Blanton Family Index Page
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Index Page

Abraham Blanton 1802 NC-1874.
Christian Blanton 1798 NC.
Daniel Blanton 1817 NC.
David Blanton 1791 NC-1837 GA.
David T. Blanton 1825-1920
Edmond Blanton 1815 NC-1878
Enoch Blanton born 1800 NC.
Green Berry Blanton 1829-1863
Isaac Blanton born 1793 NC.
James A. Blanton 1813 NC-1894 FL.
Jesse G. Blanton 1831-1891
John Blanton 1796-1848 NC.
John Newton Blanton 1833-1907
Joshua Blanton 1760 VA-1850 NC.
Joshua Blanton 111, 1806 NC.
Margaret Ann Blanton 1821 NC.
Mary J. Blanton 1827 NC-1910 FL.
Moses Blanton born c. 1789 NC.
Moses Blanton 1823 Duplin Co. NC.

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