakin to appear & answer to the complaint of the sd, Wm. and subpoena Leah Bond, Richard Purser, and Jas. Banock.

December 1992
December Court 1757
The last will and testament of Wm. Bond decd. Was exhibited into Court and proved by the oath of Ann Mayo one of the subscribing witnesses thereto who swore that she saw the said Wm. Bond sign seal publish the instrument of writing as his last will and testament and that he was at the time of sound and disposing mind and memory and that she also saw Fra Gilbert and Frances Warner the other subscribing witnesses set their hands thereto at the same time.

An inventory of the goods and chattels of Wm. Bond decd. Was exhibited into Court and proved on oath by James Bond; ordered to be recorded in the Orphan book.

December 1997
Will of Rowland Mayo 1843 mentions giving to his son John one piece or tract of land lying on the east side of South Creek adjoining the lands of Wm Bond containing one hundred Acres.

December 1991
List of Jurymen in Beaufort and Hyde precinct 1723 Jn'o Bond June Court 1757 The Court appointed John Wallis Guardian of John Bond a minor orphan of John Bond decd. Ordered that he execute a bond of one hundred pounds Proc; With good security, and that letters of tuition thereupon issue for the said John Wallis to take the said orphan and his estate into his care and possession out of the hands of William Pringle.

June 1994
September Court 1758
John Bond and Rebecca Bond, Orphans of William Bond, dec'd. Prayed leave to chuse James Bond to be their guardian which is granted. Whereupon the said James bond together with John Roe and Richard Flannakin executed a Bond in the sum of six hundred pounds proc. Ordered that letters [of] tuition issue.

June 1995
New Bern District Superior Court minutes
May Court 1769 [33] no.24 Sarah Bond vs. Kesiah Moore, a free Negro. Evid: Sweating Bond, Hen. Lockey. Jury finds the defendant, guilty and assesses One Shilling Proc. & costs.

May term 1770. [49] Jurors Beaufort County. Petit juror; John Bond Jr.

May Court 1782
Richard Flanakin was recognized in the sum of 25 pounds Specie to appear & give testmony against John Bond next term, to answer what may be alleged against him in behalf of the state. John Bond is recognized in the sum of 50 pounds Specie to appear next term and answer such things as may be alleged [of] him and Robt. Campen and Robert Everett each in the sum of 25 pounds Specie for the appearance of the said John Bond next term. Robt. Campen was likewise bound in 25 pounds Specie to give testimony against John Bond.

John Bond being bound to appear at this Court to answer such charge as should be alleged against him, he is discharged. Robt. Campen and Robert Everett his securities are discharged. Richard Flannigan prosecutor in said [cause] is discharged

May Court 1784
Thos. Respess, Extr. Of Thomas Respess decd. V. Richard Flanakin. Detinue. Jury finds the defendant, both detain certain Negro's named in the Plts.

Declaration [to wit] Sam fifty pounds, Ben fifty pounds, Ephrahim three hundred pounds, Rheuben three pounds, Abner three hundred pounds, Sarah three hundred pounds, Ditto-Child of three hundred pounds. And assess damages one hundred pounds with costs. Subject to the opinion of the Court upon the following point reserved, i.e.; Whether John Bond in right of his wife to whom the said Negro's were bequeathed could lawfully convey an interest in them to another without ever having obtained actual possession of them.

May Court 1787 #96 Sarah Bond v. John Pilly. Jury of view on the part of the defendant, named by the party in Court are "Harmony Hill, Henry Smaw, Richard Respess, Robert Bond, John Rowlins and Reading Blount, and Wm. Smaw Surveyor".

May 25 1787
Sarah Bond v. John Pilly. Tres. quare clausum fregit?. Jury of View on the part of the defendant named by the party in Court are as follows [sic] names again and on the part of the Plt. also named in Court Charles Crawford, Sr, Edward Griffiths, Wm. Boyd, Tos. Smith, John Williams and Tos. Alderson, and appointed William Smaw Surveyor.

March Court 1759
A deed of bargain and sale from Grizel Hardee to Vinyard Bond from [blank] as Of land was exhibited into Court and proved by oath of Peter Caila, one of the subscribing witness's thereto.

War 1812 muster rolls militia NC., muster roll Aug 1814 Second regiment Beaufort County, Will Bond

December Court 1758
Dor. Vinyard Bond prayed the court to allow him to keep Ferry from Core point to Bath which is granted and they allow him to take the same fare as allowed Saml. Taylor from Bath to Core point whereupon the said Vinyard Bond together with[blank] executed a Bond in the surety of thirty pounds proc. For his compliance with the law in that case made. Establishment of Beaufort Co school district 1840 committee man Dist 2 James B. Marsh, Wm. Bond, & Wm Campen

December 1995
New Bern District Superior Court 1794-1801
Tuesday, September 23,1794. The state v. Wm. Tetterton.
Robert Bond, Prosecutor entered into bond to appear next term. Richard Purser and Sarah Pursher entered bond to appear and give evidence on behalf of the state March term 1795 The last will and testament of Francis Bond was produced and proved in open court by the oath of Thomas Carraway one of the subscribing witnesses thereto. Whereupon , Francis Bond and Southey Bond the Executors therein named qualified according to law. Ordered that letters testamentary issue from the county court of Craven.

June 1992
September Court 1757
An acct. of chattle recd. Of Wills. Springer for the use of John Bond orphan was exhibited into court on oath by John Wallis Guardian of the said John Bond.

