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Robert Miller Sr

Family Bible

Robert Miller Sr. came from Ulster, Ireland to Virginia in 1731. He had his family Bible with him and from that Bible much of his family history is taken.

Robert settled in Albemarle County, Virginia along with a Dr. Alexander Miller. Many of these descendants emigrated to Kentucky and intermarried.

The wife of Robert was Ann Lynn. Whether he married prior to or after emigration is not given. The family Bible was in the care of a descendant in Alabama, and from it the following record of births are given.

Children of Robert Miller:

Elizabeth Miller born November 15, 1732 Virginia
Robert Miller Jr. born May 5, 1734 Virginia
Thomas Miller born March 20, 1736 Virginia
Ann Miller born November 15, 1739 Virginia
Margaret Miller born May 5, 1742 Virginia
John Miller born January 1, 1750 Virginia

Thomas Miller died in Kentucky and is buried in that State. He practiced law at the Albemarle Bar during the Revolutionary period, and migrated to Kentucky late in life.

John Miller married March 28, 1774 to Jane Delaney or Orange Co. KY., which later was Madison Co. She was born January 1, 1751. John with his family emigrated to Madison Co. in the fall of 1784. He died September 8, 1808 in Madison Co. His widow Jane, died March 13, 1844 in the same County.

They had eleven children:

Robert Miller born March 1, 1775
William Miller born June 19, 1776
Anna Miller born November 3, 1777
Thomas Miller born March 30, 1779
John Miller born September 30, 1780
Elizabeth Miller born March 20, 1782
Delaney Miller born December 13, 1783
Joseph Miller born May 15, 1786
Gerrard B. Miller date not given
Jane Miller born April 18, 1792
Frances Miller born June 18, 1774

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