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Ann Ball born 1731 m. John Mikell
Bartholomew Ball born 1706 SC
Bartholomew Ball born 1736 SC
Bartholomew Ball 1807 GA-1883 MS
Burrel Ball 1837 MS
Calvin G. Ball born 1889MS
Charlotte Lee Ball 1775 SC died 1869 MS
Charlotte Lee Ball born 1885 MS married John Berry
Daniel Ball born 1815 MS
David Knox Ball born 1883 MS
Edward Ball born 1743 SC
Edward Ball 1775 GA
Edward F Ball born 1871MS
Edward Marshall Ball 1798 GA
Edward M. Ball Jr 1839 MS-1916 LA
Edward Vernon Ball MS
Elias Ball
Eliza Jane Ball 1801 GA m. Ervin Roberts
Eliza Ball 1825 m. Wm White
Elizabeth Ball born 1710 SC
Elizabeth Ball born 1734 m. James Thomason
Elizabeth Ball 1773 GA
Elizabeth Ball born 1825 MS married William White
Elizabeth Jane Ball born 1805 GA.
George Ball born 1700 SC
Harriett Ball born 1818 MS
Henry Augustus Ball 1821 MS
Imogene Ball born 1874 MS married Elisha Pipkins
James Sampson Ball 1796 GA
James Sampson Ball 1834 MS
James Sampson Ball born 1839 MS
Jesse W. Ball born 1808 GA
Jesse Ball 1827 MS
Jesse Ball born 1827 MS
Jesse W. Ball 1830 MS
John Jefferson Ball 1843 MS
John Osgood Ball born 1779 GA
John Samuel Ball 1829 MS
John Warren Ball born 1803 GA.
Liberty Ball born 1805 GA.
Loula D Ball born 1876 MS married Phillip Helveston
Margaret Ball 1816 MS m. Hugh Eubanks
Martha Ann Ball born 1824 MS
Mary Ball born 1746 m. Jarred Nelson/Wm Harrison
Mary Ann Ball 1828 MS
Nancy Ball born 1850 MS married Allen McLeod
Rebecca Ball born 1801 MS married James Jordan
Sampson Ball born 1704 SC
Samuel Ball born 1708 SC
Sampson Ball born 1745 SC
Sampson Edward Ball 1779 GA-1829 LA
Sarah Ball born 1738 m. Hugh Giles
Sarah Ann Ball 1800 GA
Susan Rebecca Ball 1813 MS
Susan Ball born 1836 MS, married Wm Cochran
William Ball born England
William Ball born 1702 SC
William Ball born 1740 SC
William Bartholomew Ball 1777 GA-1860 MS
William Daniel Ball 1804 m. Mary Hines
William Poole Ball born 1882 MS
William Washington Ball born 1841MS

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