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John Waldo

Family Bible


WALDO, John born 8 October, 1728
Jemima his spouse was born March, 1729
Waldo, Phillip, born January 23, 1752
Waldo, Olive, born November 23, 1753
Waldo, Gemaliel born 23rd of August, 1755
Waldo, Anna born November 24th 1757
Waldo, Zerviah born 1 January 1760
Waldo, John born 15th January 1762
Waldo, Daniel born 24th May, 1764
Waldo, Jemima born 26th May, 1766
Waldo, Jedidiah born 19th October, 1772


John and Jemima was married March 12, 1751
Olive Waldo was married 13th Dec. 1774 to Peter Hartwell
Gamaliel Waldo was married 19th December 1779 to Mary Gardner
Anna Waldo was married 19th December, 1779 to Benjamin Wail
Jemima Waldo was married 1st August 1784 to Henry Lake
Zerviah Waldo was married 8th December 1785 to Job Goff
John Waldo was married 15th January 1786 to Peach Ball
Jedidah Waldo was married 30 November, 1794 Polly Porter
Daniel Waldo was married 15th November, 1786 to Susanna Start

This Bible Record was taken from the Revolutionary file of Job Goff.


Waldo, Phillip died 18th January 1776

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