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Bible of Benjamin Williams

Taken from the Pension Application of Ann Williams, W26078

Benjamin Williams served as a Pvt., Co. A Dragoons, on roll at Charleston, South Carolina

Benjamin Williams, born 30 November, 1754 son of Joseph
Ann Simpson wife of Benjamin born 16 January, 1755. Daughter of William Simpson.

Children of Benjamin and Ann:
Mary Williams, born 10 April, 1776
Ann Williams, born 4 December, 1777, died in her seventh year
Simpson Williams, born 31 October, 1779
Daniel Williams, born 1781, died in his fourteenth year
Benjamin Williams, born 11 May, 1783, died in his fifth year
Elizabeth Williams, born 8 December, 1785, died in her third year
Frances Williams, born 29 December, 1788
Joseph Williams, born 8 December, 1790 died 1804.
Susannah Williams, born 19 September, 1797

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