December 1998
March term 1809
Guardianship of James , Jeremiah, Nancy, and Sarah Bond, orphans of John Bond granted to Samuel Pate?. June term 1809 ordered Sam. Pate guardian to Sarah, James, Jeremiah, and Nancy Bond be permitted to sell Cattle left them by will of their late Father John Bond.

December Term 1811
Benjamin Braddy appointed guardian to Ann Bond, minor of Robert Bond, decd.

March Term 1812
Thomas Ellison appointed guardian to Sally, Milley, Betsey, Jennet and John Bond. Orphans of John Bond decd.

Grand Jury June court 1761 Robert Bond June court 1761 Wm Wallace is appointed overseer of the road from Joshua Pritchetts Ferry down to the head of the creek where Wm Bond formerly lived.

Decembeer 1993
June Court 1758
James Bond Exr. Of Wm. Bond deceased exhibited into court on oath an inventory of goods and chattles part of the estate of the sd deceased Ordered that a Negro boy named Bristow aged eighteen months which was left to Benj. Creekman and infant three years old by Wm. Bond by his last will, continue with James Bond until the said Benj. Creekman comes of age.

June 1997
September Court 1760
The road from Wm. Wallis's to Campbell's Creek to be maintained by the inhabitants within that district, Robt. Bond and Jos. Campen, Overseers.

June 1998
March Court 1761
James Bond was picked for Grand Jury

Marriages and Deaths Washington NC Newspapers vol. II 1884-1904 Thursday September 4 1890 Died Frank L. Bond, an old citizen of Tarboro mysteriously disappeared from Tarboro Tuesday Night 19th August. His body was found in the river were he had doubtless drowned himself.

Brides index for Beaufort County NC vol. VI 1847-1909
William Bond married Margaret Howard March 9, 1858
Margaret Bond married Tillman Farrow MarCH 10, 1853

Beaufort county NC will abstracts 1720-1868 compiled by Beaurort Co. Genealogy Society.

Pheriby Bond
pg 261 Original date 2-21-1809. No probate Bro; Wm Bond, if evers return home, 2 notes of hand-one on Abraham Pritches; the other on Thomas Bowen. If he never returns, said notes to Polly Mixon and Nancy Bond. Roland Mayo: my feather bed and furniture. Nancy Bond: one Dimity frock, my bonet and ear rings. Betsy Pricti?: one brest pin in shape of a treeand one to Nancy Mayo. Wm. Bond: my chest if ever returns; in never returns to Nancy Bond. Pley Mixon's children; rest of my waring cloase. Ex. Bro, Roland Mayo. Signed by mark Witnesses; Luke Robason and Peter Prithett

JAMES BOND, pg 263 original. Date 10-19-1768, Probate; Proved January Term 1769.

Son; James Bond, land called the Beverdam fork.
Son; Abraham Bond, plantation I now live,
my wife [unnamed] having full use of it during her widowhood.
Son; Ezbona, lands I have of John Herington called the Stamping Place and land on So. Dividing Creeks called Tarr Landing.
My wife; the eighth part of my moveable estate. Negro Loosey to be divided among "all my Children" [as wife gets 1/8 part, four more children unnamed?] Ex; Robert Bond and Phillip Prichett. Signed. Witnesses; Wm. Wallis, Kesiah Wallis and Darcos Pritchett.

John Bond, pg 265 Original no date probate Dec term 1808. Proved by oath of Wm Davidson one of the subscribing witnesses and named Lydia Jarvis the other witness.
Son James, 300As So. Dividing Creek.
Son: Jeremiah, [missing] hundred acres of land [plantation I live on]; negro, Peter.
Daughter; Nancy, negro girl[missing]; 100A in the Box Neck.
Daughter; Sarah, two negros 100A up swamp on the Permeler Branch.
Part missing showing exs. Signed Part showing witnesses also missing. Outside; "The Will of John Bond, Sr. Decest the 8th day if Jan. 1809

Robert Bond, pg 267A original. Date Apr 20-1808. Probate; 1802
wife; Mary Bond, negro man Jack; mare; feather bed and furniture; 1/7 part of stock and houshold goods; loan of plantation for 12 yrs. For use of raising my daughter Anna. If she continues a widow longer than 12 yrs., then to have use of 1/3 of plantation as long as she is a widow and no longer.

Son Wm. Bond, 5 pounds in money.
Three oldest daughters; Sarah, Polly and Pharebe; negro boy Jack.
Three small children: Wm. [under 21] , Nancy and Anna Bond; negro man Sam.
Three youngest daughters; Paribe, Nancy, and Anna; one feather bed and furniture a peace. Exs. Two friends, Abraham Pritchett and Charles de Cranford.

Signed Witness Benix? Brady, John Brady and Mary Robason. Son, Wm to be bound out to a trade at age 16.

2-14-1758 James Bond was Executor of James Herinton will
Wm. Roach, pg.26 [67] original date 6-7-1817 probate September 1817 oath Jesse Caton. Wife; Martha Roach, linning wheel at Robert Purser's. Four children;

Polley Bond, Wm. Bond, James Roach, and Simoun? Roach. To my suning?
James Bond and his wife Polley Bond, property coming to me from my father's estate in Worcester County, Maryland on Pocomoak River. Ex James Bond.
Signed Wm. Roach. Witnesses; Benj. Brady, Jesse Caton.

2-6-1809 Pharaby Bond was witness to the will of Abraham Pritchett
c1700 Robt. Bond was witness to the will of Sary Pritchett

5-31-1839 Wm Bond appointed Administrator at widow's request, he entering into security in the sum of three thousand dollars with Anson McBuchanon and James Partick his securities. Of the will of Mosses Rowntree

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