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Thomas H. Allen

Family Bible

This Allen Bible record was sent to me by an Allen researcher, knowing I was looking for a Thomas Allen.

This Thomas was a son of William Allen and Lydia Dillon. A Mrs. McMillan of MS. has this family Bible.

     Thomas H. Allen born January 2, 1844
     Marganey E. Allen, wife of T. H. Allen was born March 19, 1847
     William E. Allen was born December 20, 1867
     A.A. Allen was born Nov. 23, 1869
     E.H. Allen was born January 30, 1871
     A.J. Allen born January 13, 1873
     Emer J Allen born April 8, 1875
     James C Allen born June 14, 1878
     Lydia Ideller Allen born Feb. 20, 1880
     Minnie M. Allen born March 27, 1882
     M G. Allen born April 13, 1885
     Lela L Allen born April 24, 1887

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